Yummy Mini Egg Cheesecake

So Ryan decided to buy a massive bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and then imposed the rule that they had to be used in desserts before we could eat them out of the bag. This lead me to trying some new variations of great recipes to include Mini Eggs. If you don’t like Mini Eggs,Continue reading “Yummy Mini Egg Cheesecake”

Yummy Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Last summer we started making iced coffee at home to save money, as it is addictively good but getting one or two a day each from Timmies adds up quickly. With each drink costing around $4.00, the average day out we could be spending $16.00 on coffee. When we switched to making our own, theContinue reading “Yummy Cold Brew Iced Coffee”

Quick and Easy Pork Dinner

Pork chops are a time old dinner food that have been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember. I think they go well with potatoes and spinach salad, so this will include how to put the whole meal together. This serves two people. Oven Roasted Potatoes With A Kick: Pre-heat ovenContinue reading “Quick and Easy Pork Dinner”

All Occasion Sugar Cookies

Every time I make these cookies they disappear before my eyes. A simple, enjoyable treat that goes over well at parties. Unfortunately this means people will try to steal cookies before they even hit the table, you’ve been warned. The best thing about sugar cookies is that they can be customized to any occasion. YouContinue reading “All Occasion Sugar Cookies”

Scrumptious Rum Balls From Scratch

Seems like my healthy diet has taken a hit these last two weeks. With Deep Fried Oreos, bowling alley pizza and admittedly, a late night McDonalds trip it has been a heavy cheat week. Thankfully most meals are still chicken or beef with a load of veggies or protein shakes/bars. So we haven’t been completelyContinue reading “Scrumptious Rum Balls From Scratch”