Star Trek Doesn’t Always Make Sense

This post is based on pure opinion, if you wish to share your ideas in the comments I would be happy to read them.

While I’ve been watching Voyager some things have been bothering me, and upon talking with Ryan about the issues we started to think about all the issues in Next Gen and DS9. I haven’t watched Enterprise yet and I’m leaving the Original Series out of this, mostly because it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the shows when it comes to in universe explanations.

Dead Bodies

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In Voyager we see them discard dead bodies without removing primary organs or blood, this confuses me deeply. We know that they can remove organs and blood and then alter it to suit other races in medical procedures, but only seem to remove them from live beings. This means each time they need something they require someone to volunteer a portion of their own body. Why not remove all major organs and blood from the bodies of the dead and keep them in a medical stasis to have them readily available without needed to wait for a volunteer. If you recall the episode when Worf had the only viable blood, he refused to donate it, causing an issue. If there had been blood on hand that could be re-engineered to suit the patient, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

Sevens Nano Blood

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In many cases Seven has to remove portions of her blood to modify the tiny robots for a multitude of purposes. Once again it would seem to be much faster to simply have a supply on hand. Since she has already shown that she is a voluntary donor, why not take a small amount on a scheduled basis to have them on hand when needed. In the case of her being on an away mission there wouldn’t be access to the nano probes and a patient or warhead could die. (Earlier seasons.)

The Universal Translator

When the universal translator is translating various languages, why are the mouths of said beings moving in the shape of the English translation? Shouldn’t their speech look out of sync? Along with this, why are there words that we hear spoken in the native tongue of individuals? Shouldn’t the translator adjust all words of the language? We see this all the time when it comes to the Klingons. Every time someone is called a P’tahk you would think the translator would translate it to its closest English insult?

Shuttles Are Insanely Dangerous

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We hear from Geordi that transporter accidents just don’t happen anymore, and that there are no health risks affiliated to it. Though we know the Trill can’t use them (though Jadzia has been seen using them) so there are presumably a few races who simply can’t use them, but in general they are much safer than shuttles. Shuttle craft is constantly seen breaking down, crashing and having failures. So why in the world do they keep using this very dangerous mode of transportation? We know the Delta Flyer was a better shuttle, but it still had it’s fair share of problems. It would seem that Star Fleet should have put more resources into augmenting transporter technology to ensure that it is always viable rather than putting their crews at risk with shuttles. Now I would not completely get rid of shuttles, as we have seen they can be used to find safe paths through unstable space, but in that situation the pilot is still in danger.

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Where Are The Other Founders of The Federation?

Telerites and Andorians were also founders in the Federation, so why do we so very rarely see members of their race in the shows? Expanding on that, the variety of alien species is always low in the shows when it comes to crew members, even though hundreds of planets are part of the Federation and have access to enrolment in Star Fleet. I have to wonder what the in universe explanation would be for this? We know why most races are humanoid due to the connection of race DNA we learn about in TNG, but we know there are races that are not humanoid, like the Founders, so there were obviously races that evolved without humid DNA. Why do we not see anymore races that aren’t bipedal races?


How in the world does the combadge system know where to send the message before they state where the message is going? Seemingly in the show there is no lag, but that it is an open line direct to the directed intendant yet they start receiving the message before the individual sending out the message has told the com system where to send it. For example; “Riker to the Bridge”, in this case the bridge immediately has access to his com before he even says his own name. I think it is feasible that there is a delay in the directed statement of who is speaking to whom which then opens an active com line, but as I have yet to find an in universe acknowledgment t of this, I have to assume the system is just poorly designed by the show writers.

These are the things that bother me in Star Trek. Let me know if I missed anything in the comment!

Why You Should Play Video Games With Your SO

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Growing up, my brothers played a variety of games. I remember watching them conquer Shadow of the Colossus, the Spyro trilogy, JACK, Ratchet and Clank as well as countless Final Fantasy games. I enjoyed sitting as quietly as I could watching characters and worlds move wildly before me. As I grew older, I got to play some of the easier games. Mostly Need For Speed Underground, as I could win “money” for my brother, which allowed him to upgrade his vehicles.

Through my teen years my video game life consisted of Roller Coaster Tycoon, Wii Fitness and World of Goo. As you can tell at this point, I was not an avid gamer, and I didn’t have a lot of experience.

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As an adult I purchased a PS4, so that I could play Rocket League, GTA 5 and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. To one ones surprise, I am not very good at any of those games, but I do enjoy playing them nonetheless.

What I didn’t expect was that my boyfriend and I have spent countless hours playing games together. Not all of them difficult or requiring skill, in fact we often play Mario Party together, as you can play as a team and it’s nice to win and lose together. We play CTR together, and we celebrate each others achievements and progress.

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Gaming together has given us another thing in common, and an inexpensive activity to enjoy together.

We get to cheer for each other and bring up each others spirits when someone loses and that is a wonderful feeling to behold. We have discovered over the last year or so that there are two games I am actually better at than my partner is, they are Mario Party and Slay The Spire. It is no coincidence that those two games are the ones I’ve put the most hours into.

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No matter who’s winning or losing, or even if I’m merely watching my partner play, we are spending down time together, and in a life with hectic schedules, many social appointments and highly erratic shifts at work, I cherish those hours we spend with controllers in our hands and smiles dancing on our faces.

Great Anime for People Who Don’t Watch Anime

I can’t say I’m the biggest anime fan, but this past year I’ve been dipping my toes into the water and have found five series I would recommend to anyone.

I can’t say I’m the biggest anime fan, but this past year I’ve been dipping my toes into the water and have found five series I would recommend to anyone. Don’t be fooled by the trailers, all of them have an English dub.

5. Black Butler


An interesting concept for a show that plays with dark comedy, politics and the Victorian Era in and around London. The demon butler serves his young master through all confrontation that faces them. A short series you can find on Netflix.

4. Inuyasha

A young girl has to team up with a demon to save Japan, both past and present. A long search and many enemies stand in their way to retrieve what they must to save the world. Though it is a longer series, the combination of humour, romance, fantasy and adventure keeps your interest. Easily found on Netflix.

3. Little Witch Academia

A very light hearted 25 episode show filled with magic and laughs. A series worth binge watching that fills you with a warm feeling. Following the journey of a young woman who wishes to become a witch through her studies and trials. Found on Netflix.

2. Sword Art Online

Another 25 episode series with some dark twists that catch you off guard, mixed with romance, beautiful choreography and wonderful scenes. A slurry of emotions come from this show, I shed a few tears throughout the series. Found on NetflixDeath Note

1. Death Note

If you’ve seen the live action, try to forget it as it can’t be further from the compelling show that follows Light in his journey. With ties to faith, Gods and the human soul it is an inspired story that will suck you in. Easily one of the best anime to be produced in the last decade, it has a place in the heart of the anime community. If you are going to watch one anime in your life, let it be this one. I could not find an actual trailer for the anime, just trust me when I say it’s worth a watch.

If you have any suggestions for great anime to watch, please comment below!