Shoes To Die For – 2019

If only I had a million dollars and a walk in closet.. because all of these shoes would be in there.

I, like many others, love my shoes. I truly believe in your shoe being the determining factor in the tone of your outfit. Bold shoes with muted outfits, muted heels with bold prints up top. I have been known to wear my flats to drive because my shoes are 6 inches tall and cannot be driven in, so if you see a girl awkwardly putting on enormous heels in a parking garage .. it’s probably me.

Chanel Pumps – $1,200

Chanel – 2020 Pumps

I nearly cried when I saw the price, but these beautiful shows are sure to send waves through the industry. The two toned, colour block pumps are functional with their chunky heel and low height.

Jeffrey Campbell Pelara – $120.00

Jeffrey Campbell – Pelara

These fierce but simple pumps stand tall with their 3.25 inch heels. With a sharp closed toe they are a all event staple shoe that can be casual but easily dressed up.

Aldo Larissi – $110.00

These cute leather booties come in light brown and black, their heels are 2.23 inches tall and are a slip on bootie. They have an almond toe and are a perfect bootie to slip on with a pair of jeans or a cute dress. The sole is rubber and they would make the perfect winter bootie.

Steve Madden Dance Red – $120.00

These make for a great statement piece in your wardrobe. They do also come in black and rock a 4 inch heel. They have a sharp toe and an easily replaceable heel cap for maintenance down the line. Make with leather and synthetics it’s one shoe to strut in.

SJP Nirvana – $365.00

A wonderful pair of daily wearable heels that are very reminiscent of Sarah Jessica Parkers Sex In The City days with its pointed toe, stiletto heel and leather lining. Certainly a shoe worth showing off.

Dr. Martens Averil Arcadia – $209.99

These are boots made for walking. Dr. Marten has been a staple for alternative and bold fashion that lasts a lifetime. These have a deep, grooved sole that up your traction, paired with a tall ankle and laces, these make excellent winter heels. They do have a 3.5 inch heel and a 1 inch platform.

Micheal Kors Ava Studded Leather Pump – $198.00

These 4 inch heels would make an amazing night out shoe with its sharp pointed toe, delicate studding and 100% leather exterior. I can see them with a light shade of jeans for a lunch date or with a red dress out on the town.

Le Chateau Faux Suede Pointy Toe Ruched Boot – $119.95

What a cute and versatile boot. It comes with a 3.5 inch heel, a pointy toe and a wonderful western vibe in its paneling. It does have a concealed zipper and it also comes in black.

Guess Honora Peep-Toe Platform Pumps – $129.00

These peep-toes stand tall with their 4.5 inch heel. They are a faux suede that would look good in any outfit. It also comes in black. I love the gold trim just above the sole and how simple and versatile shoe.

If only I had a million dollars and a walk in closet.. because all of these shoes would be in there. Please leave your favourites in the comments!

Great Christmas Gifts 2019

The holiday season is marching towards us, and with it, comes immense financial stress. I do not hold to the idea that the holidays should wreck your bank account. That being said, there is a social contract that requires the giving and receiving of gifts so let’s get into it.

1. Poinsettia

This festive flower is a good gift if you intend to gift it before Christmas Day, as it will last weeks in their home, given that they water it. I would recommend it for in-laws, grandparents and more distant relatives. Though it is good to note that they can be toxic to pets.

2. Purdy’s Chocolate

Photo by on

You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Purdy’s is a great option, as you can pick out just the right chocolates to match preference and they will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure no allergic reactions will ruin someones Christmas. ( We have a friend with a very aggressive peanut allergy and the sweet women in the shop where very careful and very helpful in putting together a safe box for him to enjoy. )

3. Knitted Mittens

Photo by Andre Furtado on

Some of the best gifts are the practical ones. A good pair of mittens go a long way in our winter months and will be appreciated for years. I received a sturdy pair a few winters ago from my Aunt and couldn’t imagine heading out without them now!

4. Puzzle Books

A lot of people really enjoy curling up and doing some sudoku, crosswords or mind teasers every once and a while. A good puzzle book can be hours of relaxation and contentment for many. I would categorize this as a good “mom gift”.

5. A Bottle Of Top Shelf Booze

Photo by KML on

For the adults in your life who really enjoy sitting back with a glass. If you have an idea of what they generally drink, get the higher shelf option for them. Red wines, scotch, bourbon, liqueurs and cognacs make for excellent gifts that will always be deeply enjoyed.

6. An Instant Polaroid Camera

I would recommend this gift strongly for teenage girls who already have love for photography. This is a gift that could lead to a lifetime of joy in the arts, and many kept memories they will be able to keep forever.

7. Hot Sauce Sample Pack

These spicy gifts will absolutely be enjoyed! Every hot sauce enthusiast would love to test out different recipes to find the perfect one for their signature dish.

8. Art

Photo by Steve Johnson on

It may feel a little strange to gift a painting or sculpture you’ve made, but the time you put into the piece makes it only more special. If you don’t feel like painting, pick up a piece at your local art fair and support your local artists!

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9. Incredibly Comfortable Socks & Slippers

Nothing beats good wool socks on cold winter nights and warm, soft slippers to sneak around the house in the morning. Make it a whole set with a sturdy housecoat and you now have a perfect Sunday morning!

10. An Ultimate Beard Care Kit

Any man with a beard has struggled to keep it tame, well trimmed and has suffered incredibly discomfort any time they have had to shave any portion of it. A good shaving cream, beard oils and sturdy combs are the beginning of a great beard. Add some conditioners, shampoos and texturizers and whooo that beard will be beautiful.

11. An Art Kit

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Children love to create, so why not enable them to do so? Sketch pads, watercolour paper, paints, inks and colouring pencils can make any plain day into an adventure into imagination. Many pre made kits are available in art stores, or put together a monogramed kit by shopping around a little!

12. Jenga

This time old game is fun at any age. Children love to play it, and adults love to turn it into a drinking game. You can’t go wrong with this classic gift.

13. Model Car

Photo by Pixabay on

Everyone has their favourite car, and luckily most have a die cut available painted and ready to gift.

Those are thirteen great gifts, and hopefully they helped you figure out what to get that tricky relative or friend. I hope everyone has a great holiday season, please drink responsibly and enjoy yourselves!

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Great Christmas Gifts For Loved Ones

10 Shots To Get In February

Common practice for photographers is to assemble a shot list for events, days and photoshoots, but for promotional work, personal blogs, Shutter Stock contribution and Instagram, it can be difficult to put together a list.

Common practice for photographers is to assemble a shot list for events, days and photoshoots, but for promotional work, personal blogs, Shutter Stock contribution and Instagram, it can be difficult to put together a list. Below is 10 interesting shots to get in February with a few suggestions for each.

  1. Your Favourite View Of Your City : A skyline shot, an interesting shot of a bridge, the downtown street, anything you like in your city.
  2. Something White : Snow, marble, a statue or a textured fabric.
  3. Water : A river, a lake, the ocean, an outstandingly clear glass.
  4. Trees : A forest, a solo tree, a small indoor tree, a shot from inside a tree (please be careful climbing).
  5. Something Very Small : A ring, the iris of an eye, s snowflake.
  6. Iron : A bridge, a fence.
  7. Interesting Angle of a Car : Down the run of the body, close up of a model, shot though the interior.
  8. An Indication of Time : A clock, cool watch, clock tower, time lapse.
  9. Something That Scares You : Clown, bat, the darkness, a cat.
  10. Gold : A ring, jewelry, home decor.

If you want to share any of your photos or share where you posted them please do down below!