Pokemon : Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution- A Rant

This is purely based on my opinion and I understand not everyone will agree with me.That is perfectly okay, everyones opinion is valid. This is essentially a remake of the greatest pokemon movie made, but without the heart and likeability of the original. The change in animation style doesn’t make it lose it’s heart, butContinue reading “Pokemon : Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution- A Rant”

Things To Do In Edmonton

Edmonton is a sprawling city with a plethora of available activities to partake in across the seasons. With City maintained rinks, parks and trails every season is an outdoor season! With endless shops, cafes and restaurants it is a foodies dream. Celebrations, events and festivals occur all year round. It is a very fun cityContinue reading “Things To Do In Edmonton”

Great Young Adult Books

I have always loved young adults novels, I feel like they touch more into the struggles of developing into an individual than adult novels tend to. Their romances are more pure, and filled with the human emotions and reactions that exist in the real world. The stories are often more fantastical, filled with trials thatContinue reading “Great Young Adult Books”

All Occasion Sugar Cookies

Every time I make these cookies they disappear before my eyes. A simple, enjoyable treat that goes over well at parties. Unfortunately this means people will try to steal cookies before they even hit the table, you’ve been warned. The best thing about sugar cookies is that they can be customized to any occasion. YouContinue reading “All Occasion Sugar Cookies”

One Year In – 100 Things You Did Not Know About Me

This blog has been up and running for just over a year and I feel like it’s time to get deeper. I think it’s interesting to do this kind of thing and read it years later to see how things have changed. Are you a morning or night person? As I am a shift worker,Continue reading “One Year In – 100 Things You Did Not Know About Me”

Great Apps In 2020

We live in a technology driven world that allows for almost everything to happen online. This is a list of the best apps I have found in the last while. As you guys know I love tracking activities so expect to see some tracking on here. I did exclude most social media or social mediaContinue reading “Great Apps In 2020”

Save Your Money – Shop Sephora

I will point out that this is not sponsored, I just really love Sephora Brand make up. Over the years I have experimented with a lot of cosmetics. I have combination skin that loves to react very visibly and it loves to itch when products don’t work. I have very dry skin in some areas,Continue reading “Save Your Money – Shop Sephora”

Bullet Journal Ideas

Like many people, I adopted bullet journaling into my routine. I started a few years ago, but I found that if I tried to schedule myself to write in it and track daily I was unable to do it. Perhaps it’s a character flaw, but I don’t do well with self-imposed deadlines, so I startedContinue reading “Bullet Journal Ideas”