Testing Out Spiderman Themed Skin Care

The other day Ryan and I were killing time before a hair cut appointment, so we wandered into a store called Miniso. This little store was packed to the ceiling with Marvel products. As we wandered through the aisles Ryan kept coming to me with Spiderman products and kept saying “for a video”, so naturally,Continue reading “Testing Out Spiderman Themed Skin Care”

Best Cosmetic Reviews – Round Up

Whilst binging online content, I realized just how many cosmetic reviews I read today, so I thought I would round up the most in depth reviews I can find on affordable products. Elf Cosmetics Skin Care – Rossy Galaxy This breakdown goes through each product in the skin care line, the experience of using it,Continue reading “Best Cosmetic Reviews – Round Up”

Reviewing Drug Store Lipsticks

Once upon a time I absolutely loved my drug store lipsticks, but after learning how many heavy metals were in a lot of my products I threw away most of my collection a few years ago. I haven’t looked into if any of these products have heavy metals yet, so if you know if theyContinue reading “Reviewing Drug Store Lipsticks”

My Evening Skin Routine

I, like many, have acne that must be constantly tamed, and after years of trying products I finally put together a routine that really helps me keep my blemishes in check. I spent a long time believing that more was more, but as I kept trying products I realized I was drying out my skinContinue reading “My Evening Skin Routine”

Testing A 24 Hour Foundation For 24 Hours

I will start this off saying, I know that this is not good for my skin, I do not recommend anyone wear make up to bed or sleep in it. Please wash and cleanse your face once the day is over. I did film this whole process from application to the very end of theContinue reading “Testing A 24 Hour Foundation For 24 Hours”

Baby Skin Primer Review

This review is once again very divided by product quality vs ethical buying. From a purely performance based perspective this product is phenomal, especially when you take price into consideration. I paid 11.99$ CAD for it. My pores were smoothed over, and without foundation over my skin I could tell that they looked a littleContinue reading “Baby Skin Primer Review”