Does EMS Build Muscle?

I am not a medical doctor. This is not medical advice, and should not be used in place of a physicians recommendation. Please consult with your physician in regards to use of EMS machines. A couple years ago I got very curious about the alternate use of electronic muscle stimulation as I was hearing claimsContinue reading “Does EMS Build Muscle?”

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Feel Better Every Day

I am not a medical professional. All changes to your diet, exercise and any other action that can affect your health and wellbeing should be discussed with your physician to ensure they are safe for you. Hydrate Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, cramps and more. Keeping hydrated is important to your overallContinue reading “6 Simple Things You Can Do To Feel Better Every Day”

Vegan Food – A Joy I Was Unaware Of

I realize a lot of people are dietary vegans, others live a vegan lifestyle, some are vegetarians, and almost everyone has dietary restrictions due to intolerances and allergies. What I didn’t realize was how well vegan foods can provide sustenance to everyone, no matter their restrictions, without compromising flavour, texture and scent. Having never experiencedContinue reading “Vegan Food – A Joy I Was Unaware Of”

Cut Down Calories Without Starving

Let’s get started with, I love having treats and on this blog I do like to share desserts and snacks that aren’t really very healthy. So how do I cut down my calorie intake while still enjoying these foods? Well it’s really quite simple, and it all starts with water. I am not a healthContinue reading “Cut Down Calories Without Starving”

Simple Self Care

As we know, self-care is incredibly important, and as we become more run down and fatigued, things tend to start slipping in our lives. It is incredibly important to take time to recharge. Unfortunately there is an entire “self-care” industry that has monetized our relaxation. Beauty industry would tell us that self-care is heavily dependentContinue reading “Simple Self Care”

How To Deal With Acne

As teens, everyone experiences acne from one degree to another, and unfortunately, not all of us get to grow out of the acne stage. Throughout the years we have heard endless reasons why we get acne, a lot of which was just misinformation being spread like wildfire. Washing your face twice a day does notContinue reading “How To Deal With Acne”