Best Cosmetic Reviews – Round Up

Whilst binging online content, I realized just how many cosmetic reviews I read today, so I thought I would round up the most in depth reviews I can find on affordable products.

Elf Cosmetics Skin CareRossy Galaxy

Image From Elf Cosmetic Skin Care – Rossy Galaxy

This breakdown goes through each product in the skin care line, the experience of using it, and the ingredients used to make them. All in all a great review of the products that leads me to want to use them.

Cougar Beauty ProductsShirayummi

Image From Cougar Beauty Products – Shirayummi

This review goes through some very unique products, including a bee venom product. The writing is whimsical and Shira’s personality shines through the review. I would recommend checking out her blog as it is filled with entertaining content.

Kmart OXX Make-up Reviewvintagebarbie17

Her review goes product by product in the Kmart OXX released line giving in depth information and her verdict on wether or not it is even worth purchasing. I did really enjoy reading it and I think you will too.

Kallos KJMN Caviar Restorative Hair Maskbeautyqueen68

Image From Kallos KJMN Caviar – beautyqueen68

This blog runs itself in a different way. She puts out short reviews on single products. You get the information and experience with the product without reading through a thousand unrelated words! I would recommend taking a look through the rest of her posts as well.

Hourglass CosmeticsThe Curvaceous Vegan

Image From Hourglass Cosmetics Post – The Curvaceous Vegan

In this beautiful blog, our vegan friend goes through product by product, describing the benefits of them and giving her experiences with them. Though a little longer it is a very insightful blog when it comes to beauty, lifestyle and mental health. Definitely worth taking a look into.

These were the four most enticing reads I have found through my search. I would recommend taking a look at them and leaving a comment down below telling me your absolute favourite cosmetics blogger!