Book Review : Let That Sh*t Go – Nina P and Kate P.

Initial Reaction

I have just finished the first thirty pages, so I am going to write this before continuing. The structure and tone of the writing is playful, a little vulgar but honest. There is no feeling of “this is a scam” or “this couldn’t possibly work” when they talk about taking control of your observational mind (a recurring message in the book) because I recognize that that is something I do and I know the difference between my “chatty brain” and “observational brain” from living in my own head. I can see the value in building up the mental force and skills to become a stronger observer of my minds needs and reactions rather than being emotionally driven into being actively chatty to myself. I look forward to continuing to read, which I am going to do right now even though it is incredibly late and I should really be in bed.

If happiness existed in objects or experiences, then the same objects and experiences would make everyone equally happy.

Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw ; Let That Sh*t Go, (Page 8)

Score : 7/10

While I think the book has a good overall message, there is a finicky part to it. Nina Purewal minored in Psychology but majored in Business. This is a little questionable to me as she didn’t specialize in psychology or even major in it, so her book immediately becomes more of a “personal recommendation” rather than a “professional opinion” to me.

Kate Petriw is also a business lady with Bachlor of Commerce, Marketing and Sustainability from McGill University as well as Environmental Communication Planning from Duke University. Neither of these are psychology courses, though the communication planning does focus on changing human behaviour through study and evaluation. Again this does not leave me with the impression that I am reading a professional book meant to aid individuals as much as a passion project between two Toronto women who touched on the subject from different angles and related the material through anecdotes.

Now while I have said this seems like less of a professional book, I still think it holds water and can help people through their anxieties and interpersonal issues, hence why I rated it so high.


Notable Moments

“Menial tasks will become calming ones”

Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw ; Let That Sh*t Go, (Page 23)

This stood out to me. They were commenting on how mentally speaking yourself through your tasks helps keep you in the moment and I realized that I did this when I was driving to keep my mind from wandering when I was in a bad mood. The idea of tasks becoming calming also rings true to me as I think of how much I hate washing my hair, but when I turn it into a treat to give myself a good scalp massage it feels very soothing.

This is just my mind getting stressed. I notice it, and I understand why I might be stressed, but really, there’s no reason to go down this spiral for the tenth time.

Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw ; Let That Sh*t Go, (Page 31)

This quote required the context of the “observational mind” which is the internal voice we have that comments. I like the idea of being self aware enough to recognize when you are leading yourself down a dark spiral in your mind and actively working to stop that spiral from taking hold. I think there is a lot of merit in working against your anxieties and depression internally, no matter how frustrating and exhausting it can be.


Replacing your negative thoughts for a day, a week, or a month is just the beginning. It takes content effort and awareness to change these thought patterns and create new ones.

Nina Purewal & Kate Petriw ; Let That Sh*t Go, (Page 83)

I also agree with this sentiment. It is as irritating as it is true. Mental fortitude and health are not short battles easily won, but rather wars that last lifetimes that must be conquered slowly and mindfully.

Closing Thoughts

While I enjoyed this book I do not think it is one I would re-read any time soon. The sometimes crude natural of the writing is a little jarring as it is not written for a young enough audience for that language to catch hold and seem mature. As the intended audience is adult, the crude language seems immature for the audience but perhaps the editors for the book thought it would help the book stand apart. While one could argue that with a title that includes “sh*t” in it, I should have been prepared for cursing I do not agree. Since the asterix was included I thought the loud design of the cover was simply to attract the eye of a reader who is tired of titles like “The Secret” that coddle the reader into a fairly comfortable mentality while reading.

Aside from language, the constant recollections and commentary being mixed together was a good choice that I felt helped the narrative of the message to be more easily understood by the audience. All in all, I think you should read the book. I know I am going to lend it out to a few people, which I only do if I think the book is good.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the book in the comments below!

Salt Scalp Massages

Oh I wish I had known about these way sooner! I don’t think my scalp has ever felt so clean and fresh before. When I get my hair cut professionally they get somewhat close to this feeling. This post is a story about the adventure my scalp and I went on today.

Okay so today I was feeling just like garbage and I realized my mood wasn’t going to get better. I had a hard time deciding to do anything, so I spent a lot of the day laying on my bed doing nothing. It was just going to be a slow Sunday. About halfway through the afternoon I decided I was just going to invest some time in my mental health instead of laying around like a sea slug, so I ran a bubble bath.

Now since I hadn’t given myself a lot of self love for a while, I did not hold back on the quality of my bubble bath experience. I lit about 20 tea light candles and put them all around the bathroom and the side of the tub. I poured eucalyptus bubble bath into the water and I even supplemented it all with a little coconut oil in the bath as well. This was going to be a good bath that would satisfy me though ambiance, scent and feeling. I slid into the warm water and for a while I just read. I have been reading “Let That Sh*t Go” by Nina Purewal and Kate Petriw, a wonderful book for adults who just can’t seem to win against their anxious brain.


After a while of reading and practicing some mindfulness techniques I thought to myself “I want a facial massage, and I deserve to have one” so I looked up a very nice massage video (linked here) and followed step by step how to do a Chi massage. I don’t necessarily understand Chi, but the massage was soothing and it helped me release the very tight muscles in my jaw that I think are contributing to a near constant head ache I have going on now.

I may not understand Chi, but I do understand the immediate relief I felt upon doing to massage. My neck hurt less, my jaw released and even my shoulders let go a little. I think that massage therapy would do a better job than a self massage, but for today, I am very happy with what I got.

Photo by Burst on

Anyways, once all that was done I thought about my poor scalp and how I have neglected it lately so I looked up common scalp cleanses and saw about 50 videos on salt scrubs. I snuck through the house to the kitchen and poured myself a nice bowl of both Himalayan and iodized table salt, then snuck back to the bath, only leaving many wet footprints as evidence. Thankfully no one got hurt due to them, but I did step into my own wet footprint in my socks later which seemed apt.

I split my hair down the middle and started scrubbing in the salt. I think it took around 30 minutes for me to scrub every inch of the scalp, but it was so worth it. I used the tips of my fingers and slowly worked the salt into my roots with a medium pressure. The skin felt so alive, it almost felt like it was thrumming as the blood felt so close to my skin. If you were wondering what scrubbing salt into your head feels like, it feels like the best head scratched you’ve had. At this point though I recognized that I had a bowl of salt in my hair, so I laid back into the water and let the salt dissolve in my roots as I drifted slowly in the warmth of the bath.

Photo by cottonbro on

Now was the time for shampoo, so I loaded up my hands and took my sweet time cleaning all the oils, left over salt and debris that the salt has scrubbed off my scalp. I massaged for about 10 minutes, and I noticed just how much hair was coming off my head. I didn’t panic, I know that in the last couple days I just haven’t taken care of myself. I kept making plans but like was ignoring my scheduling, so simple things like taking a shower had to take a back seat this week. So once all the gunk and hair had been scrubbed I ran water over my scalp until there was no way anything was left in my hair and I applied a little but of mouse before roughly towel drying and brushing out my hair to let it air dry.


At this moment, as I type this, my hair is still drying but my scalp feels lighter and my hair seems to have more volume, so I would guess that my hair was being held down by product residue and dirt near my scalp and I just got used to it being that way.

I think I will implement salt scrubs into my hair care, though I imagine only once or twice a month. I would 10/10 recommend trying it out for yourself! I would also always recommend sinking into a warm bath with a book when you’re having a bad day, as it always seems to help me out.

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate your time. Please feel free to comment and share your experiences in the comments.

Simple Self Care

As we know, self-care is incredibly important, and as we become more run down and fatigued, things tend to start slipping in our lives. It is incredibly important to take time to recharge. Unfortunately there is an entire “self-care” industry that has monetized our relaxation. Beauty industry would tell us that self-care is heavily dependent on buying the right products, where this is not the case at all. Please note I am not a health care professional, should you require medial attention, please contact your doctor.

Physical Health

Photo by Orest Sv on

Taking care of yourself starts with taking care of your health. Eating vegetables, drinking water, ensuring your body is getting the nutrients it needs is the most basic proactive self care. Now there are days where the idea of getting up to make anything seems like climbing a mountain. Try to reach for simple snacks. Some nuts, a piece of fruit, a piece of cheese. These are snacks that take almost no effort to grab from the kitchen but will give you nutrients. On days where you simply can’t stomach the idea of something healthy, be kind to yourself and don’t hold onto regret and guilt for eating some junk food. Sometimes you just have to have some fries and ice cream.

Moving. Physically getting out of bed can be one of the hardest things to do. A lot of things can feel like they are pulling you down instead of helping you get up, those can be anxiety, depression, seasonal disorders, stress, etc. It may be difficult to swing your feet out from under the covers, but it is incredibly important that you do. Once you’re up you will start to be able to do simple things like brushing your teeth, having a drink of water and splashing some water on your face. Not getting out of bed can stunt your whole day, and it can make it hard to feel like you have achieved anything, which can lead to worsening anxiety and depression.

Exercise is another very important part of taking care of yourself. It can be difficult to get to the gym and pushing out a workout, simply walking around your home and neighbourhood can get your blood moving and your systems engaged. If you can handle it, go work out. Push yourself and feel like you have achieved a goal for the day.

Some things you can try to increase your physical health without pushing yourself to the gym include :

  • Cut out soda and coffee – all that sugar is not helping
  • Drink a few bottles of water a day
  • Eat smaller amounts more often
  • Avoid processed meats – the sodium can make you bloat and slow you down
  • Stretch your body and breathe deeply

Mental Health

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Everyone is different in how they act and react during spells of poor mental health. There are some things you can do proactively to reduce negative effects, such as paying attention to media, people and situations that make you crumble internally. Some shows promote anxiety in people, some people in your life might bring forward unhappy feelings and some situations are just a nightmare. Unfortunately we can’t remove everything that upsets us, but we can limit exposure. If a show makes you feel anxiety, don’t watch it. If scrolling through social media makes you feel bad, get rid of the apps, if meeting up with large groups of people makes you very uncomfortable, organize to see people in small groups or one on one. Unfortunately there is no “cure-all” method when it comes to mental health, and you should see a doctor should you feel suicidal, depressed or are exhibiting any behaviours that cause harm to yourself or others.

Things to do that can help :

  • Write in a journal (you can get guided journals if it’s hard to start writing from nothing)
  • Doodle
  • Take a bath with soothing music (you can find great spa music on Apple Music and Spotify)
  • Clean your home (you will feel productive and having a clean home, free of clutter can be beneficial to mental health)
  • Cook something healthy and fill it with flavour
  • Work on a creative project
  • Take a walk with or without music
  • Have a coffee date with a friend
  • Write out your budget and look at eliminating costs (a lot of stress comes from finances)
  • Try out a new look (play with some colours you normally wouldn’t, do a cat eye, or do a look that makes you feel cute or sexy)
  • Dance around
  • Organize your book cases
  • Wash your sheets, it will feel really good to slip under nice clean covers
  • Wash your hair and scrub your feet
  • Open a window or sit outside to get some fresh air

There are a lot of different things you can do to feel better depending on who you are. Creative people might want to paint, design or write. Our nerdier friends might feel better after a good action movie or some gaming. If you pay attention to what brings you joy and peace, you can use that to help you on the darker days. That all being said, some days it can feel like a band is wrapped around your chest and the world can feel dark. Don’t feel guilty if you need a day in bed, sometimes when we get really run down some physical rest and a mid day nap can make a world of a difference.

If you have recommendations or methods that have helped you, please leave them in the comments.