Yummy Mini Egg Cheesecake

So Ryan decided to buy a massive bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and then imposed the rule that they had to be used in desserts before we could eat them out of the bag. This lead me to trying some new variations of great recipes to include Mini Eggs. If you don’t like Mini Eggs, you could use this recipe while switching out the Mini Eggs for your favourite chocolates. I personally think Oh Henry bars or Reeses would be amazing in this recipe.

I realize a lot of people like adding sour cream to their recipes, but I am not part of that club. I’ve always loved adding a little yogurt to cheesecake recipes to add a silkiness to them, but in this case I just wanted a good old fashioned cheesecake. If you are concerned about the cake coming apart and needing corn starch or flour, I can tell you this cake came out beautifully with a great texture without them.

Cadbury Mini Egg Cheesecake


After having made this, I think switching out the graham to a chocolate graham would benefit the recipe, as well as using a whipped topping with crushed eggs rather than graham and full eggs. As it is shown it was very delicious, but I think those alterations would make it easier to eat.


  • 1 cup graham crust
  • 2 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 3 tbsp melted butter


  • 3 cups cream cheese (3 Philadelphia cream cheese blocks)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup Mini Eggs (crushed)
Eva Blakeman – Cadbury Mini Egg Cheesecake

I really enjoyed changing up my favourite cheesecake recipe. I would usually mix a little strawberry yogurt and blended strawberries to this basic recipe to make a light, fruity dessert. The cake turned out creamy and dense even though I blended my ingredients together. As you can see in the images, there were bubbles visible as well as chocolate spots in the top of the cake. I do not bake my cheesecake in a water bath as I find my spring pans will let water leak in, so I choose to use the “low and slow” method of cooking to avoid splitting and cracking.

I won’t lie to you, we ate half the cake the night I made it, then ate the other half for breakfast the next morning. I don’t recommend eating that much at a time, but that’s how tasty it is. It certainly let me get access to the Mini Eggs that were being unfairly kept from me which was my ultimate goal. I did also make some cookies with the Mini Eggs, which was just Chocolate Chip Cookies with the chocolate chips replaced with Mini Eggs.

Overall a very successful experiment that I would recommend to anyone.

Eva Blakeman – Cadbury Mini Egg Cheesecake

Preparation and Baking:

  1. Preheat oven to 375 C
  2. Mix all crust ingredients together then pat down into a greased 9 inch spring pan. Bake in oven for 10 minutes.
  3. Turn down oven to 250 C.
  4. Mix cream cheese, eggs, sugar and vanilla together (easiest done while cream cheese is warm, else wise use a hand mixer or stand mixer, this may add bubbles, but I blended the ingredients and had no cracking in my cake).
  5. Fold in crushed mini eggs.
  6. Pour filling into the crust, bake at 250C for 1 1/2 hours.
  7. Turn off oven but leave the cheesecake inside for an hour.
  8. Let the cake cool to room temperature, then transfer to the fridge. Cool 4 hours or until chilled.
  9. Decorate your cake with a sprinkling of leftover graham and eggs.
  10. Enjoy!
Eva Blakeman – Cadbury Mini Egg Cheesecake

I started my love of baking at a young age. I vividly remember baking chocolate chip cookies with my brother and watching ingredients magically become delicious treats in my mothers nimble hands. I didn’t get any training, no food courses in high school and limited help from my mother as I experimented with foods. I don’t believe that in order to be a good home cook it requires a lot of help, but rather a lot of courage and willingness to fail. Screwing up a recipe is a great way to learn where your skills need improvement in the kitchen, and gives you direction as to where your attention should be directed. Also, if you are lacking the tools or pans recommended in recipes, there is always a way to improvise. I really encourage people to dive in to cooking and baking at home, as they are life long skills. When you’re young and you host, feeding your guests homemade foods is impressive and shows how much you care about your guests. Being able to feed yourself, your partner and your kids will be less costly and will give you complete control over the nutrition of your diets. As you get older, being the nice lady who bakes for the kids who shovels their walks is an iconic position to hold in the neighbourhood.

Eva Blakeman – Cadbury Mini Egg Cheesecake

Author: Eva Blakeman

A graphic designer, who happens to be an ironworker, who makes YouTube videos, also writes this blog. Writing is my favourite thing to do, so keep an eye out, because the next post is just around the corner.

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