How To : 5 Minute Make Up

I can quickly throw on a face, some leggings and a pair of booties and run out of the house to get things done.

As you guys know, I LOVE COSMETICS. I love playing with make up, I love wearing it and more than anything, I love hiding my acne with make up. You can watch the video, or read how I get my daily look so darn quickly.

5 Minute Make Up

Please remember that all steps are really optional. If you don’t like wearing foundation, skip it, if you prefer fake lashes to mascara, go for it! Customize to your face!

Step 1: Clean the skin – exfoliate your skin to ensure your cosmetics will sit well and last all day. You can exfoliate quickly with a little hypoallergenic soap and a clean face cloth.

Step 2: Astringent and Moisturizer – I use Clean and Clear Astringent to keep my black heads at bay. I then use a hyaluronic face oil and a medicated moisturizer that also helps with my acne. I usually let this sink in while I am doing other things for a few minutes.

Step 3: Primer – For daily use I use the Revlon Rose Glow, because it works and it’s cheap. On days where I have an extra minute, I’ll use a pore filling primer on my t zone and then use the Rose Glow every where else. Unfortunately pore filling primers take a minute to work into the skin. Press it into your skin, don’t be an animal like I can be, primers like to be pressed, not rubbed into skin.

Step 4: Concealer and Foundation : Concealer on red spots and dark circles, foundation over the concealer. I use a moist beauty blender because it’s incredibly fast. Remember to blend the sides of the nose up to the brow, as it’s a often forgotten spot.

Step 5: Throw powder on your face. I use a combination of beauty blender and brush for quick application. Beauty blender for the eye area, brush for the rest. Don’t forget your neck! Brush off excess, check your shirt and move forward.

Step 6: Contour : Build some bronzer under your cheek bones, in the hair line and along the nose, blend it out to a more natural look. Hit some highlighter on the cheek bone, tip of nose and cupids bow.

Step 7: Use a light shade on your entire lid up to the brow bone. I used white, but a light sand or bright white would work as well. Fill the crease with a medium-dark brown. Blend it out. Cover the lid in a light shade. I use a Champagne shade.

Step 8: Liner and Mascara – Grab a liquid liner, throw on a quick cat eye then double layer your mascara to get stacked lashes. Alternatively, a pencil liner can be used on the top lash line if you aren’t going for a cat eye.

Step 9: Grab your favourite shade of lipstick, because we used very nude colours on the eyes, any lip shade will work. I use bright red matte, because it stands out and I love it.

Step 10: Use some setting spray and start your day!

There is a time and place for complicated make up, and for me, early morning is not the time for it. I like having a simple routine with my products already waiting for me. the only thing I really have to think about it dampening my beauty blender while I fill my water bottle and then I can quickly throw on a face, some leggings and a pair of booties and run out of the house to get things done.

If you do like more complicated and longer routines, check out my channel and see if you like hitting up the glitter and brows too! I tend to put out videos once a week and sometimes the looks get a little fancy. I tend to stay in the “wearable” looks lane, as I don’t tend to go too glam in my real life. I would like to try out some more glam looks in the future, but we’ll see.

If you are looking for some great products to try out, check out this post on my favourites. I would love to do another favourites post soon, so keep an eye out for it!

Simple Self Care

As we know, self-care is incredibly important, and as we become more run down and fatigued, things tend to start slipping in our lives. It is incredibly important to take time to recharge. Unfortunately there is an entire “self-care” industry that has monetized our relaxation. Beauty industry would tell us that self-care is heavily dependent on buying the right products, where this is not the case at all. Please note I am not a health care professional, should you require medial attention, please contact your doctor.

Physical Health

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Taking care of yourself starts with taking care of your health. Eating vegetables, drinking water, ensuring your body is getting the nutrients it needs is the most basic proactive self care. Now there are days where the idea of getting up to make anything seems like climbing a mountain. Try to reach for simple snacks. Some nuts, a piece of fruit, a piece of cheese. These are snacks that take almost no effort to grab from the kitchen but will give you nutrients. On days where you simply can’t stomach the idea of something healthy, be kind to yourself and don’t hold onto regret and guilt for eating some junk food. Sometimes you just have to have some fries and ice cream.

Moving. Physically getting out of bed can be one of the hardest things to do. A lot of things can feel like they are pulling you down instead of helping you get up, those can be anxiety, depression, seasonal disorders, stress, etc. It may be difficult to swing your feet out from under the covers, but it is incredibly important that you do. Once you’re up you will start to be able to do simple things like brushing your teeth, having a drink of water and splashing some water on your face. Not getting out of bed can stunt your whole day, and it can make it hard to feel like you have achieved anything, which can lead to worsening anxiety and depression.

Exercise is another very important part of taking care of yourself. It can be difficult to get to the gym and pushing out a workout, simply walking around your home and neighbourhood can get your blood moving and your systems engaged. If you can handle it, go work out. Push yourself and feel like you have achieved a goal for the day.

Some things you can try to increase your physical health without pushing yourself to the gym include :

  • Cut out soda and coffee – all that sugar is not helping
  • Drink a few bottles of water a day
  • Eat smaller amounts more often
  • Avoid processed meats – the sodium can make you bloat and slow you down
  • Stretch your body and breathe deeply

Mental Health

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Everyone is different in how they act and react during spells of poor mental health. There are some things you can do proactively to reduce negative effects, such as paying attention to media, people and situations that make you crumble internally. Some shows promote anxiety in people, some people in your life might bring forward unhappy feelings and some situations are just a nightmare. Unfortunately we can’t remove everything that upsets us, but we can limit exposure. If a show makes you feel anxiety, don’t watch it. If scrolling through social media makes you feel bad, get rid of the apps, if meeting up with large groups of people makes you very uncomfortable, organize to see people in small groups or one on one. Unfortunately there is no “cure-all” method when it comes to mental health, and you should see a doctor should you feel suicidal, depressed or are exhibiting any behaviours that cause harm to yourself or others.

Things to do that can help :

  • Write in a journal (you can get guided journals if it’s hard to start writing from nothing)
  • Doodle
  • Take a bath with soothing music (you can find great spa music on Apple Music and Spotify)
  • Clean your home (you will feel productive and having a clean home, free of clutter can be beneficial to mental health)
  • Cook something healthy and fill it with flavour
  • Work on a creative project
  • Take a walk with or without music
  • Have a coffee date with a friend
  • Write out your budget and look at eliminating costs (a lot of stress comes from finances)
  • Try out a new look (play with some colours you normally wouldn’t, do a cat eye, or do a look that makes you feel cute or sexy)
  • Dance around
  • Organize your book cases
  • Wash your sheets, it will feel really good to slip under nice clean covers
  • Wash your hair and scrub your feet
  • Open a window or sit outside to get some fresh air

There are a lot of different things you can do to feel better depending on who you are. Creative people might want to paint, design or write. Our nerdier friends might feel better after a good action movie or some gaming. If you pay attention to what brings you joy and peace, you can use that to help you on the darker days. That all being said, some days it can feel like a band is wrapped around your chest and the world can feel dark. Don’t feel guilty if you need a day in bed, sometimes when we get really run down some physical rest and a mid day nap can make a world of a difference.

If you have recommendations or methods that have helped you, please leave them in the comments.

How To Deal With Acne

As teens, everyone experiences acne from one degree to another, and unfortunately, not all of us get to grow out of the acne stage. Throughout the years we have heard endless reasons why we get acne, a lot of which was just misinformation being spread like wildfire. Washing your face twice a day does not guarantee to rid you of acne, though it does prevent a lot of bacteria based skin infections that we include under the title of acne.

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Wash Thoroughly

A quick use of an Oxytocin’s pad does not count as washing your face. Grab that bar of soap, a face cloth and some water and scrub your face. Exfoliation reduces the likelihood of pores being blocked by dead skin cells. Make sure to switch out face clothes often, as they will become mildewy and collect bacteria as they stay in your washroom.

There are a lot of “exfoliating” products on the market these days, all of whom promise to rid you of your acne, but these are just overpriced soaps that don’t rid your skin of as much dirt, oil and skin as a good old fashioned washcloth. A lot of the exfoliating products will actually tear your skin as they are too aggressive, which can lead to bacterial infections and cause acne rather than prevent or treat it.

Make sure you take off all of your make up! Foundation stuck in your skin over night is a nasty way to get acne, never mind styes and other issues with your skin. Always make sure to remove it before bed time, and let your skin breathe. Heavy make up around the eyes can lead to styes forming, and depending on their location, they may have to be removed by a dermatologist. Better off just taking a minute to wipe it off.

Make sure to always thoroughly rinse your face after washing to remove the skin, dirt, oil and soap. Dry your face with a clean towel and avoid touching your face any more than you have to.

Acne Treatment

There are two common topicals we use on acne. Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. Salicylic Acid is what you would find in astringent products, and it disinfects your skin. You will recognize the telltale stinging of this product in things like Oxy Pads and Clean And Clears Astringent. Salicylic Acid is proven to help reduce black heads, which are oxidized pores but it can’t do anything about pores that are actually blocked and filling up with white blood cells.

Benzoyl Peroxide has been marketed as if it could wash away all your worries, but in reality, it’s a very harsh and drying product that causes its own plethora of skin problems. Unless told by a dermatologist to use these products in conjunction with water based moisturizers, avoid them. Not only will your face feel like an alligator, benzoyl peroxide bleaches any fabric it touches. Say good bye to your nice towels.


Let’s start this one off with, everyones body is different, and different foods will trigger people differently. That being said, common foods linked to acne breakouts include; dairy products, wheat, chocolate and gluten. If you are curious to see if your acne worsens with ingestion of certain foods, keep a food log and track acne vs foods over time.

It is always recommended to stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods to help fuel your body and keep yourself healthy, and that include your skin. Drink plenty of water, eat your fruit and veggies and you’re on the path to a clearer complexion.


We hear all the time that exercise helps your completion, and while that is true, not cleaning your skin after exercise can lead to worsening acne. After heavy sweating, take a moment to clear your skin of the heavy sweat and get changed into clean, dry clothes.

Genetics & Hormones

Some folks suffer from terrible cystic acne in their early teen years, then in their twenties have clear skin, whilst others might have mild acne their entire lives. Genetics have a lot to do with this, as do hormones. As many know, women tend to break out around their mensural cycle, and this is common up until menopause. Some individuals might break out in their mid fifties should they be stressed out. Essentially what I’m saying here is, depending on your genetics and hormones, you may have to struggle against acne for the better part of your life. Not to be discouraged of course, as no one in the world other than yourself cares that you have a pimple on your cheek.

Now it can be disheartening to wake up to acne, and certain individuals in your life may find sick amusement in trying to make it an insecurity, but almost everyone has acne in their lifetime, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. When I was a young teenager I thought I would grow out of my acne, but that is simply not the case. Over the years I learned how to manage my skin, and I can usually keep my skin clear. I gave up on my hope of having effortlessly clean skin when I realized that my family members, who are thirty years older than I, are still dealing with acne themselves. So I took the time to develop a skin care routine that was simple enough I could commit to it, while it still being effective.

My routine consists of Miscellar Water (if I’m wearing make up that day), then my bar of soap and washcloth. I rinse my face then use an astringent, and lastly I moisturize with a light, oil free, water based moisturizer. I do this morning and night and it works well for me.

If you want to leave your routine in the comments to help others, please do!

Back To Basics – Make Up

With Instagram and Youtube beauty gurus, make up has become more and more complex. With contouring, highlighting, cut creases, fake lashes and endless techniques and luxury products it would seem we’ve lost sight of basic make up. The kind you can throw on in the morning and head out. If you are looking for some great finds that go one great, check out my favourite products!

Let’s go back to basics.

In order to have any foundation set nicely on your skin there are two steps. Exfoliating and moisturizing. Exfoliating does not have to take specialty products or enzyme creams, as it is very effective to grab a face cloth, a bar of hypoallergenic soap and some water. Wash your face with soap with your hands, then remove the soap and dead skin on your face with a wet wash cloth. Ta-da! Beautifully exfoliated skin!

Moisturizers often cost upwards of forty dollars when they are designed for the face. Forget that price tag! Grab any thin moisturizer (thick formulas are generally not good for your face) that isn’t scented and massage it gently into your face. I would recommend serums as they are very light and absorb quickly.

I used to believe primer was a waste of money, but after testing out my foundation wear with and without it, a primer is recommended. Again, gently massage this product into your skin.

Sephora Foundation

Foundation! The very foundation of make up. (Sorry for the pun). I know it’s tempting to skimp on this product but I wouldn’t recommend grabbing that five dollar bottle from the drug store. As foundation covers your whole face for the entire day, make sure yours doesn’t cause itchiness or rashes to your face. I’ve been using the Sephora brand foundation (it comes in at about twenty five dollars Canadian) and it has been great on my combination skin without robbing my wallet. It is a medium coverage formula that is buildable and I find I don’t need much to cover my face and neck. (Product shown above). Applying foundation is simple if you have a beauty blender (I got mine at the drug store for three or four dollars). Wet the sponge and blend away!

Covergirl Loose Powder

Setting your foundation shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg so use something like the Covergirl Loose Powder. It’s inexpensive and can be found at your local drug store. This too can be applied with a wet sponge or you can use a large brush.

Eyes! It seems now days you need fourteen colours on your lid to make a masterpiece, but for a daily look, two or three tones are more than enough! For a professional and more natural look, grab three tones of brown. one dark, one medium and one light. Use your darkest colour in the crease, the lightest above the crease and the middle shade on the lid of the eye and you have a simple and quick look!

Eyeko Black Liner

Cat eyes have been quite the rage for the last years, but it isn’t needed for a daily look. A simple kohl pencil liner across the lash line is enough to give you the contrast you’re looking for. As for your water line, I’ve always found a white liner opens up my eyes (with the help of some coffee of course).

Make Up Forever Mascara

Lashes. Oh we love our fancy lashes, but reality is, a drug store mascara and a steady hand is a much more natural look that goes well with this whole quick routine we’re going with.

Lipstick or gloss? I would put a lip gloss in your bag and start your day out with a lip stick close to your actual lip colour, so as it fades your lips still look like human lips!

Below is a video done to go over the basics of applying cosmetics that focuses on budget friendly approaches and a few laughs.

That’s the basics. A return to the simple and quick! I hope you enjoyed this article and I look forward to hearing from you! Subscribe below to make sure you never miss a post!


Yummy Banana Muffins

Makes 24 large muffins.

I guess I’ve been on a bit of a baking spree this week, including some deep fried Oreos and rum balls, and this was the last little baking project for the week as I just can’t have more treats in the house right now. Anyways, I had forgotten to cut up and freeze 8 bananas a few days ago, so I threw them in the freezer intact to make banana bread. I realize some people just let the banana ripen on the counter then smash it up to make banana bread, but I prefer freeze and thaw them as they turn to an almost liquid state when thawed out that makes it so incredibly easy to mix into the batter.


  • 3 eggs
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 4 very ripe bananas
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 cups flour
  • butter or pam spray to grease pans

Let’s Get Baking

  1. Preheat oven to 350 F
  2. Mix all wet ingredients together until smooth.
  3. Gradually mix in all dry ingredients.
  4. Grease each muffin hole with butter or pam then fill 3/4 full with batter for large muffins, or 1/2 full for small muffins (like in the pictures on this page).
  5. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes depending on size. Remove from oven when a toothpick inserted comes out clean or once golden brown.
  6. Best served warm with butter. Can be frozen. Should be kept in an air tight container after cooling.

Let’s Talk

I thought it would be nice to talk about cooking and baking for a second here. All the recipes I post on this blog are things I’ve made. I often find very bland recipes for great foods that just need a little more kick or that are using too few essentials. For example, the recipe in my old cookbook for banana bread required a whole cup of sugar, 2 eggs and no cinnamon. By playing around and making the recipe my own I find we get better results. I can also say, any amount of sugar required in a recipe (aside from doughs) can be cut down to reduce calories.

I love trying new recipes, and I love throwing things in a pan that I think will taste good together and if you have any suggestions or recommendations for recipes to try and enjoy I would absolutely love to hear them!

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Also, because we have been eating so badly we have decided to do a healthy week where we are allowed to cheats at all to get back on track with our usual diets and health goals. Summer is fun because we go out a lot more and attend a lot more events, but even tonight we had burgers, chips and hot dogs for dinner because we were out at a family event. And I would be lying if I said there wasn’t dessert.

I’ll be telling you guys how our health week goes, I have concerns that now that I’ve been snacking on sugary treats, pop and fried foods that it will be difficult to go back to my salad and chicken tomorrow.

Homemade Deep Fried Oreos

Who’s up for some yummy fair food right at home?

Deep Fried Oreos

I like taking care of my health, but sometimes when there’s a party I try to make some pretty tasty treats, and there was a party to be had so I absolutely had to make this fair favourite!


  • 1 1/2 cups pancake mix
  • 1 1/4 cup milk ( I used buttermilk)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp vegetable oil
  • 12 oreos
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • enough oil to fill your pan with at least two inches of oil ( I used canola but vegetable would work just as well)

Let’s Get Cooking

  1. Pour your oil into your pan and set to medium heat.
  2. Mix together your 2 tsp oil, egg, milk and pancake mix together.
  3. Set out a plate with paper towel on it very near where the oreos are going to fry as oil will drip as you remove them.
  4. Once your oil has reached a frying temperature (if you don’t have a thermometer like myself, drop a small amount of your batter into the oil, if it immediately starts bubbling and starts browning, your oil is hot enough) start coating your oreos in batter and gently dropping them into the oil.
  5. In 30 – 60 seconds you will need to flip your oreos, you will know when they are golden.
  6. Remove from the pan, let rest on paper towel for a moment, then coat with powered sugar. Eat while warm.

5 Great House Plants For Beginners

Everyone likes seeing green living plants in their home, they look welcoming and clean the air. Unfortunately we are not all born with a green thumb, myself included, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting to enjoy some nice house plants. Keep reading to learn some great house plants for beginners!

Hoya Obovata

Photo – Spruce Flower and Home

This “wax plant” is ideal for a beginner. It doesn’t mind being a little root bound, so leaving it in the same pot for years won’t bother it. It does like a little fertilizer in the spring and indirect bright light. This plant does not like over watering, as its leaves hold a lot of water. It must be planted in a pot with drainage and water should be done when the leaves start loose their plump appearance. It won’t do well in direct sunlight or dark corners.

Snake Plant

Photo by Fabian Stroobants on

This hearty guy is hard to kill, unless you drown it. Watering should occur every 2 to 6 weeks (once the soil has almost entirely dried out) and don’t have a heavy hand watering it. This plant will tolerate low and medium light, just make sure not to put it directly in sunlight, as it will burn. Because this plant is sensitive to over watering, ensure your pot can drain properly and your soil doesn’t hold too much moisture.


Photo by Jessica Lewis on

Aloe is probably the easiest plant to keep alive (I once forgot to water mine for 4 months and it was fine). This plant is sensitive to over watering and root rot, so let the soil dry out before watering and make sure the pot has drainage. Aloe does not like direct sunlight, but loves indirect light.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

This delicate looking plant is heartier than you would think. It will tolerate low humidity and low light. It will also tolerate bright light. It likes moist soil, so water regularly!

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

This little guy blooms in December, the rest of the year it looks lovely as a cactus. It loves bright light and pretty dry soil. Make sure this one is planted in a draining pot with some gravel in the bottom (it helps keep the soil even).