Monthly Favourites – November 2019

I have found some awesome products this time around! Prices very but nothing in here is over $40.00, because I don’t tend to invest heavily in cosmetics (exception made for awesome palettes, because they last so well). I am excited to share these with you, as they are my go-to’s right now and I love them very much.

If you guys have any awesome products you think I should try out I would love to hear about them! Please leave a comments so I can use them too!

Marcelle Face Powder

Marcelle Face Powder

This hypo-allergenic translucent powder has kicked the Covergirl Loose Powder to the curb for me. This formula instantly sets my foundation with zero effort. I can apply easily and quickly with my beauty blender or powder brush. It is also doesn’t have the chalky smell or feel that other loose powders have. Love it!

Gigi Gorgeous – Touch Up Powder

Gigi Gorgeous Touch Up Powder

This formula is so well developed. Just a dab into this pan with a brush is enough to remove all the oil spots that come through my foundation on my nose. Instantly freshens up my face. I have never had a product that can just erase oil spots before, and oil dabber pads have got nothing on this little guy! Also it’s packaging is so clean and fresh, how could you not love it?

Hard Candy – Setting Spray

Hard Candy Setting Spray

This bottle .. costs $5.00! This beautiful product is so incredibly inexpensive and works so damn well! It has a light rose water scent, my powder sets so nicely with this and my eyeshadow does not shift even though I have heavily lidded eyes. I loved the Stay All Night Spray, I loved the Nyx Setting Spray, but both of those products sit over $25.00 a bottle and they have way less product inside. Save your money and use this spray!

Manna – Priming Lip Wand

Manna Lip Wand

Let me start with saying this is the third step in a lip kit, but you do not need the other steps. I use this product on its own and it is so moisturizing and pleasant to wear. It’s semi-sheer, and it wears so naturally. As it fades it doesn’t leave a hard lipstick ring on your lip line and it’s so easily applied, you don’t need a mirror. Essentially it’s a lip gloss that goes on in a chubby pen and has the colour of a lipstick.

Estate Highlighter

Estate Highlighter

You want pigment? This has pigment. This is the most beautiful golden powder with very little fallout. I have used it as a highlighter, I’ve used it on my lids for a golden glow around my eyes, it looks amazing on tanned skin and ethereal on paler skin. With its high pigment shine and blend-ability it is a must have product for anyone.

Monthly Favourites

Author: Eva Blakeman

A graphic designer, who happens to be an ironworker, who makes YouTube videos, also writes this blog. Writing is my favourite thing to do, so keep an eye out, because the next post is just around the corner.

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