Salt Scalp Massages

Oh I wish I had known about these way sooner! I don’t think my scalp has ever felt so clean and fresh before. When I get my hair cut professionally they get somewhat close to this feeling. This post is a story about the adventure my scalp and I went on today.

Okay so today I was feeling just like garbage and I realized my mood wasn’t going to get better. I had a hard time deciding to do anything, so I spent a lot of the day laying on my bed doing nothing. It was just going to be a slow Sunday. About halfway through the afternoon I decided I was just going to invest some time in my mental health instead of laying around like a sea slug, so I ran a bubble bath.

Now since I hadn’t given myself a lot of self love for a while, I did not hold back on the quality of my bubble bath experience. I lit about 20 tea light candles and put them all around the bathroom and the side of the tub. I poured eucalyptus bubble bath into the water and I even supplemented it all with a little coconut oil in the bath as well. This was going to be a good bath that would satisfy me though ambiance, scent and feeling. I slid into the warm water and for a while I just read. I have been reading “Let That Sh*t Go” by Nina Purewal and Kate Petriw, a wonderful book for adults who just can’t seem to win against their anxious brain.


After a while of reading and practicing some mindfulness techniques I thought to myself “I want a facial massage, and I deserve to have one” so I looked up a very nice massage video (linked here) and followed step by step how to do a Chi massage. I don’t necessarily understand Chi, but the massage was soothing and it helped me release the very tight muscles in my jaw that I think are contributing to a near constant head ache I have going on now.

I may not understand Chi, but I do understand the immediate relief I felt upon doing to massage. My neck hurt less, my jaw released and even my shoulders let go a little. I think that massage therapy would do a better job than a self massage, but for today, I am very happy with what I got.

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Anyways, once all that was done I thought about my poor scalp and how I have neglected it lately so I looked up common scalp cleanses and saw about 50 videos on salt scrubs. I snuck through the house to the kitchen and poured myself a nice bowl of both Himalayan and iodized table salt, then snuck back to the bath, only leaving many wet footprints as evidence. Thankfully no one got hurt due to them, but I did step into my own wet footprint in my socks later which seemed apt.

I split my hair down the middle and started scrubbing in the salt. I think it took around 30 minutes for me to scrub every inch of the scalp, but it was so worth it. I used the tips of my fingers and slowly worked the salt into my roots with a medium pressure. The skin felt so alive, it almost felt like it was thrumming as the blood felt so close to my skin. If you were wondering what scrubbing salt into your head feels like, it feels like the best head scratched you’ve had. At this point though I recognized that I had a bowl of salt in my hair, so I laid back into the water and let the salt dissolve in my roots as I drifted slowly in the warmth of the bath.

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Now was the time for shampoo, so I loaded up my hands and took my sweet time cleaning all the oils, left over salt and debris that the salt has scrubbed off my scalp. I massaged for about 10 minutes, and I noticed just how much hair was coming off my head. I didn’t panic, I know that in the last couple days I just haven’t taken care of myself. I kept making plans but like was ignoring my scheduling, so simple things like taking a shower had to take a back seat this week. So once all the gunk and hair had been scrubbed I ran water over my scalp until there was no way anything was left in my hair and I applied a little but of mouse before roughly towel drying and brushing out my hair to let it air dry.


At this moment, as I type this, my hair is still drying but my scalp feels lighter and my hair seems to have more volume, so I would guess that my hair was being held down by product residue and dirt near my scalp and I just got used to it being that way.

I think I will implement salt scrubs into my hair care, though I imagine only once or twice a month. I would 10/10 recommend trying it out for yourself! I would also always recommend sinking into a warm bath with a book when you’re having a bad day, as it always seems to help me out.

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate your time. Please feel free to comment and share your experiences in the comments.

Kiss The Scaly Ankle

We have come to the misconception that romantic relationships are picture perfect moments stringed together with gold and silver. This just isn’t realistic. Relationships are messy, difficult and emotionally draining at times. Men are not perfectly coifed with bulging muscles, huge bank accounts and varied interests that are tailored to impressing women. Women are not naturally hairless, their nails take work and high heels are painful to wear. Everyone is just another person who eats, sleeps, burps and wakes up with morning breath.

Once we move past these illusions we can really see the value of individuals. A crooked tooth can be endearing, freckles are cute, scars tell stories and everyone has stretch marks. These things seem to be forgotten as we try to fit into smaller sizes, cover our blemishes, seek out cosmetic surgeries and do our best to become the ideal cover model. We are perpetually being told to be thinner, have whiter teeth, shinny hair and perfectly manicured fingers. We don’t promote the image of a normal human who’s living a normal life, we promote lavish lifestyles and in order to fit that bill your life has to be centred around appearance and wealth.

This lifestyle that is constantly portrayed often comes with the “perfect partner”. An individual of equal wealth and beauty, manicured and styled to perfection. This isn’t a healthy way to portray and seek out relationships. Finding the right partner doesn’t centre around appearance and wealth. Though attraction and financial stability do have a level of importance, those criteria are determined by the individual and not the marketing industries.

The saying “there’s a lot of fish in the sea” does not account for the fact that a lot of those fish just don’t fit your life. Finding a compatible partner can be difficult and it can be tempting to try to adapt or change to better fit them in your life. This is necessary to some extent but must be kept in moderation. No matter how much face cream, waxing and coffee scrub, you will still wrinkle, have body hair and cellulite. In the end, you and your partner need to be comfortable and happy with your own bodies and accepting and loving of each others.

It’s incredibly important to be accepting of your partner and their body. Over time we age, we wrinkle, we get rashes, scars start adding up and our bodies get beaten up. Though these things may make us self conscious or seeing these changes in your partner may be some what unpleasant, you have chosen each other to spend your life with. No one stays young and beautiful forever, and the relationship and respect you have for each other is ultimately more important than appearance. Try not to make your partner uncomfortable or self conscious of the changes in their body, learn to love those changes or at the very least, don’t criticize them.

Let me give you an example. I have a dry and scaly ankle from sitting on it for the past five or so years. It’s embarrassed me and for years I’ve tried to exfoliate and moisturize it to make it go away. No matter what I do the ankle remains as dry and scaly as ever. My partner, Ryan, goes out of his way to kiss that scaly ankle, because he knows I’m not fond of it and that his actions make me feel less self conscious about it. In turn, Ryan has a perpetual ingrown toe nail. which we trim to keep manageable. Never once have I complained about his toe. I just help him keep it from returning to an ingrown state. It’s not about the issue with the nail, it’s about my partner being comfortable and healthy. That toe nail is something he appreciates having help with, the same way I appreciate a kiss on my ankle.

The point I’m making here, is that we as people are riddled with “imperfections”, and though we may not be in love with every nook and cranny of our or our partners bodies, they are the bodies we have. Love your body, respect your partner, and remember not to sit on your ankle, it really dries it out!

If you gave any stories you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.