The Truth About Soy Protein

With the way we chase after then newest, “healthiest” foods we often overlook what is really healthy for what is trendy. Due to some curiosity, some research was done to find that a common food that was once praised is still a good, cheap and viable option for your healthy living. Soy! The perfect implemented dietary food for meal replacement, protein intake, flavour and convenience.

Over the years people have come to think a lot of negative things about soy due to word of mouth misinformation. But after some researched I found that the idea that soy proteins will change your estrogen and testosterone levels has been debunked! More than that, other studies prove that ingesting soy protein high in isoflavones (plant derived estrogenics) actually help reduce bone loss in post menopausal women. Also it was found that ingesting soy protein can be very beneficial for your cardiovascular health as it was found to lower cholesterol, and it’s high in fiber, minerals, vitamins and polyunsaturated fats, as well as very low in saturated fats. So feel free to throw some soy in your morning smoothie again! 

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Another study showed that ingesting soy protein did not in fact change the levels of free androgen, estrogen or testosterone in men. So not to worry boys, you are safe to consume some yummy protein shakes. Considering how much protein hard working men require it’s great to know that implementing more protein without a huge increase in daily calories is easy. All related information to studies and clinical trials can be found at the bottom of this article. 

Another interesting find was that daily ingestion of soy proteins high in isoflavones actually lengthened the time between menstruation. If that weren’t enough they also found that tamoxifen in the boy decreased, making breast cancer less likely. What an amazing food that can be implemented into a healthy and balanced diet. It seems that during any time of a woman life ingesting soy can help prevent issues and supply a lot of the minerals and vitamins lacking in common american diets.

Now I’m not saying everyone should jump to buy only soy protein powder, as whey and other options are availible and are equally as safe. I won’t say that the federal divisions that test what is and isn’t safe for consumption are without flaw, but generally, if it’s on a shelf, it’s safe to consume. Food scientists work year round to make sure our food won’t cause harm, and if there are concerns, there are labels on each product that will warn you.

It should be noted though, that any large dietary or lifestyle changes should be done after speaking to your doctor to ensure that what you’re doing is safe for your body. As everyone is different and sometimes bodies react differently, or health issues could cause complications. So please consult your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness regime. 

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Eva Blakeman – The Truth About Soy Protein

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