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Boss Lady Energy

Do people call you scary? Intimidating? Loud? Then we have something in common.  I see myself as a sweet lady but other people seem to see me as some tough biker lady who doesn’t spend her days baking and day dreaming of adopting dogs. Externally I understand that I wear mostly black and I stopped … Continue reading “Boss Lady Energy”

Book Review : Let That Sh*t Go – Nina P and Kate P.

Initial Reaction I have just finished the first thirty pages, so I am going to write this before continuing. The structure and tone of the writing is playful, a little vulgar but honest. There is no feeling of “this is a scam” or “this couldn’t possibly work” when they talk about taking control of your … Continue reading “Book Review : Let That Sh*t Go – Nina P and Kate P.”

Salt Scalp Massages

Oh I wish I had known about these way sooner! I don’t think my scalp has ever felt so clean and fresh before. When I get my hair cut professionally they get somewhat close to this feeling. This post is a story about the adventure my scalp and I went on today. Okay so today … Continue reading “Salt Scalp Massages”

Yummy Recipes

Reviewing Hot Sauces

So Ryan and I love hot sauces and eat a lot of them, which has lead to us now owning over 40 hot sauces. This is part two of our series of videos reviewing sauces. Some we blind taste test, others we just discuss. This time around Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage was … Continue reading “Reviewing Hot Sauces”