ISO For Beginners

The International’s Organization of Standardization, more commonly known as ISO is the numeric value system used for identifying brightness. Though it originates from film cameras the values have been continued in use with digital cameras, a welcome continuity. ISO At A Glance A quick explanation for the use of this setting on digital cameras isContinue reading “ISO For Beginners”

External Hard Drives

Technology is a wonderful thing, but a delicate thing. While it is convenient to rely on online storage, it is costly in the long term. Monthly subscriptions ultimately cost more than the upfront cost of external hard drives. For photographers and especially those working with film, file storage is incredibly important. RAW files and 4KContinue reading “External Hard Drives”

Essential Film & Photography Accesorries

Even with the best camera on the market a shaky shot can cost you the most perfect sunset shot. Shaking hands, dying batteries, direct lighting and limited storage can spoil what should have been a great photo shoot. I put together a list of the most essential accessories, and have linked to some products thatContinue reading “Essential Film & Photography Accesorries”