How To Pick The Perfect Valentine Gift

How To Pick The Perfect Gift

Chocolate and flowers are kind gifts, but they aren’t very personal. In order to buy the perfect gift you have to think of something your partner needs. For example, my man bought me the perfect soap dish as a small gift when I came home from being out of town for a while. He knew I was upset by the stickiness bars of soap were leaving on my sink and knew it was something I needed. Though it was not a “romantic” gift, it was one I really appreciated.

Think of something your partner needs and pair it with flowers that match the gift to give your thoughtful gift a romantic vibe.

Say your girlfriend has been saying she needs a new phone case, get her a charging case with flowers that match its colour. Instead of a useless trinket or chocolate, you’ve given her something she will use every day and think of you when she looks at it.

If your man has been saying he really needs to clean his truck, work together with his friends to organize time where you can take it to get professionally cleaned, or scrub it yourself. This may take a little organizing, but he is sure to appreciate a detailed interior and sparkling clean tires.

The idea of everything needed to be covered in roses and hearts is not the most practical or thoughtful. A gift that is personal, something your partner needs or really wants is a much more intimate gift, even though it doesn’t include the commercially sold Valentines Gifts.

Let me know down below the best gift you’ve ever given or received for Valentines Day.

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