Podcasting – Is It An Easy Thing?

As some of you are aware, I do some work for a local podcast called Optimist Vs. Pessimist that is run by my fiancé and his friend. I typically do the graphics, set up audio, render tracks, etc. I am not often on the mic with the boys, though on the odd occasion I willContinue reading “Podcasting – Is It An Easy Thing?”

Second Hand Has Never Been Better

Like many people, I don’t particularly like spending a lot of money, mostly because it’s hard to come by and easy to spend. Essentials cost more today than they ever had and since we can’t change the cost of fuel, food and rent, we can reduce the cost of clothing, books and other miscellaneous things.Continue reading “Second Hand Has Never Been Better”

Video Games With Audio That Will Drive You Nuts

After listening to many video game audio elements as my man plays them, I can say with honesty that while the gameplay may be fun for the player and the audio enhances the experience for the player, it isn’t always fun for other people in the house to listen to it. Sekiro – Shadows DieContinue reading “Video Games With Audio That Will Drive You Nuts”

Testing Out Spiderman Themed Skin Care

The other day Ryan and I were killing time before a hair cut appointment, so we wandered into a store called Miniso. This little store was packed to the ceiling with Marvel products. As we wandered through the aisles Ryan kept coming to me with Spiderman products and kept saying “for a video”, so naturally,Continue reading “Testing Out Spiderman Themed Skin Care”

Why A Date Is More Important Than A Gift

This Valentines Day Ryan and I re-created our first Valentines Day from many years ago and it was wonderful. We wandered around a mall together, established what kind of refrigerator we would like to own in the future and went to dinner at Moxies. We had such a lovely time laughing and talking together whileContinue reading “Why A Date Is More Important Than A Gift”

Reviewing My Equipment – Film and Photography

As you might know if you’ve been reading for while, I work on a lot of creative projects. Due to that I have to keep a store of equipment in my home. I will be going through the equipment I have to determine it’s worth and how well it works. (I am excluding any equipmentContinue reading “Reviewing My Equipment – Film and Photography”

Baking Bread – Learn From My Mistakes

This past week I decided to finally try something I’ve been too intimidated to do. The whole process of kneading the dough felt too complex and easily ruined but I had a spur of confidence in my abilities and I decided to try. I do think I will continue trying new recipes and adding differentContinue reading “Baking Bread – Learn From My Mistakes”

Essential Film & Photography Accesorries

Even with the best camera on the market a shaky shot can cost you the most perfect sunset shot. Shaking hands, dying batteries, direct lighting and limited storage can spoil what should have been a great photo shoot. I put together a list of the most essential accessories, and have linked to some products thatContinue reading “Essential Film & Photography Accesorries”

Best Cosmetic Reviews – Round Up

Whilst binging online content, I realized just how many cosmetic reviews I read today, so I thought I would round up the most in depth reviews I can find on affordable products. Elf Cosmetics Skin Care – Rossy Galaxy This breakdown goes through each product in the skin care line, the experience of using it,Continue reading “Best Cosmetic Reviews – Round Up”