How To Deal With Combination Skin


As you guys know I have combination skin. I tend to be very dry on the chin and around the mouth but oily on the nose, cheeks and forehead. I often have acne on my cheeks and jawline and black heads on my chin and nose. After seeing a dermatologist and trying many products, I have managed to put together a routine that keeps my skin pretty clear.

I should point out, I am not a dermatologist nor a doctor, so all of this is based off my own experimentation with products. If you also have combination skin and have found other products work really well for you, please let me know so that I can try them too!

Daily Use Products

Micellar Water

I use micellar water every morning and night before any other product. It’s able to lift dirts and oils from the skin and doesn’t need to be rinsed off. If I’ve been sweating I use it to remove the sweat from my face to reduce the bacteria from trying to move in. I love using it to remove eye make up as well as it is very gentle around the eyes.


Salicylic Acid

While this solution does contain alcohol which dries the skin, it is able to penetrate lipids and disinfect. It kills the bacteria both on and in your skin, treating acne. I use the Clean and Clear Astringent because it’s inexpensive and it works. This is a morning and night daily product for me.

I also use this salicylic acid moisturizer to help reduce bacteria on my skin throughout the day. While it does leave my skin feeling hydrated, the hydration is short lived. This moisturizer is more of an anti acne product that it is a hydration product. Nonetheless I like it and have found it to be very useful.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is an acid naturally found in the body and it helps keep moisture in the skin. I love using it after my acne treatments to hydrate the skin. It’s also thin enough to be used for facial massages. Most evenings when I apply it I massage my skin with it thoroughly, reducing stress in my jaw muscles and the underlying muscles on my forehead.

Tea Tree Oil

I use this night mask from the Body Shop for two reasons. The first being it has visibly decreased acne, the second being it’s a little sticky which helps me not touch my face. It has a strong scent at first but dissipates quickly after applying it.


Bi-Weekly Products

Benzoyl Peroxide

While this product is drying to the skin, I love it. I use it as a mask a couple times a week in the evening. It is also capable of penetrating the lipids so using it as a mask allows the product time to really get in there and kill bacteria. The formula is use is also a Clean & Clear product and I find after using it as a mask, a lot of my dry skin sloughs off with it when I remove it using a face cloth. I should warn you that this product will bleach your wash cloth and towel, so either use white or commit one face cloth and towel to your benzoyl peroxide days.


I use the derma roller twice a week before applying my hyaluronic acid. You can read here about my experience with the derma roller. You do have to vie very careful with disinfecting both the skin and the tool or you can risk infection in the skin. It’s important not to use it near the eyes, but when properly used it allows for much deeper absorption of products applied. I would recommend this tool to any adult who wants to hydrate, reduce acne scarring and help the collagen production in their skin.


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I use the Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask. While it has a whipped rubber texture, it dries into an incredibly tight chalk like mask. I’ve noticed improvement in over all pigmentation after use.



I love my Mary Kay microdermabrasion product. I use it once or twice a week as an exfoliator. The particles in it are small enough that I have never torn my skin with it, but sturdy enough that my skin feels incredibly fresh after use and I can see no dry or dead skin left on my face.

Lifestyle Changes


As we all know, hydration helps skin. Drinking enough water helps my skin and removing coffee and other caffeinated beverages from my diet has helped keep me hydrated as I am no longer ingesting diuretics.

Daily Bathing

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I take a bath nearly every night, which gives me time to relax, but more importantly in this case, gives me a good amount of time to invest into my skin care. It also ensures that the sweat and dirt of each day gets removed from my entire body each night. I used to shower every two to three days, and I found my face and back had more acne at the time. I can read a book while masks dry or medicated masks do their work, allowing me relaxation and productivity at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


Establishing Routine

Skin care routines only work if they are routines. Establishing one can be difficult, especially if you have a partner or children, as their needs may need to come before your own. This is why establishing a routine daily is important. If everyone knows it’s your time to take care of yourself, you are more likely to be able to commit to it. Whether that means waking up earlier than others in the home or taking a daily bath, without consistency a routine won’t work.

Cutting Out The Junk Food

We all know nutrition and skin health are linked and a lot of people notice changes in their skin when they remove something from their diet. In my case, removing dairy and greasy foods leads to better skin. All in all, a healthier you will have healthier skin.

Thank you for being here today and taking the time out of your day to read this post. As always I love being able to talk to you through the comments on on social media! My links are in the bar below and I hope to hear from you soon.

My Evening Skin Routine

I, like many, have acne that must be constantly tamed, and after years of trying products I finally put together a routine that really helps me keep my blemishes in check. I spent a long time believing that more was more, but as I kept trying products I realized I was drying out my skin worse by being too aggressive to my skin every day, so I cut back on the amount of products and tried to balance products that dry my skin with moisturizing ones. My skin is combination/dry. I have an oily T-zone but the rest of my face get’s very dry, so this routine works well for my skin.

Step One – Make Up Removal

My Favourite Remover

I can’t say this enough, be gentle! I use micellar water to remove my make up and it works very well, but to allow it to do it’s job without irritation to your eyes you do have to let a soaked cotton pad sit on your eye for a few moments before wiping your cosmetics away. Scrubbing on your eyes isn’t comfortable and you’re much more likely to get products into your eyes this way. I remove as much make up as possible from my face and neck with the micellar water before going to the next step.

Step Two – Exfoliation

My Soap Is A Little Less Pink, But You Get The Gist

I use a bar of hypoallergenic soap, unfortunately the one I use is not available for sale because I make it myself. I can’t reveal all my ingredients but it has a bentonite clay base and it has soothing ingredients. I wash my face and neck with my hands, then use a wet washcloth to scrub my skin with the soap still on there. I use the washcloth as my gentle exfoliator, going over dry patches multiple times gently, never scrubbing hard. Once my skin feels nice and clean I rinse the cloth and remove all soap from my skin.

Step Three – Astringent

My Favourite Astringent

This is the point where my skin gets its first dose of a medicated product. I use the Clean and Clear astringent on a cotton pad all over my face and neck. I will warn you that this does sting a good bit, and if you’ve exposed acne while exfoliating it is going to burn.

Step Four – Moisturizing

My Favourite Mediated Moisturizer

Depending on the time of year I will use a moisturizing oil, but at this time my skin is happy using the Clean and Clear Salicylic Acid Moisturizer for my face and neck. Under my eyes I use hyaluronic acid as it helps keep it moisturized and firm.

My routine is very simple, as I don’t like extravagant routines, and I do have a once a week routine that is a little more aggressive in its exfoliation and moisturizing. My routine (including brushing my teeth and hair) takes less than five minutes and makes my skin soft and plump. Each individuals skin has its own needs, so please let me know your routine in the comments!