How To Remove Scale From A Kettle

Like many people, I still use an old school metal kettle you boil on your stove top. I wish so badly that I had taken a picture of how horrible the interior looked, it was covered in white flakey scale and it was disgusting. My brother recommended CLR a few times while I was trying to get rid of the gross substance but I don’t own any. So I went to the Internet for help.

They said use vinegar and water and boil it, then rinse it and all would be solved… and they were right. I happen to have a ridiculous amount of apple cider vinegar in my house, so I mixed half acv half water, let it soak in for about an hour then boiled the mixture for a few minutes. The smell was a little strong but the results are wonderful! My kettle is so clean! I am amazed by the simplicity of this solution.

Granted my mother always said you can clean just about anything if you have baking soda and vinegar. Thanks mom, as per usual, you were right.

Hope this helped someone! Let me know down below your tips and tricks for keeping a clean and lovely home!