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Quick Vanilla Cupcakes

Hey guys, Today we are talking cupcakes, because that’s what I made this week. This was really in reactions to having a friend of mine asking questions about baking and wanting some tools to get him started which lead us to a Micheals discussion.. which lead me to Micheals to buy some new pipping tips … Continue reading “Quick Vanilla Cupcakes”

Styling By Skin Tone

Welcome! You know I love fashion, I love shoes, and I love wearing black. I wore black as my only colour for years due to insecurity with my weight and not understanding what colours fit me Shopping in the same stores my friends did I rarely found shades I felt confident in, so I hid … Continue reading “Styling By Skin Tone”

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Getting To Know Sugar

Sugars are some of the most interesting baking ingredients with multiple sources and the crystalline nature it takes. We’re going to start with the sources and types of sugar then go over which ones are best for what! Let’s start with the three monosaccharides Fructose, otherwise known as fruit sugar, it is the sweetest of … Continue reading “Getting To Know Sugar”