Things To Do At Home

During this most unfortunate time, most people are smartly staying indoors to avoid coming into contact with and spreading the COVID 19 virus. It’s sad not to be able to go visit your grandparents, parents or friends during this time, but it is crucial that people don’t come into contact with others if it can be avoided to reduce the spread and ultimately, reduce casualties. That all being said, it is important to keep busy least boredom take over us all.

Twitch Streaming

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If you want to “hang out” with your friends. Set up a twitch stream of an interactive game like a chose your own adventure and as a team decide what steps to take. If I am not mistaken, games like Dungeons and Dragons could also be played remotely via video conference or Twitch with the Dungeon Master as the video host. In the case where individuals do not own the die, simulators can be used, or the master can roll for everyone.


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It seems like a simple thing to do, but with most people being so incredibly busy in their lives, they often don’t sit down and write about how they are feeling, positive things in their lives or even a recipe book. Writing is a calming activity and if you have kids in the house and Paw Patrol is driving you insane, start writing about topics you enjoy to block out the endless noises that come from children shows. I find writing in my bullet journal to be very relaxing.


Once again, time is often the enemy of passion. A lot of people I know love to bake but often don’t have the time after work to throw together some treats. Practice your piping skills! Make some cookies! Try a new recipe you’ve never made before. Try your hand at making your own bread and enjoy the fruit of your labours.


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No time to do a super deep clean of your home like weeks stuck in it. This will help mentally in a way, as a clean home without clutter helps reduce stress and makes your home more comfortable to live in. Take this opportunity to steam clean your couches, mattresses and carpets. Wash all the bedding, scrub the walls and wash the inside of your refrigerator.

Practice Yoga

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Since going to the gym is a risk of exposure and spreading the virus, keeping your body moving and happy is important, not to mention the added side effect of yoga being relaxing in this time of extreme stress and anxiety. Youtube has a plethora of yoga instructional videos to follow, and bonus, kids can do it too. Don’t expect to become a yogi overnight, be patient with yourself and try to push yourself a little (not too much).

Call Your Family

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Visiting may pose a health concern, but a phone call is a safe way to stay up to date with their lives. I can bet your grandparents would be happy to hear from you. Though this time is difficult, through the magic of the internet and phones, staying in contact has never been easier.

Play Video Games

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PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch, what ever your pleasure. With such a broad collection of game play styles, there really is something for everyone. I am partial to turn based RPG games, such as the Final Fantasy series, Pokemon and Xenosaga. If you are looking for a challenge, I recommend any of the From Software games. Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro are all challenging games that may frustrate players, but with each boss win comes a huge sense of satisfaction. For multiplayer games, there is always Rocket League, Mario Party, Crash Team Racing and Call Of Duty.


There are a lot of books on my shelves waiting to be read, and I have to imagine a lot of others have little stacks waiting for them too. Pick up a new book or re-read an old favourite. If you don’t feel like reading a story, study something new! is a great resources for free textbooks to study from. Personally I’m reading up on basic chemistry and really enjoying dipping my toes back into the subject.

Bubble Baths and Face Masks

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Take the time to soak in a nice warm tub with a book and a face mask on and feel the stress in your neck and back start to soak away. If you don’t have any face masks in your home, you can make one. For a quick mask you can mix honey and a little cinnamon together. Leave this on for 10 – 20 minutes then rinse it off. Another quick and easy mask to make takes a teaspoon of honey, a half teaspoon of aloe vera and a half teaspoon of coconut oil. Rub it into the face until it feels tacky, let it sit a few minutes and rinse off.


After the long winter months, we tend to nestle into our homes. Now is a good time to start organizing your cupboards, putting away the throw blankets and going through your closets. An organized kitchen runs more smoothly and an organized closet means not searching for items you could have sworn were there.

Learn New Things

As I said before, there are free textbooks available online, but not everyone likes to sit an read dry material. Here is a list of great YouTube channels that entertain while they educate! If sciences aren’t your interest, there are countless beauty guru channels, baking channels, nail art channels as well as countless other topics to learn about in video format.

Get Nerdy

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On the topic of videos, there are a lot of comic book related videos on YouTube. Who doesn’t want to hear about every supervillain that has never died in cannon? There is always new Smash Ultimate videos coming out and there are endless channels that do in depth character reviews for both DC and Marvel characters.


Though it isn’t the most productive thing, binge watching a good TV show can certainly eat up a couple days. If you like anime I would recommend Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood as it has one of the most compelling storylines I’ve ever watched. Death Note and Hunter Hunter are also great choices.


Share what’s going on in video form to keep family and friends informed or entertained. Share what you’ve been doing to keep yourself safe or busy. Share resources you’ve found with others and activities for kids. If you want you could share some jokes or just talk about what ever is on your mind.

Get Artistic

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Pick up your old paintbrush, pencils or stylus and make something great. Try a create a cartoon strip or a beautiful landscape, it’s up to you. Write a poem and share it or a song and record it. Throw on your headphones and dance around the house if you’re up for it.

Card and Board Games

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If you share a living space with others, organize some activities to keep you all entertained. Crazy 8s is always a favourite card game and board games can take hours that could be spent scrolling and turns them into hours of fun. If you have drinks available in your home, share a couple and make a night of it.

If you have advice or suggestions to add, please do so in the comments!

Eva Blakeman – Things To Do At Home

Author: Eva Blakeman

A graphic designer, who happens to be an ironworker, who makes YouTube videos, also writes this blog. Writing is my favourite thing to do, so keep an eye out, because the next post is just around the corner.

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