My New Normal

Being holed up at home, my routine has become an incredibly important to me. A sense of routine and normalcy has been helping me stay calm and remain organized. I am the kind of person who needs goals and tasks to stay focused, so structuring a new routine for myself to stay focused has been important to my mental and physical health.

I have filled this post with pictures of my favourite places to hike as they make me feel calmer, I hope they do the same for you.

I wake up at 7:00 AM and on days when Ryan works (he has been deemed essential, which is a scary position these days) that means going directly to the kitchen to start the kettle for his “on the drive” tea or coffee. If he isn’t working that day, I skip this step and go directly to the washroom, wash my face, brush my teeth and brush out my hair before tossing it into a scrunchy bun.

Due to being concerned about weight gain during this time, (I gained about 10 pounds during the first month of being at home full time) I have been very careful to watch what I’m eating and when I am eating. I don’t eat until 10:00 AM so until then I drink between 16oz to 24oz of ice water. During this time I look at potential jobs, emails and messages. Not to mention taking advantage of the Pokemon Go gym that is within range of my apartment.

At 10:00 AM I make myself some Chicken and Rice soup. Not really a breakfast food, but I add extra water to it to make it more filling. I could eat soup every meal of the day, and at this point I almost do. Once I’ve eaten I look at my weekly to do list. Most days I pick a room to rip apart for some deep cleaning and do the laundry as needed. Once my daily cleaning is done I stand out on my balcony and get some fresh air and to see something other than my walls. I really think this time is important for me. Feeling the breeze on my face while overlooking the park that my building backs onto feels very human.

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In order to have a reasonable amount of exercise daily I’ve been doing barre workouts in my kitchen, following instructors on YouTube and doing my daily stretches. I would recommend trying it if you want your abs, glutes and legs to get a really good workout. Within a few minutes of the plies I am sweating and I love it. I can’t really do any of the jumping exercises as I live on the top floor of an apartment building and my down stairs neighbours complain that we walk too loudly, so I can’t imagine how insane it would drive them to have me jumping around.

With such a vast amount of time on my hands, I have been doing a lot more nail care, so most days I push my cuticles and moisturize them. I keep them painted to stop them from breaking and my nails are longer and healthier than I can remember them being.

Around 4:00 PM I have a small bowl of almonds and pistachios to keep my going until dinner. Around this time I often set up my equipment and film for my Youtube Channel. Once I’m done filming I spend some time editing the video and creating a thumbnail for it.


By this time Ryan comes home, which means it’s time to relax. I have my second soup as he eats his dinner and we get comfortable on the couch to watch Supernatural together. It’s Ryans first time watching the show so it’s a lot of fun hearing his theories as to what he thinks is going to happen.

I was reading about mental health in isolation and it recommended daily bathing, so most evenings I take a bath. I often do a face mask and do my evening skin care routine while soaking in the water. It has been very relaxing for me and I feel it has been very helpful in keeping me more relaxed and my skin is certainly a lot happier now that it’s getting oil massages and hydration masks more often.

I do try to stay in contact with people daily to reduce my feelings of isolation during this time. I call family members and text friends to feel connection with other people.

I am very grateful to be in a position where I can afford to be under isolation. We have cut back a lot of our spending to ensure we would be okay. As I don’t leave the house, it means less fuel being purchased in our household and has eliminated opportunistic purchasing for me. No more coffee from Tim Hortons, eating at restaurants, picking up junk food or going to social outings. This has hugely affected our budgeting, allowing more money to go into savings and rainy day funds. Though isolation is uncomfortable, I am happy to stay at home to flatten the curve.

Author: Eva Blakeman

A graphic designer, who happens to be an ironworker, who makes YouTube videos, also writes this blog. Writing is my favourite thing to do, so keep an eye out, because the next post is just around the corner.

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