Podcasting – Is It An Easy Thing?

As some of you are aware, I do some work for a local podcast called Optimist Vs. Pessimist that is run by my fiancĂ© and his friend. I typically do the graphics, set up audio, render tracks, etc. I am not often on the mic with the boys, though on the odd occasion I willContinue reading “Podcasting – Is It An Easy Thing?”

Reviewing My Equipment – Film and Photography

As you might know if you’ve been reading for while, I work on a lot of creative projects. Due to that I have to keep a store of equipment in my home. I will be going through the equipment I have to determine it’s worth and how well it works. (I am excluding any equipmentContinue reading “Reviewing My Equipment – Film and Photography”

Essential Film & Photography Accesorries

Even with the best camera on the market a shaky shot can cost you the most perfect sunset shot. Shaking hands, dying batteries, direct lighting and limited storage can spoil what should have been a great photo shoot. I put together a list of the most essential accessories, and have linked to some products thatContinue reading “Essential Film & Photography Accesorries”

Great Manuals For Creative People

I started my collection of manuals many years ago, they take up most of one of my bookcases. I love learning and I think a lot of you do too! I picked out four of them that I feel any creatively driven person should read. Also anyone who wants to get better at photography, graphicContinue reading “Great Manuals For Creative People”