Testing A 24 Hour Foundation For 24 Hours

I will start this off saying, I know that this is not good for my skin, I do not recommend anyone wear make up to bed or sleep in it. Please wash and cleanse your face once the day is over.

I did film this whole process from application to the very end of the 24 hour period when I removed it.

My Bare Face Before Primer and Foundation

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 010 Beige

I was curious when I started really looking at this new foundation I bought. It’s Catrice, a drug store brand I had never seen before that had a small, end of the aisle display with a handful of shades and products. I saw the price of $7.99 and thought to myself, “why not try such an inexpensive foundation?”. When I was reaching for my foundation this morning I looked at my other foundations and they would say 10 HR or 12 HR but none said 24 HR. I thought about my Sephora 10HR foundation which does really last 10HR and wondered if a 24HR could really last that long. Let’s find out!

Revlon Rose Glow Primer

Well as it turns out, the lightest shade available was too dark for me, but I wanted to test this out anyways (also I think it will make a good summer shade). I did do this test under two circumstances, as one side of my face received primer and the other did not. I was curious just how much of a difference a primer (Revlon Rose Glow) would make on a produce that claims to feel “like skin”. Subsequently, it does feel almost exactly like skin, but it also itches a small amount. Immediately upon applying it (I did both sides with a moist beauty blender) I could see that the primed side was slightly smoother looking than the unprimed, which is to be expected, but I am was curious on how a hydrating primer wouldl effect it over a 24 hour period. Appearing below you can see me with the foundation on just after finishing the rest of my face.

I did make some rules for my test, and those were I was allowed to set my face ( I used the Marcelle Translucent Powder, A Tarte blush and my favourite Estate Highlighter, set in place with a Hard Candy Setting Spray ), I would be allowed to touch up throughout the day with Gigi Gorgeous Touch Up Powder only. No re-application of the foundation should it become disrupted. Every time I wanted to touch up I would have to do it on camera during my check ins. One thing I noticed when I took the first set of photos is how much the product settled into my fine lines and made them much more prominent than they would normally be when wearing my Sephora foundation.

First Check In

Check In at 10:20 – 2 Hours Into This

This is two hours of wear time + touch up powder on the sides of the nose (I was getting oily there), under the eyes to see if I could reduce the look of the fine lines and on the tip of my chin where I was also shinny like a new penny. My skin was getting irritated at this point, but the side with the primer wasn’t nearly are itchy or irritated, so it would seem the primer was doing it’s job creating a barrier between my skin and the product. I could already see that the foundation was almost caking into my more active acne at this point, you can see just beside my lip where the foundation looks a little cracked.

Second Check In

At this point in our experiment I had massive striations in the foundation on my nose from my blanket simply touching my nose while I was wrapping myself in it, the product at the bottom of my nostrils was gone entirely from me gingerly blowing my nose as carefully as possible and to top it off, every single pore, fine line and blemish I had looked cakey and cracked. This is only 5 hours in and I had been sitting at my computer for those 5 hours! It’s not like I was working up a sweat or sleeping with my cheek on a pillow. This level of decay in appearance just isn’t okay if you claim to be 24HR. My nose was incredibly shiny again as well as my chin so we powdered again. At this point I felt like giving up, what could the point possibly be to continue on? Well.. the point was to see what condition my foundation would be at that 24HR deadline, and I didn’t give up on that.

Third Check In

At this point the foundation was nearly falling off my face. Very little coverage was left and the cakey appearance around blemished was at an all time high. Oil buildup in the foundation around my nose made it slick and while powdering the little foundation left wanted to shift more than it wanted to be re-set. All in all, not happy with it’s performance at this point. This wound up being the last check in for the day as I went to bed two hours later (forgive me, but I had been away for about 30 hours at this point and didn’t want to reach the point of sleep deprivation that leads to paranoia).

The Next Morning (Full 24 HR)

24 Hour Wear Test – Catrice

Upon waking up I finished the video portion of this experiment, where you can see the final result of the 24 hour wear. The foundation was almost non-existent on my skin, except for where it has burrowed into my blemished. Resulting in white cakey spots and a oil slick kind of appearance. My final verdict is that this foundation is never going to wear for 24 hours, I would give it a max amount of wearable time between 2 – 6 hours. Would I recommend this foundation to you? No, absolutely not. Please don’t waste your money on it.

This was an interesting experience, one I don’t think I will repeat, as when I removed the product from my face, a plethora of new irritated patches of skin and pimples had formed. I hope this entertained and I look forward to the next cosmetic review.

If you think I should try any specific products, please let me know in the comments below!

Author: Eva Blakeman

A graphic designer, who happens to be an ironworker, who makes YouTube videos, also writes this blog. Writing is my favourite thing to do, so keep an eye out, because the next post is just around the corner.

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