Reviewing My Hot Sauce Collection

Hey guys, today we are looking into all of the hot sauces I own. I did this based on flavour, not heat measures. I believe that hot sauces are only good if they taste good, and I tried to recommend foods that these sauces can be paired with. Please enjoy and let me know which is your favourite sauce or recommend new sauces to me, because I love sauces and will likely buy them off your recommendations.

I can not tell you how long it took to write this, as I re-tried every sauce to be accurate and it did give me a very strong stomach ache after ingesting 20 sauces in a row. I strongly recommend never doing that. It’s okay though, because I love hot sauces, so below are somewhere around 40 sauces that I have and have taste tested for your reading pleasure.

Paddy O’s Potion is a very mild sauce with a watery consistency that makes a wonderful vinaigrette for salads. Its prime flavour is carrot, though the grapefruit can be found in the medley of flavours and there is a sharpness with the vinegar.

Crystal Hot Sauce is a true Louisiana sauce with a sharp vinegar flavour that is followed with mild heat. It makes for a wonderful wing sauce and bakes well on chicken breasts. If you like franks, this tastes very much like it with the addition of a tomato flavour. If you wanted a spicy gumbo, this is the perfect sauce for it.

Dirty Dicks has a vulgar name but a sweet flavour. It has a lot of fruit flavours as it has mangoes, bananas and pineapple in its recipe, but it is evened out with garlic and tomato, which makes it a wonderfully balanced sauce. It’s sticky, sweet and moderately spicy that can be put on just about anything. Hot dogs, pork, vegetables and cheeses all pair wonderfully with this sauce.

Once again with the vulgar name but a sweet taste. This Caribbean Dream sauce embraces smokey flavours mixed with the richness of a thick mustard. It’s sweetness comes from the pears, peaches, apple and pineapple in the recipe that are counterbalanced with smokey habanero, mustard and apple cider vinegar. This sauce sticks me as good for sandwiches, meats and roasted vegetables.


El Yucateco produces a lot of hot sauces, but their Chile Habanero is a smokey masterpiece perfect for ground beef, grilled fish and roasted potatoes. It has a strong smokey flavour that veils most of the vinegar flavour in the sauce. The flavour is simple as it tastes almost entirely of habanero and garlic which makes it versatile, as garlic and habanero compliment most flavours.

Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat is another Louisiana style hot sauce without the strong vinegar flavour that has a good tomato flavour backing it up. The lime comes through subtly as do the carrots, making it an upgraded version of Franks.

Rogue is a sweet and fruity sauce with heat to back it up. The pears in the sauce come through quickly and the heat follows up in seconds. It mixes well with mayonnaise to make a quick and simple dip for vegetables and chips.

Bigfat’s is a company that leans into smokey flavour and this one follows suit. With a strong chipotle flavour mixed with smoke makes for a fantastic addition to meats.


Black Garlic and Carolina Reaper has strong heat, deep pepper flavour and is very versatile. This sauce goes well with just about anything. With the flavour being nearly entirely that of peppers, it can be added to most dishes, as it won’t muddle the flavour while adding heat. There is a slight black garlic flavour with it’s caramelized umami, but it is by no means overwhelming.

Ako Miso is perfect for anything that needs umami and soy flavours. It is great in ramen, on fish and in rice dishes with fish in them. Not versatile outside of this realm, but if you like this flavour palette, it’s worth purchasing.

This sauce doesn’t actually seem to be a hot sauce as there is little to no heat in it. It is milder than Sriracha and Franks. It does have a pleasant tomato flavour that is perfect for adding to a boring or chunky salsa.

Truff brings the earthy flavour of truffles into your sauce. While the flavour could be compared to a sweeter and spicier bean flavour, there is a complexity to the sauce that makes it incredibly delicious. The consistency is thicker than most, making it an excellent sauce addition to pasta as it sticks well. This sauce is often unfairly judged on its first tasting due to the unfamiliar flavour of truffle, but you will quickly change your mind and learn to love it.


Shaquandas has a sweet pickle flavour that is complemented with the carrot, tomato and lemon that sneak along with it. While it is a sweeter sauce, I have enjoyed it coated on baked chicken, on pork and as a dip for chips.

The first thing you taste when you try Kat’s Eye is the smokey lime flavour. It’s a simple sauce that uses cilantro as a driving flavour force. If you enjoy smokey flavour and herbaceous notes, this sauce is for you.

The driving flavour is this sauce is tomato, but it doesn’t outshine the turmeric, mustard and carrots that make up the rest of the flavour. A mild and versatile sauce that is rightly held in high opinion.

As you might have guessed, the more potent flavour is the ginger. It pairs well with the scotch bonnet to make this mild sauce that pairs well with jellies, cheeses, cured meats, chips and mangoes.


Joy Ride is a simple and mild sauce that tastes mostly of bell peppers and oregano. It’s simplicity makes it incredibly versatile as it is a good addition to every meal I have added it to. It is also thin enough and flavourful enough to make for a lovely salad vinaigrette.

A very strong tomato flavoured sauce that has a little heat. It marinates chicken well.

This sauce stays true to its chipotle flavour, adding a little smoke and sweetness that balances the whole flavour well. It is a little spicy but makes a great addition to chicken burgers, fries, sandwiches and cheeses.

The first time I tried this sauce it nearly killed me with heat. To this day I think it is a very hot sauce that bites without any sweetness to even it out. If you like a sauce that is harsh and very peppery, this one is for you.


Dawsons is the one sauce I have where I can taste an oil. The first thing I taste is olive oil, quickly followed by sugar and habanero. It has a sharp vinegar heat that we find in Louisiana style sauces.

A sweet pickle flavour that’s mixed in a chipotle flavour that mixes beautifully with mayonnaise to make chip dips and it marinates well on chicken.

This is a truly unique sauce that brings a lovely minty flavour forward on a herbaceous base. This pairs so well with pork, especially cured pork. The spicy level is perfect for nearly everyone.

This is an incredibly hot sauce that should not be used unless you are very used to very spicy food and shouldn’t be used undiluted. It has a simple earthy pepper flavour that lends well to mayo based sauces and mustard bases.


The primary flavour that comes through on this sauce is the cherry flavour. It isn’t overly sweet and it has a lovely minty-ness. It pairs well with hard cheeses and the odd dessert item.

This sauce is the perfect blend of sweet sauce, smokey flavour and almost chipotle. It comes together to taste like a fantastic hot rib sauce.

This is my absolute favourite Louisiana sauce. It has a strong smack of tomato, followed with sweetness from the sugar, a little kick of tamarind, a bite from the vinegar and a great smokey garlic flavour.

This sauce is not good. It actually tastes like battery acid.


Very simple sauce with a earthy pepper flavour. It is very hot and should not be used by those who can’t tolerate spicy food.

A very fresh habanero and pineapple favour that hit hard with heat, the sweetness sneaks in and it ends in a smokey finish.

This sauce has the indentical flavour to the 708 7 Pot. Its a sweet chipotle flavour that is marginally hotter than the original 708.

A simple sauce that includes oranges, carrots and tomatoes to combat the heat of the ghost peppers in this recipe.


A strong sauce with a simple blend of ginger, cayenne, habanero and guava. This sauce uses an extract so expect a strong burn.

This is an interesting sauce that combines avocado and ginger to little success. I find it to have a dirt flavour mixed with a vinegar bite that just isn’t pleasant.

This sauce has a sweet blueberry flavour that is matched by a wall of heat. I haven’t found a lot of good pairings for this sauce outside of making dips for plain chips.

A smokey sauce that has a creeping sweetness. Don’t be fooled though, the heat builds slowly but steadily. It has a bit of an artificial flavour that makes it hard to pair.


A neutral sauce that has sweetness equal to heat and savoury taste. With mustard, sesame, onion, garlic and honey, this sauce makes for an excellent wing sauce.

A sauce with a very natural medley of pepper flavours that doesn’t compromise heat. With lime and garlic it is a very versatile sauce that adds a healthy amount of heat.

A well balanced sauce that has strong heat, a natural fruit sweetness and a raw pepper that makes for a great sauce.


A sauce that immediately hits with some spicy but follows up with a mild honey and pineapple flavour. Its simple and yummy.

Book Review : Let That Sh*t Go – Nina P and Kate P.

Initial Reaction

I have just finished the first thirty pages, so I am going to write this before continuing. The structure and tone of the writing is playful, a little vulgar but honest. There is no feeling of “this is a scam” or “this couldn’t possibly work” when they talk about taking control of your observational mind (a recurring message in the book) because I recognize that that is something I do and I know the difference between my “chatty brain” and “observational brain” from living in my own head. I can see the value in building up the mental force and skills to become a stronger observer of my minds needs and reactions rather than being emotionally driven into being actively chatty to myself. I look forward to continuing to read, which I am going to do right now even though it is incredibly late and I should really be in bed.

If happiness existed in objects or experiences, then the same objects and experiences would make everyone equally happy.

Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw ; Let That Sh*t Go, (Page 8)

Score : 7/10

While I think the book has a good overall message, there is a finicky part to it. Nina Purewal minored in Psychology but majored in Business. This is a little questionable to me as she didn’t specialize in psychology or even major in it, so her book immediately becomes more of a “personal recommendation” rather than a “professional opinion” to me.

Kate Petriw is also a business lady with Bachlor of Commerce, Marketing and Sustainability from McGill University as well as Environmental Communication Planning from Duke University. Neither of these are psychology courses, though the communication planning does focus on changing human behaviour through study and evaluation. Again this does not leave me with the impression that I am reading a professional book meant to aid individuals as much as a passion project between two Toronto women who touched on the subject from different angles and related the material through anecdotes.

Now while I have said this seems like less of a professional book, I still think it holds water and can help people through their anxieties and interpersonal issues, hence why I rated it so high.


Notable Moments

“Menial tasks will become calming ones”

Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw ; Let That Sh*t Go, (Page 23)

This stood out to me. They were commenting on how mentally speaking yourself through your tasks helps keep you in the moment and I realized that I did this when I was driving to keep my mind from wandering when I was in a bad mood. The idea of tasks becoming calming also rings true to me as I think of how much I hate washing my hair, but when I turn it into a treat to give myself a good scalp massage it feels very soothing.

This is just my mind getting stressed. I notice it, and I understand why I might be stressed, but really, there’s no reason to go down this spiral for the tenth time.

Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw ; Let That Sh*t Go, (Page 31)

This quote required the context of the “observational mind” which is the internal voice we have that comments. I like the idea of being self aware enough to recognize when you are leading yourself down a dark spiral in your mind and actively working to stop that spiral from taking hold. I think there is a lot of merit in working against your anxieties and depression internally, no matter how frustrating and exhausting it can be.


Replacing your negative thoughts for a day, a week, or a month is just the beginning. It takes content effort and awareness to change these thought patterns and create new ones.

Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw ; Let That Sh*t Go, (Page 83)

I also agree with this sentiment. It is as irritating as it is true. Mental fortitude and health are not short battles easily won, but rather wars that last lifetimes that must be conquered slowly and mindfully.

Closing Thoughts

While I enjoyed this book I do not think it is one I would re-read any time soon. The sometimes crude natural of the writing is a little jarring as it is not written for a young enough audience for that language to catch hold and seem mature. As the intended audience is adult, the crude language seems immature for the audience but perhaps the editors for the book thought it would help the book stand apart. While one could argue that with a title that includes “sh*t” in it, I should have been prepared for cursing I do not agree. Since the asterix was included I thought the loud design of the cover was simply to attract the eye of a reader who is tired of titles like “The Secret” that coddle the reader into a fairly comfortable mentality while reading.

Aside from language, the constant recollections and commentary being mixed together was a good choice that I felt helped the narrative of the message to be more easily understood by the audience. All in all, I think you should read the book. I know I am going to lend it out to a few people, which I only do if I think the book is good.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the book in the comments below!

Fall Guys – Game Review

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

This game was released on August 4th, 2020 and within 24 hours of being released 1.5 million people were playing. At this point we know at least 2,000,000 copies of the game have been downloaded on Steam. So far it is averaging a critic review score of 8/10 which isn’t hard to believe as the game has a nearly addictive quality to it.

To be fair in this review I will point out that I have been playing on PS4 not on PC or other consoles.

If you have been with me for a while, you know I tend to stick to TCG and Turn Based RPG’S. I do pop over to massive games like Spyro and Jack for the nostalgic feelings and experience. So when it comes to immediate reaction games, I am by no means a pro. I don’t think this is a disadvantage with this game though, as it will show how well a relative novice does with the game and how enjoyable it can be to just about any age group and experience level.


This game is a compilation of minigames that you compete in against other players online to reach the final rounds and if you are both lucky and skillful, win the episodes to get your chance to take the crown!


The races are generally a track with moving elements designed to knock players off the course through use of spinning bars, swinging balls, falling balls, spinning paths and tilting floors. The goal is to reach the finish line before most other people as only two thirds of the competitors can qualify for the next round. I found them to be very fun but often one small mistake can lose you the episode.

Team Matches

Team matches can have two to four teams and generally centre around stealing items or passing misfortune to other teams. Some require coordination with others on your team like “Hoarders” and “Rock N’ Roll”, while others don’t require cooperation such as “Team Tail Tag”. These suffer a little as your contribution and effort helps your odds, but should your team lose, you suffer for it. In my case, I won or lost due to my team with no real difference coming from my efforts.



Don’t be eliminated! These are possibly the most fun and stressful of all the mini games because people will do anything they can to win! Pushing you in front of moving platforms or off the ledge into the instant death goo is fair play in these episodes but it just adds to the excitement.

Is The Game Fun?

Yes the game is incredibly fun and easy to get into. Within a few minutes you figure out the timing for jumps, buttons for jumping and grabbing and you are on your way to having a blast. In a way this game reminds me of Rocket League due to its online competitive nature. Both games have skin unlocks, lobby systems, invite systems and work on ranking systems. While the gameplay is entirely different, the short matches and replay-ablility strikes a familiar cord.

Will The Game Last?

I don’t think it will. The game is very fun, bright and engaging, but it has a feeling of repetition that I believe will kill the game fairly quickly. Unlike games like Rocket League, Hearthstone and COD, there isn’t a lot of variety in the games which I believe will be it’s downfall. This game requires an ever present online presence in order to function, and I don’t think it will retain the millions it got nearly overnight. I played for two days before slowing down and my fiancé, who is an avid gamer, also played about two days before putting down the controller. I think it has potential as a local game, as it would be a fun party game if they added another 10 mini games, so perhaps they will lean that way to keep it alive once the online presence dies down.


Should You Buy It?

If 10 hours or so of gameplay is worth it’s cost to you, then yes! Maybe you’ll be lucky and love the game much more than us and get more out of it, maybe not. If it is still available for free download on the Playstation Store, then absolutely you should get it while it is free!

Reviewing Hot Sauces

So Ryan and I love hot sauces and eat a lot of them, which has lead to us now owning over 40 hot sauces. This is part two of our series of videos reviewing sauces. Some we blind taste test, others we just discuss. This time around Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage was our hottest sauce, sitting at 550,00 SHU, and it burnt my tongue like you wouldn’t believe.

Please let me know your favourite hot sauce in the comments and if you have ever found a sauce that is just too hot for you.

Since filming this video, I have acclimated to the Blairs, and can now enjoy it in small amounts without suffering, but I will admit that no sensible person would every need this sauce in their life.


A simple sriracha sauce with a lot of strong pepper flavour without much sweetness that suits almost anything. To explain the flavour, I would call it a beautiful blend of bell pepper and sriracha pepper flavour.

Secret Aardvark

This is a well loved sauce as it isn’t too hot and is bursting with flavour. It describes itself as a Caribbean Tex Mex with it’s blend of turmeric, mustard, peppers, spices and sweet flavours.


Shaquandas Hot Pepper Sauce

A unique sauce with strong carrot flavour that mixes well with the heat it brings. It has a sweet pickled flavour that yields well to chicken.

El Yucateco – Habanero XXXtra Hot

This sauce has a smokey flavour that could be added to any grilled or sautéed dish. While it does have a good kick of heat, it isn’t unreasonable for the average consumer.

Blairs Original Death Sauce

This sauce has a strong chipotle flavour that pairs well with hard cheeses and red meats. That being said, anything you would put chipotle on, you can enjoy this sauce on.

Bravado Spice Co. – Ako Miso

This sauce has heat and is very umami. It tastes strongly of miso and is excellent for adding to seafood and ramen dishes. I could see it being appealing on a variety of fried noodle dishes, but it isn’t a sauce I particularly enjoy, due to my personal dislike of umami.

PexPepper – Painapple

This sauce has three ingredients. Reaper chili, honey and pineapple. The pineapple and honey come through strongly and are backed with intense heat. This sauce is probably hotter than the average individual would enjoy, but for heat enthusiasts, this sauce is a great addition to meals and dishes that need a little fire without a lot of strong conflicting flavours.


Da Bomb – Ground Zero

I can’t say a single good thing about this sauce. It tastes bad, the texture is uncomfortable, and without good flavour, the heat is just unjustified.

Mad Dog 357

This sauce tastes like a spicy Yum Yum pickle. There is no strong vinegar flavour, but a sweet underlying flavour that compliments the heat so perfectly that the sauce is very enjoyable on it’s own as well as paired with anything you would enjoy sweet pickles with.

Blairs Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage

This sauce is very very strong. It states that you should not eat it undiluted. While the flavour is simple, the heat is almost unbearable. Since the filming of this video I have increased my heat tolerance, which allows me to enjoy Blairs Mega Death, but I don’t think anyone who is adding hot sauce for flavour would use this sauce. This sauce is great for those who want to push the limits of heat, but the average person should steer clear.


Reviewing Drug Store Lipsticks

Once upon a time I absolutely loved my drug store lipsticks, but after learning how many heavy metals were in a lot of my products I threw away most of my collection a few years ago. I haven’t looked into if any of these products have heavy metals yet, so if you know if they do have some, please let me know! I do love trying new products and there are some very good products in the drug store, but there are also a lot of duds.

Essence Matte Matte Red Lipstick

The Essence lipstick was purchased under five dollars. I used it for years as a dupe for the MAC Ruby Woo. It is incredibly matte, the formula is very dry and chalky so it does last for hours without bleeding, but it has enough hydration not to crack or flake on the lip. I would recommend this product to anyone. I did notice that I got longer wear time when I dabbed off excess product with a tissue.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

The NYX lipstick has a very creamy formula, its scent is has a inexpensive, plastic smell to it. I found it to not to be a long wear formula. I didn’t like the applicator, it is a straight, thick doe foot applicator that has no flexibility. It is an alright lipstick but I would not repurchase it.

Revlon Cream Lipstick

The Revlon lipstick is absolutely lovely when worn. The scent is very discrete, though a little unpleasant. The formula is creamy, it have very good coverage and it wears for a few hours before needing a touch up. I really like this product, I feel it applies well and feels moisturizing on the lips. I would recommend this one.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

This lipstick claims to be matte, and it is not a matte product. It has a suede, light creamy consistency. I found it to go on a little streaky, so application can be a little more difficult. It smells very nice, almost a vanilla candy scent. It feels moisturizing but quickly does start to cling to itself, causing the lipstick to drag between your lips. If you set it with translucent powder it does solve that issue. I think it’s a decent product, but again I don’t think I will repurchase it.

Rimmel Stay Satin Liquid Lip

If you like the smell of dirty wax crayons, you will love the scent of this streaky lipstick. It has a gooey consistency and it bleeds very quickly. It doesn’t have a nice lip feel, it smells bad, it doesn’t cover well and the product is not worth purchasing. I have heard other people say they absolutely love it, but I did buy two colours of this lipstick and both has unfortunate results.

I look forward to increasing my drug store collection and letting you know what I thought of them once I’ve worn them for a while. If you have any recommendations for great lipsticks I would love to know about them!

Testing A 24 Hour Foundation For 24 Hours

I will start this off saying, I know that this is not good for my skin, I do not recommend anyone wear make up to bed or sleep in it. Please wash and cleanse your face once the day is over.

I did film this whole process from application to the very end of the 24 hour period when I removed it.

My Bare Face Before Primer and Foundation

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 010 Beige

I was curious when I started really looking at this new foundation I bought. It’s Catrice, a drug store brand I had never seen before that had a small, end of the aisle display with a handful of shades and products. I saw the price of $7.99 and thought to myself, “why not try such an inexpensive foundation?”. When I was reaching for my foundation this morning I looked at my other foundations and they would say 10 HR or 12 HR but none said 24 HR. I thought about my Sephora 10HR foundation which does really last 10HR and wondered if a 24HR could really last that long. Let’s find out!

Revlon Rose Glow Primer

Well as it turns out, the lightest shade available was too dark for me, but I wanted to test this out anyways (also I think it will make a good summer shade). I did do this test under two circumstances, as one side of my face received primer and the other did not. I was curious just how much of a difference a primer (Revlon Rose Glow) would make on a produce that claims to feel “like skin”. Subsequently, it does feel almost exactly like skin, but it also itches a small amount. Immediately upon applying it (I did both sides with a moist beauty blender) I could see that the primed side was slightly smoother looking than the unprimed, which is to be expected, but I am was curious on how a hydrating primer wouldl effect it over a 24 hour period. Appearing below you can see me with the foundation on just after finishing the rest of my face.

I did make some rules for my test, and those were I was allowed to set my face ( I used the Marcelle Translucent Powder, A Tarte blush and my favourite Estate Highlighter, set in place with a Hard Candy Setting Spray ), I would be allowed to touch up throughout the day with Gigi Gorgeous Touch Up Powder only. No re-application of the foundation should it become disrupted. Every time I wanted to touch up I would have to do it on camera during my check ins. One thing I noticed when I took the first set of photos is how much the product settled into my fine lines and made them much more prominent than they would normally be when wearing my Sephora foundation.

First Check In

Check In at 10:20 – 2 Hours Into This

This is two hours of wear time + touch up powder on the sides of the nose (I was getting oily there), under the eyes to see if I could reduce the look of the fine lines and on the tip of my chin where I was also shinny like a new penny. My skin was getting irritated at this point, but the side with the primer wasn’t nearly are itchy or irritated, so it would seem the primer was doing it’s job creating a barrier between my skin and the product. I could already see that the foundation was almost caking into my more active acne at this point, you can see just beside my lip where the foundation looks a little cracked.

Second Check In

At this point in our experiment I had massive striations in the foundation on my nose from my blanket simply touching my nose while I was wrapping myself in it, the product at the bottom of my nostrils was gone entirely from me gingerly blowing my nose as carefully as possible and to top it off, every single pore, fine line and blemish I had looked cakey and cracked. This is only 5 hours in and I had been sitting at my computer for those 5 hours! It’s not like I was working up a sweat or sleeping with my cheek on a pillow. This level of decay in appearance just isn’t okay if you claim to be 24HR. My nose was incredibly shiny again as well as my chin so we powdered again. At this point I felt like giving up, what could the point possibly be to continue on? Well.. the point was to see what condition my foundation would be at that 24HR deadline, and I didn’t give up on that.

Third Check In

At this point the foundation was nearly falling off my face. Very little coverage was left and the cakey appearance around blemished was at an all time high. Oil buildup in the foundation around my nose made it slick and while powdering the little foundation left wanted to shift more than it wanted to be re-set. All in all, not happy with it’s performance at this point. This wound up being the last check in for the day as I went to bed two hours later (forgive me, but I had been away for about 30 hours at this point and didn’t want to reach the point of sleep deprivation that leads to paranoia).

The Next Morning (Full 24 HR)

24 Hour Wear Test – Catrice

Upon waking up I finished the video portion of this experiment, where you can see the final result of the 24 hour wear. The foundation was almost non-existent on my skin, except for where it has burrowed into my blemished. Resulting in white cakey spots and a oil slick kind of appearance. My final verdict is that this foundation is never going to wear for 24 hours, I would give it a max amount of wearable time between 2 – 6 hours. Would I recommend this foundation to you? No, absolutely not. Please don’t waste your money on it.

This was an interesting experience, one I don’t think I will repeat, as when I removed the product from my face, a plethora of new irritated patches of skin and pimples had formed. I hope this entertained and I look forward to the next cosmetic review.

If you think I should try any specific products, please let me know in the comments below!

Covergirl Outlast Foundation Review

As you guys know, I love playing around with make up and I really enjoy trying new products and formulas. Now this product has been on the market for a while and it is somewhat problematic.

Covergirl Outlast

When it comes to actual product, it’s right in line with most drug store foundations. It lasts 6 hours + without refreshing, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, blends daily well. Unfortunately it does not cover very well. It claims to have the coverage of a concealer, but it couldn’t cover my acne scarring, scars or active acne, even when I built it up. I would put it in the “light coverage” category of foundations. It is inexpensive, but it’s description should be more accurate to the product. It should say, “Light coverage, very blendable, thin formula”.

Screen Cap of Covergirls Website

One of the biggest issues with this product is that it’s colour selection is so limited. I purchased the lightest shade in the store, which was their Ivory shade, and it was clearly too dark for my skin. It also didn’t have a lot of darker shades. It would seem they cater only to the “top selling” medium range shades with very little regard to individuals on the light and dark side of the scale. Covergirl has done a lot of marketing over the years claiming diversity but doesn’t actually create diverse shades… Disappointing.

When I talk about their marketed diversity, I should point out that the most notable Covergirl individuals are Ellen DeGeneres, James Charles and Zendaya. Each of these seemed to have a pointed message. Back in 2012 when sexuality was considered a “social issues”, Ellen became the new face as the Lesbian Covergirl. In 2016, when there was a lot of commentary on “cultural diversity in Hollywood”, Zendaya became the new face of Covergirl, being a woman of non-causcasian decent. Later in 2016, while media was going insane over “gender roles” and “toxic masculinity”, they promoted James Charles to ambassador. It would seem very obvious that Covergirl likes to seem inclusive, ground breaking and forward without actually being inclusive with their products.

I would like to point out that I don’t dislike Covergirl for trying to appear inclusive, I dislike that they took advantage of media manipulation to create the false illusion of inclusivity without actually providing diverse and inclusive product lines. I am happy to see brands be inclusive, but it is awful seeing them pretend to be something they aren’t. It’s 2019, inclusivity is not a new concept in cosmetics, and we see product lines coming out with 50 shades to be inclusive and provide a service to individuals of all skin tones. It just isn’t acceptable to put out 13 shades. I didn’t actually know about the lack of inclusivity before filming the video linked below, but now I know and I am enraged by this.

Covergirl Review – Eva Blakeman

In summary, the product is fine for its cost, but the brand has some work to do with its shade range and honest packaging. If it had been marketed as a light coverage foundation I would have felt better about it, and I also wouldn’t have bought it.

I will be filming another video on this, as I feel I did myself and others a disservice of not researching the product and it’s brand before reviewing it.

Why You Should Try Bamboo Toothbrushes

Without even looking at the environmental side of things, the bamboo toothbrush is just simply a better quality product that comes at a better price!

For those of whom don’t know, I actively try to reduce my plastic usage. I won’t claim to be the best at it, sometimes I opt for a plastic bag and I still use plastic to vac seal my fruits and meat from Costco, but where I can I try to reduce it. I sewed my own grocery bags out of old t-shirts, I use re-usable microfibre cloths instead of paper towel, etc, etc .. and now I use bamboo toothbrushes.

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Quick recap of why bamboo is a better material to use over plastic : it grows incredibly quickly, it’s very easy to press and cut, it’s 100% biodegradable and it is inherently very clean. If you want to read up on the benefits of bamboo, please read this article by Bare Vida that goes through it’s advantages at length.

Now I’ve been using my bamboo toothbrush for just over two months now (I felt it was only fair to give it a good long trial before talking about it) and I have some compliments for my toothbrush. Firstly, it has not bent all out of shape from my aggressive toothbrushing routine. I have found with a lot of plastic toothbrushes that they would become disformed very quickly, requiring me to purchase them more often. Secondly, it was inexpensive. I got five toothbrushes for 11.00$. Whereas buying my usual plastic ones, they came to about 14.00$ for two. Yay savings! I have also found that I would often cut my gums on the plastic toothbrushes (no I don’t have gingivitis, I just brush hard) but with the bamboo, it is pliable enough and gentle enough to clean without causing me pain. I also found that when I use my charcoal, the brush looks much cleaner than my plastic one did. After brushing with charcoal, I brush with regular toothpaste, and I would often have leftover charcoal in my plastic brush after completing the whole routine, whereas the bamboo looks clean and brand new, leading me to believe that it is either designed better, or simply doesn’t hold onto particulate like the plastic one did.

My Months Old Toothbrush

Let’s look at downsides to the bamboo. I found it very difficult to find a “hard bristle” bamboo toothbrush, so I wound up with medium. The bristles aren’t as aggressive as before, but I have adjusted and actually prefer the medium now. Let’s look at knowing who’s toothbrush is who’s.. with plastic they are coloured to easily identify, where with the bamboo they have a number carved into them. No it isn’t a deal breaker, but make sure to remember your number, else you wind up using your kids toothbrush!

All in all, I would 10/10 recommend switching over. Without even looking at the environmental side of things, the bamboo toothbrush is just simply a better quality product that comes at a better price!

If you’ve used these bamboo toothbrushes or have any information on other products you can replace in your home to reduce plastic waste, please let me know in the comments! I hope to be doing a post soon about how I made my grocery bags, I look forward to putting out there.

Why You Should Try A Bamboo Toothbrush