Testing Out Spiderman Themed Skin Care

The other day Ryan and I were killing time before a hair cut appointment, so we wandered into a store called Miniso. This little store was packed to the ceiling with Marvel products. As we wandered through the aisles Ryan kept coming to me with Spiderman products and kept saying “for a video”, so naturally, I accepted that I was going to make a review video of these products. The video portion is taking longer to edit and get online, so here is a written review of them!

Nose Strip

This little trip works the same way a Biore strip does. You wet your nose, place the strip onto the wet skin and let it dry down into your skin. Unlike a Biore strip, it removed absolutely nothing from my nose. It did not irritate my skin, but it was ultimately useless. While it is cute, it is not worth buying. The sleep mask on my head on the other hand, was a great find as it is soft and comfortable with an elastic band. Light does not permeate the mask and it is absolutely worth buying.

Steaming Eye Mask

The concept of this product is to help reduce fatigue after flights, work or a long time at a computer screen. It works the same way a hand warmer does when its iron, vermiculite and carbon combine and create heat. I found it to be too warm to comfortably keep on my eyes as it caused my eyes to sweat quite a bit which I found very uncomfortable. It took a few minutes for the ingredients to activate. I could see other people enjoying this product but it just isn’t something I could see myself using ever again.

Sheet Mask

This sheet mask did exactly what a sheet mask does. It moisturizes your skin. I didn’t notice any irritation but it also wasn’t especially great. With little to no scent it did moisturize my skin, but no better than my usual moisturizer would. For the purpose of relaxing and taking a few moments to unwind it does that, but I also found the mask was a little too small for my face. The holes for the eyes, nose and mouth were too close together.

Nail Polish

It wasn’t by any means a bad polish. nice colour, fairly decent dry time and a solid coverage with a single coat. The issue comes in the brush. It was very rigid which made it difficult to spread out the product and avoid spilling onto the side of the finger. You can always clean up the side of your fingers so this isn’t a deal breaker and I think I will enjoy using this one for a while.

Overall the products are okay, but you could get better quality in the $2-$5 range in your average drug store. I think the novelty of the whole thing is very cute but it doesn’t equate to better products.

I hope this review was helpful, and I look forward to trying more products in the future. If you have any recommendations for products I should test out, I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Author: Eva Blakeman

A graphic designer, who happens to be an ironworker, who makes YouTube videos, also writes this blog. Writing is my favourite thing to do, so keep an eye out, because the next post is just around the corner.

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