Why You Should Play Video Games With Your SO

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Growing up, my brothers played a variety of games. I remember watching them conquer Shadow of the Colossus, the Spyro trilogy, JACK, Ratchet and Clank as well as countless Final Fantasy games. I enjoyed sitting as quietly as I could watching characters and worlds move wildly before me. As I grew older, I got to play some of the easier games. Mostly Need For Speed Underground, as I could win “money” for my brother, which allowed him to upgrade his vehicles.

Through my teen years my video game life consisted of Roller Coaster Tycoon, Wii Fitness and World of Goo. As you can tell at this point, I was not an avid gamer, and I didn’t have a lot of experience.

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As an adult I purchased a PS4, so that I could play Rocket League, GTA 5 and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. To one ones surprise, I am not very good at any of those games, but I do enjoy playing them nonetheless.

What I didn’t expect was that my boyfriend and I have spent countless hours playing games together. Not all of them difficult or requiring skill, in fact we often play Mario Party together, as you can play as a team and it’s nice to win and lose together. We play CTR together, and we celebrate each others achievements and progress.

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Gaming together has given us another thing in common, and an inexpensive activity to enjoy together.

We get to cheer for each other and bring up each others spirits when someone loses and that is a wonderful feeling to behold. We have discovered over the last year or so that there are two games I am actually better at than my partner is, they are Mario Party and Slay The Spire. It is no coincidence that those two games are the ones I’ve put the most hours into.

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No matter who’s winning or losing, or even if I’m merely watching my partner play, we are spending down time together, and in a life with hectic schedules, many social appointments and highly erratic shifts at work, I cherish those hours we spend with controllers in our hands and smiles dancing on our faces.

Why Almond Milk Is The Greatest Beverage

In the last few weeks I have been living by almond milk and it is a truly versatile beverage.

In the last few weeks I have been living by almond milk and it is a truly versatile beverage. You can replace so many things with it! I have an intolerance to dairy that makes it unpleasant at times to rely on milk and yogurt to use in recipes, so almond milk has been a great replacement.

Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Using almond milk in smoothies instead of milk or yogurt reduces the calories and allows for a creaminess you just wouldn’t find with water, it also adds a gentle sweetness to the smoothie.

Strawberry & Cinnamon Smoothie Bowl

Almond milk in cereal, what a revelation. Its so smooth and again, has a gentle sweetness that makes higher fibre and healthier cereals taste better.

Almond milk also has a much longer shelf life, so less wasted product and money.

Over all I have come to believe that you can replace almost anything with this magical liquid. I’ve made almond milk ice cream, smoothies, sauces and dips and I must say they’ve all turned out really well. In most cases I have simmered down the milk to thicken it for recipes and it has yielded better results than I had expected.

I would like to try making a similar recipe to the Japanese agar agar drop cake with almond milk and pectin, as I believe it would be absolutely delicious. I think I would pair it with a vanilla and brown sugar sauce, as it seems the flavours would complement each other well.

Almond milk on its own is a delightful beverage, refreshing and satisfying. There are mixed reviews on almond milk in coffee, I personally really enjoy it heated, but my man doesn’t like the aftertaste of the warmed milk. So that one is for each person to determine on their own.

I also believe that almond milk would pair well with cashew while cooking chicken, and I intend to try it, as I think the creaminess of the almond and the sweetness of the cashew would make for a delightful flavour combination for many dishes where you would cook with milk.

This is the brand Ryan introduced me too and I’ve been loving it since he got me to try it.

Let me know down below what your favourite recipe is with Almond Milk!