Things To Do In Edmonton

Edmonton is a sprawling city with a plethora of available activities to partake in across the seasons. With City maintained rinks, parks and trails every season is an outdoor season! With endless shops, cafes and restaurants it is a foodies dream. Celebrations, events and festivals occur all year round. It is a very fun city to visit and to live in!

Cross Country Skiing

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The River Valley trails are excellent for cross country skiing! Keller road leads into trails that reach Snow Valley, allowing hours of skiing without retracing your tracks.

Hockey / Free Skating

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With 7 city owned outdoor rinks and countless school rinks, opportunities for playing hockey or just getting out for a good skate are always just around the corner. For a list of Edmonton rinks click here.

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Whyte Ave

Source – Edmonton Commercial

Wandering down Whyte Ave can be a splendid day. With ice cream stands, comic stores, clothing boutiques and bizzars it’s a shopping dream. When in the area it’s always worth taking a walk through the enormous Strathcona Museum, an incredibly diverse store to find just about anything in. The Whyte Knight is also a favourite, being host to decades of collectables and comic books.

The Legislature Building

Source – Toronto Star

Tours are available through the building that go over the history of the Alberta government as well as the building itself. Be aware though, there is a haunted painting that might creep you out a little. Outside the building there are a couple seasonal wade pools, beautiful gardens, fountains, an outdoor stage and often food trucks in the summer.

Jasper Ave

Source – Transforming Edmonton

If you like good food, fun atmosphere and a good time dancing on a Friday night, Jasper Ave is the place for you. During the day the cafes and restaurants are a wonderful place to enjoy a meal, as night takes over, the dance clubs and bars come to life. Each has it’s own vibe and crowd. The downtown mall, City Centre, hosts a movie theatre and a lot of shops.

Art Gallery of Alberta

AGA – 2013 Eva Blakeman

With changing galleries, each visit will be different. With a variety of forms of art varying from paintings, sculptures, video and audio it’s always a thrill to visit. Not to mention a lovely little coffee shop on the third floor and a wonderful gift shop.

Edmonton is a great city with a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. With shopping, activities and entertainment to spare, your time here will be a lot of fun!

The Alberta Royal Museum

Source – Edmonton Consulting Engineer

The museum certainly got an upgrade! With it’s new downtown location the geology exhibit got a great upgrade. The dinosaur exhibit is interactive and the changing exhibits are a lot of fun to check out. Don’t forget to take a look at the bug room!

West Edmonton Mall

Source – Retail Insider

Waterslides, glow in the dark mini golf, rollercoasters and endless shops this mall will enthral you! After a long day playing in the waterpark or Galaxyland, you can even go upstair and catch a movie in the Scotiabank Theatre. You can find almost anything here from clothing to kitchen appliances to wedding dresses to comic books. This mall has it all.

If you have visited Edmonton or live there, let me know anything I missed that people should check out while they are there!

Things to do in Edmonton, Alberta

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