Yummy Mini Egg Cheesecake

So Ryan decided to buy a massive bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and then imposed the rule that they had to be used in desserts before we could eat them out of the bag. This lead me to trying some new variations of great recipes to include Mini Eggs. If you don’t like Mini Eggs,Continue reading “Yummy Mini Egg Cheesecake”

Basic Cooking Everyone Should Know

Cooking is by no means an easy thing to pick up with no experience, but it is do-able. Understanding the purpose of each ingredient makes it a lot easier for new cooks to shine in the kitchen and to experiment with more success than failure. Below is a combination of recipes and advice for newContinue reading “Basic Cooking Everyone Should Know”

Habits To Keep A Clean Home

Maintaining a clean home can be a struggle with work, kids, guests and seemingly endless amounts of dust, but it isn’t impossible. In order to keep a clean home it’s easier to do a little at a time rather than block out half a day to get things done. It also takes some self disciplineContinue reading “Habits To Keep A Clean Home”

Simple Self Care

As we know, self-care is incredibly important, and as we become more run down and fatigued, things tend to start slipping in our lives. It is incredibly important to take time to recharge. Unfortunately there is an entire “self-care” industry that has monetized our relaxation. Beauty industry would tell us that self-care is heavily dependentContinue reading “Simple Self Care”

How To Deal With Acne

As teens, everyone experiences acne from one degree to another, and unfortunately, not all of us get to grow out of the acne stage. Throughout the years we have heard endless reasons why we get acne, a lot of which was just misinformation being spread like wildfire. Washing your face twice a day does notContinue reading “How To Deal With Acne”

Back To Basics – Make Up

With Instagram and Youtube beauty gurus, make up has become more and more complex. With contouring, highlighting, cut creases, fake lashes and endless techniques and luxury products it would seem we’ve lost sight of basic make up. The kind you can throw on in the morning and head out. If you are looking for someContinue reading “Back To Basics – Make Up”

Yummy Banana Muffins

Makes 24 large muffins. I guess I’ve been on a bit of a baking spree this week, including some deep fried Oreos and rum balls, and this was the last little baking project for the week as I just can’t have more treats in the house right now. Anyways, I had forgotten to cut upContinue reading “Yummy Banana Muffins”

5 Great House Plants For Beginners

Everyone likes seeing green living plants in their home, they look welcoming and clean the air. Unfortunately we are not all born with a green thumb, myself included, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting to enjoy some nice house plants. Keep reading to learn some great house plants for beginners! Hoya Obovata This “waxContinue reading “5 Great House Plants For Beginners”