Accessories – How To Style As A Plus Sized Lady

Very happy to be writing about this today! If you missed the first on, click here to read up on belts. I really enjoy writing about styling as a plus sized lady. As it can be difficult to get clothing and accessories that fit my body it is very important being able to make what I can get to look nice, and a great way to pull an outfit together through accessories.

As with many things in fashion, there are rules and there are circumstances where the rules should be thrown out the window. Let’s start with the rules.

Accessories that match pull outfits together. A tan belt, a tan bag and a nude pair of pumps paired with a blue dress allows the outfit to have a common and central colour that avoids looking messy. The same does with a black belt, black purse and black pumps paired with grey dress pants and a white blouse. Having matching pieces brings an organization to an outfit, and having them being subdued colours and tones keeps the look professional.

When it comes to matching accessories to jewelry, the rules says not to mix metals. Gold accents on a purse should be paired with gold jewelry. When it comes to building a versatile wardrobe on a budget, pick one metal and match to it. For example, my engagement ring and family ring are both gold, so I have opted to buy accessories with gold rather than silver accents to keep fluidity in my outfits.

As a rule, I would recommend always having a “set” of accessories. A matching belt, purse and pair of shoes pull a look together. As a minimum I would recommend having a complete set in both black and nude as they will pair well with pretty well every other colour. If tan doesn’t pair, black always will. You don’t always have to use all three items together. Having two matching items that work beautifully together can do as much as having the three.

Now let’s break the rules. Let’s return to the blue dress and say you wanted a statement piece. Let’s say you have a tan purse and pumps and a gold belt. This also works as the belt and shoes still match and the gold compliments the outfit. In this outfit let’s assume you would wear a gold ring and gold earrings. Now you have a strong theme in your outfit. The tan ties the belt and shoes together. The blue dress is the background. The gold belt, ring and earrings match well and now the outfit looks lovely and no part of it looks messy. The reason this works is due to the matching. Mixing metals and many colours at the same time makes outfits look messy.

In this day and age, mixing metals, prints and textures has become very common and when done correctly can lead to good results should it be done in moderation. A loud top, bright printed bottoms, statement shoes and a bold purse is just too much! Pick and choose and when pairing two prints, try to find a common colour between the two to tie them together. You can also match jewelry to outfits by matching the colour of the stones or beads to a colour in the outfit. This allows for loud looks that maintain an order that stops them from becoming a disaster.

Now all this being said, rules are meant to be broken. These are general rules, but your personal style doesn’t need to stay between the lines. For business and events, it’s probably best to stay within the lines, but personal style knows no boundaries! I would love to see your outfits and the confidence you have wearing them! DM me on instagram at @evablakeman!

Belts – How To Style As A Plus Sized Lady

Hello, I am very excited to be writing about belts today. As a plus sized lady myself, I have spent well over a decade figuring out how to step up my outfits without the luxury of having most brands fit my body or having access to many plus sized stores. I learned that accessories and layering flatters every body type, but each body type is flattered by different fabrics, colours and styles. We will cover this down below, but if you prefer watch the video instead of reading, that is perfectly okay as the video covers the same things.

That being said, there are some simple things you can do with a belt to change an outfit. The first of which is simply putting on a belt. It elevates the outfit by adding a new element and layer. On skirts and dresses, adding a belt to your waist can accentuate your waist.

On the topic of waists, your distance between your bottom rib and the top of your hip will change which belts you can wear comfortably. For ladies with a very small distance like myself, thin belts are the best way to go for two reasons. The first being maintaining mobility as putting a large structured belt over the little area that can bend. This makes sitting and lifting very uncomfortable. The second is to create the illusion of a longer distance between ribs and hip. Thin belts can make the waist seem taller.

That all being said, using thick belts can work if you want to use them if the fabric is very flexible should you want to use your belt as a statement piece in your outfit.

For ladies with a much longer distance between their bottom rib and the top of their hip, structured tall belts like corset belts and large leather belts can do wonders to pull your waist in and create a lovely hourglass shape for your body. Thin belts can still be worn, but ideally they would be wider than 2 inches.

Let’s talk masculine vs feminine belts. In the case you have a very feminine belt, let’s say very light in colour, delicate looking and ornate, it could go over a nice dark dress, but in the case you want to belt over a very feminine dress, try a more masculine belt. This adds a lovely amount of contrast to the outfit and introduces new elements. This is not a hard rule as belts are often very versatile, but a black belt on a white dress makes your waist more evident as well as giving a nice contrasting line to a bright outfit.

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Shopping for belts. A general rule I hold is that any belt I purchase should fit my hips, which guarantees it will also fit my waist, making one piece more versatile. If you do not own pants that sit at the hips that need to be belted, this rule does not apply to you, but in the case you wear jeans and dresses, having a simple leather belt you can wear in your jeans and also over a dress will save you money. As a general recommendation I would say one black leather and one natural or tan leather belt that can be worn in your belt loops as well as on your waist is always a good investment. Decorative belts often can’t do both due to limited strength, width and very large and decorative fronts. That is okay. You can have as many fun belts as you like.

I really love talking about style and I am so happy to be writing this. In combination with filming videos about style, this project has been incredibly fun for me. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!