Things To Do In Edmonton

Edmonton is a sprawling city with a plethora of available activities to partake in across the seasons. With City maintained rinks, parks and trails every season is an outdoor season! With endless shops, cafes and restaurants it is a foodies dream. Celebrations, events and festivals occur all year round. It is a very fun city to visit and to live in!

Cross Country Skiing

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The River Valley trails are excellent for cross country skiing! Keller road leads into trails that reach Snow Valley, allowing hours of skiing without retracing your tracks.

Hockey / Free Skating

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With 7 city owned outdoor rinks and countless school rinks, opportunities for playing hockey or just getting out for a good skate are always just around the corner. For a list of Edmonton rinks click here.

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Whyte Ave

Source – Edmonton Commercial

Wandering down Whyte Ave can be a splendid day. With ice cream stands, comic stores, clothing boutiques and bizzars it’s a shopping dream. When in the area it’s always worth taking a walk through the enormous Strathcona Museum, an incredibly diverse store to find just about anything in. The Whyte Knight is also a favourite, being host to decades of collectables and comic books.

The Legislature Building

Source – Toronto Star

Tours are available through the building that go over the history of the Alberta government as well as the building itself. Be aware though, there is a haunted painting that might creep you out a little. Outside the building there are a couple seasonal wade pools, beautiful gardens, fountains, an outdoor stage and often food trucks in the summer.

Jasper Ave

Source – Transforming Edmonton

If you like good food, fun atmosphere and a good time dancing on a Friday night, Jasper Ave is the place for you. During the day the cafes and restaurants are a wonderful place to enjoy a meal, as night takes over, the dance clubs and bars come to life. Each has it’s own vibe and crowd. The downtown mall, City Centre, hosts a movie theatre and a lot of shops.

Art Gallery of Alberta

AGA – 2013 Eva Blakeman

With changing galleries, each visit will be different. With a variety of forms of art varying from paintings, sculptures, video and audio it’s always a thrill to visit. Not to mention a lovely little coffee shop on the third floor and a wonderful gift shop.

Edmonton is a great city with a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. With shopping, activities and entertainment to spare, your time here will be a lot of fun!

The Alberta Royal Museum

Source – Edmonton Consulting Engineer

The museum certainly got an upgrade! With it’s new downtown location the geology exhibit got a great upgrade. The dinosaur exhibit is interactive and the changing exhibits are a lot of fun to check out. Don’t forget to take a look at the bug room!

West Edmonton Mall

Source – Retail Insider

Waterslides, glow in the dark mini golf, rollercoasters and endless shops this mall will enthral you! After a long day playing in the waterpark or Galaxyland, you can even go upstair and catch a movie in the Scotiabank Theatre. You can find almost anything here from clothing to kitchen appliances to wedding dresses to comic books. This mall has it all.

If you have visited Edmonton or live there, let me know anything I missed that people should check out while they are there!

Things to do in Edmonton, Alberta

Podcasting – Is It An Easy Thing?

As some of you are aware, I do some work for a local podcast called Optimist Vs. Pessimist that is run by my fiancé and his friend. I typically do the graphics, set up audio, render tracks, etc. I am not often on the mic with the boys, though on the odd occasion I will pop in to fill in for a host or pose trivia for them. Since I was there since the beginning of the podcast, and once tried my hand at running my own, I can lend some insight to the whole process.

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Starting a podcast can be beneficial in a lot of ways. You get to spend a lot of time working on a project you are passionate about with someone you want to work with. You set your own hours. You have complete creative control of a product you are putting out without restriction from anyone. But it is a lot of work. Setting up everything can seem daunting, but maintaining everything is much more difficult. Building a community can be incredibly difficult. Ensuring your social media not only spreads your podcast but also entertains your audience is a delicate balance that can be difficult.

In reality, recording the episodes is the easiest part of having a podcast. Let me break this down for time and cost.


Graphics : Your initial logo, website design, social media imagery and additional in video elements can take hours and hours to create initially, and will need updating over time. Most of these can be done in Illustrator and Photoshop, so there is a cost included here. No to mention thumbnails (such as the one seen above) and promotional imagery and video for upcoming projects and episodes can be quite time consuming.

Video Elements : Working in after effects is a great way to increase quality in your podcast with floating titles and elements that come up during segments, but each element can take from five minutes to a couple hours depending on experience with the program.

Cameras : A single camera angle can be just fine for high quality podcasts, but you have to be able to purchase on that can support continuous filming for well over an hour. Often running a camera directly into a hard drive is a good way to ensure processing speeds don’t drop. This does mean thousands of dollars of equipment to have good quality video. To run multiple cameras means an even larger cost.

Microphones : The initial cost of microphones isn’t too bad. Most decent quality microphones can be found around the hundred dollar mark. Cables, mixing boards and programs can vary, but in total, a basic two microphone set up with a board and cables comes in around $350.00 – $500.00 .

Website and hosting : Most sites can be done by individuals at this point, so for a couple hundred dollars a year you can host your RSS feed on your podcasts website. Set up for feeds can be intimidating, but there are sites designed for hosting that vary wildly in pricing.

Marketing : Social media marketing can be a very inexpensive way to market yourself, but it is not nearly as easy as it is made out to be. Simply buying ad space is not a great solution either, as it can be quite costly without a lot of long term audience members joining. Ultimately, paying a professional is the most efficient way to increase viewership if you can’t seem to reach anyone.

Photo by Burst on

Planning and scripting : No one will listen to an hour worth of garbage. Value has to be created in that time and planning can take a lot of time. Not to mention during your “off time”, depending on the subject of your podcast, a lot of research, content viewing and testing has to be done before the podcast can be recorded. Often with the OVP podcast that Ryan and Carlos run, they will have to watch films, play video games, read books and keep up to date on news in the film and video game industries. This means a massive amount of time is invested into the podcast even when not directly working on it.

Now not everyone hosts video for their podcasts, in fact a lot don’t. This reduced time and costs. Using more simplistic equipment and not paying for rss hosting can also decrease costs, but also reduces the amount of income that can be gained from the podcast. Not to mention, a podcast that requires more than one person risks having disagreements and scheduling issues that can disrupt the production of episodes. If you just want to try it out, I would completely agree with you trying, and not all costs have to come in one day. Inexpensive equipment can be upgraded over time and diversifying platforms to find your work on can come later.

If you have a podcast you would like to share in the comments I would be happy to be able to listen to it! Please feel free to share your favourite podcasts!

Second Hand Has Never Been Better

Like many people, I don’t particularly like spending a lot of money, mostly because it’s hard to come by and easy to spend. Essentials cost more today than they ever had and since we can’t change the cost of fuel, food and rent, we can reduce the cost of clothing, books and other miscellaneous things. In an age where the internet exists, we don’t even need to leave the couch to go thrift shopping.

Value Village

This iconic company does inflate their prices, but does keep their prices low enough to create a savings margin for the customer. With their wide range of stock you can find a lot of great things there. I’ve bought many purses, shoes, shirts and kitchen wear there. I don’t think a single item has ever been more than $13.99 in my purchasing history, though no doubt there are items that likely do cost more.


This online retailer deals in secondhand women’s and childrens clothing. With shirts and shoes going as low as $2.99 USD it really is a good place to save a few coins on essentials. Not all pieces on the site are so low in price, as designer wear can be quite expensive, but still sold at an incredible discount compared to its shop prices. The most expensive item I ever purchased from this site was a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, which were in excellent condition and came in at $49.99 USD. Most often my items come in at under ten dollars. Don’t forget shipping costs when you are ordering. They tend to be fairly low but still worth remembering.

Thrift Books

Photo by Janko Ferlic on

This site is exactly what you would think it is. An online secondhand bookstore. One must be careful to read the condition of the books before ordering though. Like eBay, “good” doesn’t mean a conventional good. “Good’ means it probably isn’t missing pages, but is very obviously damaged. That being said, I ordered an entire series of books and saved about thirty dollars in doing so. I really do think this is an excellent way to get your hands on books if you aren’t the library type.

Between these three locations you can get just about anything you need at a fraction of the price! Need a new pot? Value village! Pair of pants? ThredUp! Looking for the next novel to fall in love with? Thrift Books! I can’t even explain how much I love second hand. Not only is it more environmentally friendly to re-use, but you can save a lot of money by going secondhand.

Video Games With Audio That Will Drive You Nuts

After listening to many video game audio elements as my man plays them, I can say with honesty that while the gameplay may be fun for the player and the audio enhances the experience for the player, it isn’t always fun for other people in the house to listen to it.

Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

This game has a fairly decent overall sound bank, but the sound effect for certain sword strikes, known as death blows, are disproportionally loud and jarring. Many times while he was playing and I was nearby I would flinch from this particular sound. The soundtrack of the game that swells during boss fights does so smoothly and isn’t bothersome, and most of the sounds are fine, so with a little patience it isn’t so bad.


This game requires a fair amount of farming, so the constant steel clashing sounds can be irritating, but what killed me was the soundtrack. It had a pulsing tone that was just uncomfortable to hear constantly. Also as the map is expanded new audio presents itself and it does not get better. I recommend just not being in the room when this is being played. On a positive note, the dragon is pretty cool.


This gothic game is nothing but constant steel crashing, wailing deaths, eerie tones and irritatingly off beat step noises. I may also add that a fair amount of the speaking characters are very rude. Nothing in this game has a pleasant tone, and it will drive you nuts.

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Crash Bandicoot – Twinsanity

While this game actually has a very pleasant musical track, it is very repetitive. For the first couple hours it isn’t bad, in fact you could call it fun to listen to, but after a few hours the repetition starts to break down patience and I begin to understand parents dislike of their children games and shows.

Smash Brothers Ultimate

This game itself isn’t too bad, but the button smashing is horrific. Not to mention the players tend to become very aggravated when losing and tempers rise quickly. Cursing is often heard. If the players prefer only one song, then you will hear it on repeat for hours.

Pokemon Sword & Shield

While I was the one playing this game, I realized that the dynamaxing and raid soundtracks were incredibly irritating as they were much louder than the usual game audio and had a bombastic quality to them. Though this game contained a lot of similar audio files as other Pokemon games, it was just didn’t have the same pleasant quality of the other games. That is of course excluding the Lavender Town music, which is always uncomfortable.

There are a lot of games who’s audio aren’t irritating though! Mario Odyssey has very pleasant audio. The Spyro series all has fun, happy tones that are nice to hear. Crash Team Racing is another that won’t drive you nuts.

Testing Out Spiderman Themed Skin Care

The other day Ryan and I were killing time before a hair cut appointment, so we wandered into a store called Miniso. This little store was packed to the ceiling with Marvel products. As we wandered through the aisles Ryan kept coming to me with Spiderman products and kept saying “for a video”, so naturally, I accepted that I was going to make a review video of these products. The video portion is taking longer to edit and get online, so here is a written review of them!

Nose Strip

This little trip works the same way a Biore strip does. You wet your nose, place the strip onto the wet skin and let it dry down into your skin. Unlike a Biore strip, it removed absolutely nothing from my nose. It did not irritate my skin, but it was ultimately useless. While it is cute, it is not worth buying. The sleep mask on my head on the other hand, was a great find as it is soft and comfortable with an elastic band. Light does not permeate the mask and it is absolutely worth buying.

Steaming Eye Mask

The concept of this product is to help reduce fatigue after flights, work or a long time at a computer screen. It works the same way a hand warmer does when its iron, vermiculite and carbon combine and create heat. I found it to be too warm to comfortably keep on my eyes as it caused my eyes to sweat quite a bit which I found very uncomfortable. It took a few minutes for the ingredients to activate. I could see other people enjoying this product but it just isn’t something I could see myself using ever again.

Sheet Mask

This sheet mask did exactly what a sheet mask does. It moisturizes your skin. I didn’t notice any irritation but it also wasn’t especially great. With little to no scent it did moisturize my skin, but no better than my usual moisturizer would. For the purpose of relaxing and taking a few moments to unwind it does that, but I also found the mask was a little too small for my face. The holes for the eyes, nose and mouth were too close together.

Nail Polish

It wasn’t by any means a bad polish. nice colour, fairly decent dry time and a solid coverage with a single coat. The issue comes in the brush. It was very rigid which made it difficult to spread out the product and avoid spilling onto the side of the finger. You can always clean up the side of your fingers so this isn’t a deal breaker and I think I will enjoy using this one for a while.

Overall the products are okay, but you could get better quality in the $2-$5 range in your average drug store. I think the novelty of the whole thing is very cute but it doesn’t equate to better products.

I hope this review was helpful, and I look forward to trying more products in the future. If you have any recommendations for products I should test out, I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Why A Date Is More Important Than A Gift

This Valentines Day Ryan and I re-created our first Valentines Day from many years ago and it was wonderful. We wandered around a mall together, established what kind of refrigerator we would like to own in the future and went to dinner at Moxies. We had such a lovely time laughing and talking together while eating spicy food and enjoying a few drinks. I valued this time with him much more than the flowers and chocolate he got me.

Photo by Secret Garden on

Yes flowers are a nice gesture for your partner, but walking hand in hand feels more loving. Chocolate is delicious, but a sweet kiss lasts longer. It is always nice to receive a gift, but time is worth a lot more. Making sure you have time for your partner is much more important than giving gifts. Even just sitting on the couch together watching a show is time spent together, and that time is going to stay in your mind and heart.

Being able to be emotionally available to your partner, present in your conversations and engaged in your relationship is key to being happy together. Flowers will wilt and be thrown away, but memories last in a way a petal never can. Being intellectually engaged by your partner can help you grow and adapt your own mindset.

Photo by on

What I am ultimately saying here is that time spent together is always worth more than a romantic gift.I am not saying you should never grab your partner a nice present, in fact little gifts can be the most considerate. I remember having a bad day where I was groggy and disinterested in everything around me and Ryan came home with my favourite coffee. It wasn’t a big gift, it wasn’t something intricate or romantic, but it was considerate and kind. It felt to me that he had picked up on my mood in our limited texting that day and knew that a little motion would help make me happy. I remember that little gift better than every time he’s brought me flowers or chocolate.

As well as I remember that coffee, I remember us cooking together better. I remember us going for afternoon walks and playing around with a football more than gifts. I can clearly see us dancing at a friends wedding and wandering through shops downtown. I truly believe time spent together is the best gift he can give me.

Reviewing My Equipment – Film and Photography

As you might know if you’ve been reading for while, I work on a lot of creative projects. Due to that I have to keep a store of equipment in my home. I will be going through the equipment I have to determine it’s worth and how well it works. (I am excluding any equipment I have yet to use and will update later once I have experimented with them). These are my opinions, but I hope they can help someone pick out some new equipment. I have excluded some accessories and programs and limited this to equipment only.


This nifty little piece of equipment allows us to input two microphones and two instruments directly to the computer for recording. It has five dials that control input audio levels, monitoring audio and directional information. It does support phantom power microphones. The device also came with Pro-Tools, a basic but very good audio program as well as a library of other available audio programs. The input for this model is 24 bit. I think it is a good starting piece of equipment for beginners or people who work from home in audio. Certainly very good for podcasters.

Marantz MPM-1000 Mircrophones

Mantraz Pro – MPM-1000

I will admit that these are lower quality microphones, though still technically within a professional range. They do produce a buzz if they are set to maximum gain, but as long as gain is lower than 95% they record very clear audio. We often re-orientate them to maximize their capabilities and we do use the guards they were sold with, which after experimentation I have realized make a world of a difference when it comes to breath and spit sounds. If you are looking for medium range products for a podcast of voice over work, these are very viable microphones, but I would not recommend them for high quality professional work that requires pristine sound.


iMac 27″

I realize a lot of people prefer the PC, but I have run on Apple products for a decade and quite enjoy them. In addition to the iMac, I use a WD Passport for external file storage. When I switched from PC to Mac I noticed an incredible increase in exporting, bouncing and rendering speeds. The user friendliness of Mac and inherent keyboard driven editing I have found it to be a sublime piece of equipment. As I have not run PC in a decade, I can’t say how much faster the Mac is today compared to a high quality PC. At this point I would have to imagine that preference is more so the reason to chose one or the other rather than quality. The one downside to the Mac is it’s inferior ability to run complex games, but as a piece of equipment for editing and recording it is absolutely wonderful.

Bower 7200 3-Section 71″ Tripod

Bower Tripod

This is a lightweight, aluminum tripod with a manual gear to bring up the head. With its plastic feet it does sit well on standard flooring and won’t rust easily. It does have a cheap feeling to it and does not have a very wide spread, so with little force it will tip over. Not a tripod I would trust with very heavy or expensive equipment. That being said, it is quite good for lighting, bounce boards and experimental shots outdoors where you will be moving the set up a lot. If budget is low or the tripod will be set in one place with weights on its feet it is perfectly viable, but by no means professional.

Cullmann 2108 Tripod

Cullmann Tripod

This tripod is no longer in production, but there are very similar products available such as the Primax 370M, which is also a Cullmann product. This is a heavier duty tripod with no crank system. You can loosen the shaft, pull it out out of the tripod body, rotate it or adjust the height. It has a two way head with marked angles and a detachable mount. The frame is very sturdy and I’ve never had an issue with it being unstable. I would recommend this model to anyone, though you may have to go through Kijiji to find one.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Once again we are talking about near obsolete equipment. I’ve had this SLR camera for many years and can say that it was a good investment. Though it does not support phantom power, it is a very adaptable camera. It’s abilities as a photography camera would limit it to hobbiest or amateur level. Augmenting it with higher class lenses, highest class cards and secondary flash can make it somewhat viable for outdoor photo shoots but when comparing it to almost any DSLR model that has come out since it’s debut, it simply falls short in quality, clarity and processing speeds. As a filming device, this camera is quite good, filming in 1920 at 30 FPS, but it does lack an effective auto-focusing setting. For stable filming, where the subject will stay at the same radius from the lens throughout the shots, it is quite viable, but for shots where the subject will be varying in the radius, it is not a good investment. I would label this as an amateurs camera. One good for learning how to shoot, work with your frames, aperture, ISO and certainly very good for shots where your camera may become compromised. I have stood in the mists of waterfalls, trekked through muddy trails and taken aboard boats with spray constantly hitting the camera and it has never failed me. I am not claiming that this camera is waterproof, but it is certainly very durable.

Minolta X-700

Minolta X-700

This is a concrete camera. Almost impossible to destroy. It is a film camera with a steel exterior and frame. With easily detachable lenses for it’s production date, it is a fun piece of equipment to play with, especially in dark room photography. I wouldn’t recommend it as a true photography camera, nor would I say it is even relevant in our technology driven photography, but for purists and hobbyists, it is a fun camera that can be hauled almost anywhere.

What camera do you use daily and do you use a neck strap or a shoulder strap? Let me know in the comments below!

Baking Bread – Learn From My Mistakes

Bake With Me – Bread Video

This past week I decided to finally try something I’ve been too intimidated to do. The whole process of kneading the dough felt too complex and easily ruined but I had a spur of confidence in my abilities and I decided to try.

I do think I will continue trying new recipes and adding different flavours to breads in the future. Once I began the process it wasn’t nearly as intimidating and it was in fact quite fun to make. I did film the whole experience, which shows the mistakes I made during the process and really shows the end results quite well.

I made two different recipes in my experiment, to see which method I preferred. I made a no-knead dough, which took about 28 hours from start to cool down. I also made a kneaded dough which took less than 6 hours from start to cool down. I can tell you I preferred the kneaded method for making the dough, as it was so much faster and the bread it yielded was a little sweet and dense. But cooking method also had a lot to do with my preference.

The kneaded dough called to be baked at a lower temperature, 350 degrees, for 45 minutes. It came out a light golden brown and there was no issues with its baking method. As I don’t own a bread pan, I gently pushed out the dough into a 8 inch square cake pan which I oiled liberally. It rose roughly twice as much in the centre, but yielded a nice, every cooked loaf. This dough has a little sweetness to it, and both my man and I agreed it would be the perfect loaf to make into garlic bread. I did butter the loaf directly after removing it from the oven to give the crust a nice soft texture. It is shown below.

Kneaded Dough

The no-knead dough was to be cooked in a maxed out oven (mine goes to 500 degrees) and was supposed to be cooked in a cast iron dutch oven which had been pre-heated with the oven. The recipe called to have it cook on a floured piece of parchment paper, which may have worked in a dutch oven, but I don’t own one so I improvised. I used my cast iron skillet and added multiple cups of water into the oven in another baking tool to add moisture. This moisture did help the dough keep some humidity, but the parchment paper burned onto the dough which left some interesting patched I had to scrape off. I will say that the dough was actually quite nice, even with the charred marks on the bottom. I did do an egg wash on the dough before baking it and buttered it after it was removed from the oven. We paired this bread with an anti-pasto board and it paired beautifully with sweet, spicy, sharp and smooth flavours. Though it was not as pretty, it was admittedly a better flavoured bread. I need to adjust the baking method to avoid burning the bottom again. I think the next time I make it I will oil the cast iron liberally and let it bake directly on the skillet. I would still pre-heat the skillet, as it takes a good amount of time for it to build up heat and I feel not pre-heating it would cause the crust on the bottom to be raw while the top would be hard. It is shown below.

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No Knead Dough

It took me two days to make the two loaves and I enjoyed the process. I also did a cost analysis on the dough and I estimate it costs $1.50 to $1.65 to make loaves like these. The closest comparison I can make to commonly available breads in grocery stores of this style come in at around $4.00 a loaf. So it is cheaper to make a loaf, but it is very time consuming and makes a considerable mess in the kitchen and creates a lot of dishes to clean. If you have the time to make your own, I would recommend it. There is a feeling of pride and joy when you can make your own food with your own two hands, but if you don’t have the time or having an entire sink full of somewhat difficult to clean dishes, perhaps it’s better to go out and buy a loaf.

Essential Film & Photography Accesorries

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Even with the best camera on the market a shaky shot can cost you the most perfect sunset shot. Shaking hands, dying batteries, direct lighting and limited storage can spoil what should have been a great photo shoot. I put together a list of the most essential accessories, and have linked to some products that I am in no way affiliated with, but they may serve you well if you are in the market for new equipment. You can often find second hand equipment on Kijiji as well.

Spare Batteries

Photo by Hilary Halliwell on

Yes this is a simple thing to put on a list, but it is possibly the most important item to keep with you. For photography with phantom power lighting or stable lighting, a couple extra batteries should be enough, but shoots that require constant use of connected flash or filming a good half dozen is the minimum you should have with you. There is nothing worse than having battery die without back ups. There is no recovery or time to charge during events. Be sure to use batteries produced by the manufacturer of your camera to ensure warranty is not exceeded.

Monopods / Tripods

Photo by Luis Quintero on

It’s not often you see event photographers carrying around monopods, but the use of one can help ensure your shots remain crisp and clear while on the move. For photoshoots, indoor shoots and filming a tripod is always a good investment. Though if you are filming in a situation where you have to quickly change angles, subjects or position, a monopod can be easier than a tripod. You can easily make your own monopod for a couple dollars if you want to try it out, but bringing DIY accessories to paid shoots can give a negative impression of your professionalism.

CF300X Black Diamond Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head – $333.95

Amazon Basics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand with Bag – $21.99

Bounce Boards ( Reflective Boards)

Direct lighting during shoots can often create very hard lines on the face and diminish detail on the darker side. Though stylized portrait photography may play into this as a style, most individuals who are looking to pay for a photoshoot will want clarity and brightness. Using bounce boards to redirect and augment lighting in a studio will give softer lighting and overall broader light in the room. When shooting outdoors, redirecting sunlight to brighten the subject can also bring a cleaner look to the subject.

Neewer Light Reflector with Rotating Holding Bracket and Bag – $61.99

Vivider 24 Inch Collapsable Multi-Disk – $16.99

Flash Diffusers

We’ve talked a fair amount about brighten in a shot, and flash is certainly a way we produce that. Flash diffusers allow for a more natural looking lighting in your photograph and will help your subject avoid having a nasty eye reaction to the flash. These come in a variety of styles for different models, make sure to find one that attached well to your model.

Neewer Pro Collapsible Square Studio Softbox – $17.79

Shoulder Strap

Cameras often come with a neck piece to allow the camera to ride on your chest, which can be quite uncomfortable when rushing through the area for shots. A shoulder strap can make it a lot more comfortable when carrying a heavier lense and body configuration as it won’t be pulling of the back of your neck all day.

Camera Strap Rapid Fire Shoulder Neck Strap Sling – $19.99

Let me know in the comments what your favourite equipment and accessories are and help others in their search for great gear!

Best Cosmetic Reviews – Round Up

Whilst binging online content, I realized just how many cosmetic reviews I read today, so I thought I would round up the most in depth reviews I can find on affordable products.

Elf Cosmetics Skin CareRossy Galaxy

Image From Elf Cosmetic Skin Care – Rossy Galaxy

This breakdown goes through each product in the skin care line, the experience of using it, and the ingredients used to make them. All in all a great review of the products that leads me to want to use them.

Cougar Beauty ProductsShirayummi

Image From Cougar Beauty Products – Shirayummi

This review goes through some very unique products, including a bee venom product. The writing is whimsical and Shira’s personality shines through the review. I would recommend checking out her blog as it is filled with entertaining content.

Kmart OXX Make-up Reviewvintagebarbie17

Her review goes product by product in the Kmart OXX released line giving in depth information and her verdict on wether or not it is even worth purchasing. I did really enjoy reading it and I think you will too.

Kallos KJMN Caviar Restorative Hair Maskbeautyqueen68

Image From Kallos KJMN Caviar – beautyqueen68

This blog runs itself in a different way. She puts out short reviews on single products. You get the information and experience with the product without reading through a thousand unrelated words! I would recommend taking a look through the rest of her posts as well.

Hourglass CosmeticsThe Curvaceous Vegan

Image From Hourglass Cosmetics Post – The Curvaceous Vegan

In this beautiful blog, our vegan friend goes through product by product, describing the benefits of them and giving her experiences with them. Though a little longer it is a very insightful blog when it comes to beauty, lifestyle and mental health. Definitely worth taking a look into.

These were the four most enticing reads I have found through my search. I would recommend taking a look at them and leaving a comment down below telling me your absolute favourite cosmetics blogger!