My Valentines Day Look

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As you can see, my blank slate face leaves a little to be desired with some dark circles and acne. That will not discourage me though, I am determined to have a lovely Valentines Day Look.

First step for me was using a matt finish foundation that was a shade too dark for my skin and high lighting with the Taste Shape Tape Concealer.

Blend, blend, blend….

Now blended in I have my own skin tone back and my circles and acne have effectively been hidden.

Here I added a cream highlighter from So Susan that I’ve never used before, have to say it was very difficult to blend in on top of the foundation, I had some pretty hard lines coming from it.

In order to help the hard lines blend in better I blended in some Morphe powder highlighter and achieved a reasonable glow.

We’ve now started the eyes. I set my lids with a translucent powder then went over with a light salmon pink up to the brow bone.

Creating a cat eye that links to the crease with a vibrant purple, (it looks weird now but it works, trust me). I also threw that purple under my waterline and blended out.

Here I started blending out the dark purple with a few shades lighter.

After much blending, I threw some champagne mac pigment on my lids and drew a very thin cat eye to pull it all together, following the original dark purple lines to create the cat eye.

A few coats of some Maybeline Falsies Push Up and the eyes are done.

Now I’ve added some La Senza Red Metallic Lip Stain Gloss. I really like this soft look.


I think the difference speaks for itself. I realize I didn’t really throw a lot of company names in here, honestly a lot of my products have been condensed into smaller pallets and their names wore off. I’m happy with the final look.


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