Bullet Journal Ideas

Like many people, I adopted bullet journaling into my routine. I started a few years ago, but I found that if I tried to schedule myself to write in it and track daily I was unable to do it. Perhaps it’s a character flaw, but I don’t do well with self-imposed deadlines, so I started journaling when I wanted to, and I have found that to be a very efficient system for myself.

My Journals

I have two books I run, one is my personal journal, where things aren’t so organized, the other is my work and budgeting book, where I log hours worked on different agreements, notable work events and sites (I work construction, so I jump around a lot on different contracts, so it’s important to keep track of each one come tax time.)

For obvious reasons I am not going to share pages from my work section of my book, but I will share the budgeting side. I started with a very simple way of writing out my budget, and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t great. I didn’t give myself enough information or context to be able to easily go back through later and understand why amounts were what they were. I realize the amounts seem a little strange ( one day I’ll write down how I have managed to budget months out of a couple weeks work ).

Here ( above ) is the set up of how I am writing my budget these days. Yes it is a calendar, a simple structure that is easily filled in with amounts due and payable. At the end of every month I fill in the credit card debt, loan amounts, chequing, savings and RRSP as of the final day of the month for personal tracking.

Let’s move forward to the big lists of ideas!

Doodle Banners & Dividers
  • An Index Page – ( Add a legend to keep your symbols consistent )
  • Weight Loss / Gain Tracking
  • Recipes
  • Meal Prep Plan
  • Cocktail Recipes
  • Workout Schedule
  • Running Milestones – ( 1Km, 5Km, 10Km )
  • Body Measurement Tracking
  • Daily Food Log
  • Netflix Shows To Watch
  • Movies To Watch
  • Books To Read
  • Places To Travel
  • Daily Travel Log
  • Date Night Ideas
  • Restaurants To Try
  • Car Maintenance Log
  • Fuel Milage Tracking
  • Fuel Cost Tracking
  • List of Things That Bring You Joy
  • Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years
  • Rainy Day Quotes
My Rainy Day Quotes
  • Things That Brought Your Joy This Month
  • Contacts Page
  • Birthdays Page
  • Christmas Wish Lists
  • Disney + Watch List
  • Cosmetic Inventory / Collection List
My Disney + Tracker Page
  • New Years Resolutions
  • Weekly Spreads
  • Monthly Spreads
  • Video Game Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Blog Post Tracker
  • Youtube Views / Subscriber Tracking
  • Instagram Tracker
  • Christmas Gift Wishlist
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Monthly To-Do List
  • Your Pokedex (Pokemon Go List)
  • Gratitude List

I really love using my journals. I love tracking, scheduling and keeping myself accountable. On the other side, journalling brings me a sort of serenity and calmness that I need in my life. I would love to hear how you guys use your journals and what cool ideas you have brought to life in them! Please let me know in the comments down below.

  • Happy Quotes
  • Inspiration Quotes
  • Funny Things Your Husband Says
  • Funny Things Your Kids Say
  • Favourite Memories
  • Doodle Page
  • Pen Test Page
  • Addresses Page
  • Friend & Family Allergies
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • No Spend Days
  • Savings Tracking
  • RRSP Tracking
  • TFSA Tracking
  • Investment Tracking

I swear by keeping my journal near me at all times. I’ve found writing out my day or things I wanted to say helps me keep my cool at home and helps me deal with conflicts around the house more calmly and respectfully. It may seem like a little thing to write a little note in your journal, but it has far reaching effects in your life.

Please leave your awesome ideas for bullet journal pages in the comments down below! I really appreciate hearing back from you guys and I love feeling like a community here.

Author: Eva Blakeman

A graphic designer, who happens to be an ironworker, who makes YouTube videos, also writes this blog. Writing is my favourite thing to do, so keep an eye out, because the next post is just around the corner.

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