Great Trails Near Maple Ridge

Spending a little time outdoors is a wonderful feeling, and around the Metro Vancouver area there are trails carving through the landscape everywhere. I am not an experienced hiker, and we’ve only done day trips. All trails listed are less than five hours in total to hike and are good for all experience levels. 

As with all hiking, it is done at your own risk, and being responsible with bringing food and water is always recommended. Bug Spray and sunscreen are your friends and always be mindful of where you are and the dangers in the area. Landslides, wildlife and storms can cause a lot of problems for inexperienced hikers.

East Canyon To Lower Falls Trail – Golden Ears Provincial Park

A very easy trail that is a loop, minimal elevation change with many points where you can access the river in its slower, wider areas that are great for wading out into and cooling off at. Warning the water is very cold. This trail brings you up to a beautiful waterfall by taking you through lush green forests. The trail is very well groomed and heavily used. You are welcome to bring your dog on a leash, and it’s a great trail to bring the kids on. The waterfall is roughly 3km in, total trail is just over 10km. 

Rolley Falls and Lake Trail – Rolley Lake Park 

A easy but often wet trail that take you around Rolley Lake. It features many small water falls, wonderful wildlife and a variety of ecosystems. Minimal elevation change and also very well maintained. There are bridges over the marsh areas. It is a roughly 5 km trail. 

Kanaka Creek – Kanaka Creek Regional Park

A very short trail, only 2.7km. Minimal elevation change, parts of the walk are paved. Very common for elderly and families with children. There are wonderful lookout points with plaques that explain the history of the area which is incredibly interesting. There is a bridge that goes over a portion of the creek and heads into well groomed trails through the forest. As an added bonus, there are outhouses that are maintained halfway through the trail for poor unfortunate hikers like me who need to use the washroom at the most inconvenient times. 

East Canyon Trail – Golden Ears Park 

Many apps will describe this trail as “easy”, I would call it moderate difficulty. It features multiple beautiful water falls, newly constructed bridges, reasonable up and downhill stretches and a variety of beautiful red barked trees and moss covered wonderlands. I would recommend going to the lower falls by dropping down at the fork to the peak, as the view is delightful and it’s a good resting place. I would not recommend this trail for children. I would absolutely recommend bringing more water than you think you need and bring a snack. You will thank me later. 

Cliff Park – Maple Ridge

This is a wonderful, moderate trail that allows you to visit many different parts of the area, such as the local hatchery. Many short up and down spurts. Lookout points over the falls and creeks. A couple bridges that are excellent for getting great pictures of the falls. You cannot get down to the falls on the trail but they are wonderful to behold from the trail. From memory I remember seeing three sets of falls all within a few km. 

I hope you enjoyed the list. Hiking is a great way to work your body, relax your mind and spend some quality time with your hiking partners. Always be mindful of your surroundings and be respectful to the trails and parks you hike in. Ensure you remove anything you bring with you and don’t vandalize, so that everyone can enjoy the hike. 

Eva Blakeman – Trails Near Maple Ridge

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Feel Better Every Day

I am not a medical professional. All changes to your diet, exercise and any other action that can affect your health and wellbeing should be discussed with your physician to ensure they are safe for you.


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Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, cramps and more. Keeping hydrated is important to your overall health. That being said, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Your digestive system is only designed to intake so much water at a time, less than a litre an hour. To read about the dangers affiliated with drinking too much water, click here. When you are exercising your body will actively retain water, so be mindful not to drink too much when exercising. Drinking small amounts often throughout the day is the best way to stay hydrated without the potential of overloading the kidneys and liver. The best part about it is that your sense of thirst is excellently tuned to allow you to know when you should be drinking more or less water. The benefits of hydration have been said to include clearer skin, a more efficient digestive track and clarity of mind. If you, like me, don’t love drinking water all day, you can always infuse your water with fruit flavours or products like Mio to keep you from reaching for juice or pop.

Take Time To Relax

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Relaxation has become a luxury in a world filled with deadlines, long work hours, multiple jobs and endless stress. It is important to be able to let your mind and body relax each day to ensure your mind and body can properly recover each night. Many people recommend taking a bath with lavender to relax and give yourself time to unwind. It is recommended to remove yourself from blue light (from cellphones, video game consoles, televisions, etc) a few hours before going to bed. Having an alarm clock in your bedroom and leaving your phone outside of the room while you sleep is also recommended so that the temptation to scroll through newsfeeds can’t be accomplished. It is also recommended to read before bed, avoiding subjects like politics that might bring up negative reactions. Reading philosophy, poetry or a favourite novel can help you settle down for the night. Meditation is likely the best known method of full body and mind relaxation, but it is also very difficult to master, but worth investing time into. Also, limiting caffeine intake, especially in the afternoon, can help you relax in the evening as caffeine can effect the body many hours after ingestion.

Eat Well

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We all know fast food isn’t good for us, and many studies have looked into the negative effects of having junk food regularly in a diet. High amounts of sugar, oils and other calorie dense foods can lead to many different diseases. Most notably diabetes, high blood sugar, hypertension and high cholesterol. Eating low sugar diets allow us to have healthier bodies. Eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and natural sources of protein leads us to healthier bodies and better digestive health. I wouldn’t ever tell anyone to cut out all treats in their diet, but they shouldn’t be an every day occurrence. Small amounts of things like chocolate can be beneficial, and there is an argument for treating yourself bringing emotional satisfaction. But there is a balance to achieve between taking care of yourself and enjoying yourself.

Move Your Body

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Not everyone loves running or weight lifting, which are the most commonly shown methods of exercise. Find an activity that you can enjoy enough to commit too. We know that exercise releases dopamine and serotonin in the brain, so you will feel better during exercise and for many hours after exercise you will likely still feel more energized, awake and have more clarity. Not to mention all the long term benefits of having a healthy and flexible body. Try new sports, seasonal actives and engage in group exercise to find the ones that suit you well and fit into your lifestyle.


Learn Something

The human brain needs exercise as much as any muscle in the body. Take the time to learn something new every day. There is a satisfaction in expanding your knowledge and making your interests broader. If you like learning about interesting science, click here to learn some fun science with SciShow. Pick up books, take classes, engage with friends and colleagues to learn from them. Learning new practical skills such as cooking, baking, mechanicals, sewing, programming, photography, web design, spreadsheeting, etc can not only lead to personal achievement, but advancement in the workplace. Here is a list of some great books you might like if you want to learn some new creative skills. You are never too old to learn.

Do Something You Love

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Joy is one of the most important parts of the human experience. Doing things that bring you happiness is just as important as exercising and feeding yourself well. Think of it as self-care for your mind. Writing, painting, playing video games, hiking as well as hundreds of other hobbies enrich your life, reduce stress and most importantly, they make you feel good. Though studies have yet to link all the connections between human joy and the body itself, studies have shown that mental state and the immune system are closely linked. A happy person has a healthier immune system!

Let me know what you do to feel good in your daily routine, and share your favourite bed time book! You can always leave a comment, and no email address is necessary to do so!