Perfect Cosmos

Now I realize cosmos are a pop culture drink of choice, but they are also my absolute favourite. Anytime we go out for dinner I order one (I also wear incredibly high heels to ensure I won’t be the one driving.. hehehe it’s a handy trick). Anyways, for many years I’ve thought about making them at home but we didn’t have a shaker and I didn’t feel it was worth the money to get a martini shaker just so that I could have an authentic cosmo at home.. but my honey found one at Value Village for $3.99 so I went out and grabbed ingredients and with a little experimentation I believe I have made the most delightful rendition of the cosmo right at home!

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Since martini glasses can be notoriously messy, I recommend a white wine glass, as it will still keep your fingers away from the drink, keeping it cooler, and is much easier to walk around with, as it won’t be spilling everywhere.


  • 3 oz cranberry cocktail
  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • 1 oz cointreau
  • 0.5 oz lime juice
  • a shaker full of ice

Simple to make! Fill your shaker up with ice, pour your liquids in, put the cover on and shake like you won the lottery! Pour into your glass and enjoy this perfectly balanced drink that isn’t too sweet or too tart!

I used Smirnoff Vodka, Compliments Cranberry Cocktail, Liptons Real Lime Juice and Cointreau in this recipe. You can of course use your favourites, and instead of Cointreau you can use any triple sec that you like.

If you use a straight cranberry juice rather than a cocktail this drink will be much more tart, so you may consider using simple syrup or diluted sugar to help sweeten it up a little. That is if you want the hint of sweetness that is.

Please drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, and leave your favourite Cosmo recipe in the comments!

Author: Eva Blakeman

A graphic designer, who happens to be an ironworker, who makes YouTube videos, also writes this blog. Writing is my favourite thing to do, so keep an eye out, because the next post is just around the corner.

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