100 Posts Later – Staying Home and Being Productive

About a year and a half ago I started this website to give myself a place to write for others, try to provide information and at times, humour for other people. Well my 100th post came out a couple days ago, making this my 101st. This one is a life update of sorts. Talking aboutContinue reading “100 Posts Later – Staying Home and Being Productive”

Things To Do At Home

During this most unfortunate time, most people are smartly staying indoors to avoid coming into contact with and spreading the COVID 19 virus. It’s sad not to be able to go visit your grandparents, parents or friends during this time, but it is crucial that people don’t come into contact with others if it canContinue reading “Things To Do At Home”

LGBTQ+ Groups And Resources In Edmonton

Pride Center Of Edmonton If you want to get involved with volunteering, need resources or are looking for a safe place, the Pride Centre of Edmonton is a great place to be. With varied events and programs that include counselling, roundtables, book clubs and welcoming newcomers events this centre is dedicated to being a safeContinue reading “LGBTQ+ Groups And Resources In Edmonton”

Second Hand Has Never Been Better

Like many people, I don’t particularly like spending a lot of money, mostly because it’s hard to come by and easy to spend. Essentials cost more today than they ever had and since we can’t change the cost of fuel, food and rent, we can reduce the cost of clothing, books and other miscellaneous things.Continue reading “Second Hand Has Never Been Better”

An Open Letter To A Teenage Me

Dear Eva, The world is a hard place, and it doesn’t owe you anything. You can work hard, stay late, take initiative and still fail. You can diet and exercise and still fail. You can love and be loved and have it end. You can try as hard as you want, but failure is alwaysContinue reading “An Open Letter To A Teenage Me”

Cut Down Calories Without Starving

Let’s get started with, I love having treats and on this blog I do like to share desserts and snacks that aren’t really very healthy. So how do I cut down my calorie intake while still enjoying these foods? Well it’s really quite simple, and it all starts with water. I am not a healthContinue reading “Cut Down Calories Without Starving”

A History Of My Art

I have always felt that art is an essential part of my life. I’ve spent so much time in art galleries, watching theatre, listening to orchestras and practicing my own art. Enjoying the beauty of someones effort is a luxurious thing to lavish yourself with. Absorbing beauty drives inspiration, motivation and makes you slow downContinue reading “A History Of My Art”

Things My Family Taught Me

To start this off, everyone I’ve shared my story with has informed me my family is a little different from the usual. Things I thought were normal turn out to be not so common, but I love that I got to learn them. When I was fairly young, my mother, father and grandfather all taughtContinue reading “Things My Family Taught Me”

What I Typically Do In A Day

My life is very polarizing, as I live two very different lives depending on my work. I can be at home with my man, Ryan, every day or I can be 500 kilometres away, getting to talk to him a few times a week on the phone. I can be gone for weeks to monthsContinue reading “What I Typically Do In A Day”

Great Young Adult Books

I have always loved young adults novels, I feel like they touch more into the struggles of developing into an individual than adult novels tend to. Their romances are more pure, and filled with the human emotions and reactions that exist in the real world. The stories are often more fantastical, filled with trials thatContinue reading “Great Young Adult Books”