Almond Milk Tea – An Experience Worth Having

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately while trying to avoid coffee. I find I sweeten my coffee far too much and the sugar just isn’t good for me, so I’ve tried to satisfy my desire for delightful warm, caffeinated beverages through my love of black tea. I am by no means a purist with my tea, as I do enjoy Strawberry tea with honey and lemon. I also enjoy green tea with a little honey. Now I know that honey is also a form of sugar, but I don’t seem to need very much to make my tea lovely.

Honey in Black Tea

Onto the almond milk.

As much as I enjoy honey, I’ve become a little bored of the same flavour all the time, so I looked into my fridge and assessed what I could try. Hot sauce seemed a little extreme and maple syrup seemed excessive. My eyes locked onto my almond milk and a plan was formed. Once I picked it up I thought about this advertisement that I hear often about non-dairy produces curdling in coffee so I googled recipes. Each recipe I read was for cold tea, but I didn’t want cold tea so I went for it anyways.

Almond Milk In Black Tea

Now almond milk is not happy to be poured into steaming hot tea, it curdles, but if it is stirred it seems to disintegrate into the tea and there you are with a beautiful cup of creamy and nutty tea. I suspect it would work a little better with an iced tea, as you wouldn’t have to vigorously stir it, but nonetheless, it was quite enjoyable.

This also made me think about how I made my sleepy milk tea, which is boiling milk with cinnamon with a bag of decaf chai. It doesn’t curdle because it is not mixing with hot water from a cold state. Now some would argue that isn’t tea, but it is very similar to a Somalian tea I once had from a cafe in an old neighbourhood on a cold night. This teen boy was standing outside the cafe handing out free Somalian milk tea to anyone who passed to warm them up. It was hot milk with cinnamon, cloves and some other spices I couldn’t identify, but it was absolutely delicious.

So I tried brewing my tea directly in hot almond milk to see if it would work in a similar manner.

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Earl Grey Steeped In Almond Milk

As it turns out, steeping tea in almond milk is a little too overpoweringly sweet and creamy for me. I think when I make a sleepy milk tea the dairy milk stays fairly thin, but this almond milk got so thick and creamy that it was harder to enjoy. Though if this were frozen and served as an ice cream flavour I think it would work well. So my end statement here is, almond is a good addition to tea, but not a great base for it.

Why Almond Milk Is The Greatest Beverage

In the last few weeks I have been living by almond milk and it is a truly versatile beverage.

In the last few weeks I have been living by almond milk and it is a truly versatile beverage. You can replace so many things with it! I have an intolerance to dairy that makes it unpleasant at times to rely on milk and yogurt to use in recipes, so almond milk has been a great replacement.

Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Using almond milk in smoothies instead of milk or yogurt reduces the calories and allows for a creaminess you just wouldn’t find with water, it also adds a gentle sweetness to the smoothie.

Strawberry & Cinnamon Smoothie Bowl

Almond milk in cereal, what a revelation. Its so smooth and again, has a gentle sweetness that makes higher fibre and healthier cereals taste better.

Almond milk also has a much longer shelf life, so less wasted product and money.

Over all I have come to believe that you can replace almost anything with this magical liquid. I’ve made almond milk ice cream, smoothies, sauces and dips and I must say they’ve all turned out really well. In most cases I have simmered down the milk to thicken it for recipes and it has yielded better results than I had expected.

I would like to try making a similar recipe to the Japanese agar agar drop cake with almond milk and pectin, as I believe it would be absolutely delicious. I think I would pair it with a vanilla and brown sugar sauce, as it seems the flavours would complement each other well.

Almond milk on its own is a delightful beverage, refreshing and satisfying. There are mixed reviews on almond milk in coffee, I personally really enjoy it heated, but my man doesn’t like the aftertaste of the warmed milk. So that one is for each person to determine on their own.

I also believe that almond milk would pair well with cashew while cooking chicken, and I intend to try it, as I think the creaminess of the almond and the sweetness of the cashew would make for a delightful flavour combination for many dishes where you would cook with milk.

This is the brand Ryan introduced me too and I’ve been loving it since he got me to try it.

Let me know down below what your favourite recipe is with Almond Milk!