Styling By Skin Tone


You know I love fashion, I love shoes, and I love wearing black. I wore black as my only colour for years due to insecurity with my weight and not understanding what colours fit me Shopping in the same stores my friends did I rarely found shades I felt confident in, so I hid under my black dresses and shirts. As I got older I realized that I was shopping in stores that had strong summer themes, which lead a lot of their clothing to be in warm tones, which just don’t suit me! I changed where I shop and suddenly I can find just about anything in a flattering shade, and when I can’t, I’ve learned how to adjust my look to wear it better.

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While skin tone does influence which colours look better naturally against your skin tone, they don’t have to limit you. Today we are going over how to determine your skin, eye and hair tone as well as what colours match well with them. After that we are going to get into how to adjust your make up and hair style to wear colours that aren’t as naturally suitable for skin tones.

Determining Tone

It is important to check your tones under natural lighting, indoor lights will skew results. (This also comes into play with dressing rooms with fluorescent lighting).

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Skin Tone

The quickest and easiest way to determine your skin tone is to look at your eyelids and wrist for your veins. If you see them as purple or deep blue, you are cool toned. If they are a blueish green, you would be a neutral tone and if they are olive or green you are warm toned.

In my case I have very purple veins showing around my eyes and deep blue on my wrist. This leaves me as a cool toned individual.

Eye Tone

Eyes are interesting as blue can sit in any category. If your eyes could be considered “ice blue” or a deep blue without yellow tint, they are cool. Other cool colours include grey and deep green.

Neutral eyes includes dark brown and blackish eyes.

Warm eyes include blues that have a tint of yellow or a brightness to them that would be reminiscent of water. Warm also describes mid to light brown as well as hazel and light green eyes.

I have a Scandinavian looking ice blue eye with a dark band around the exterior, leaving me in the cool category once again.


Hair Tone

Hair tone doesn’t really have a neutral but it is very easy to see if your hair is warm or cool. In the case that you have matching tone for your skin and eyes, it is recommended to dye your hair in the same tone. It isn’t necessary, and even as this sounds contradictory, dying your hair to match your other tones looks more natural.

Hair tone is most easily seen in the undertone of the colour. Cool hair will have blue, silver, ash or violet undertones where warm hair will have red, brown or yellow undertones.

I have dark blonde hair with no real hue, but seems to be cool. I do have lighter blonde balayage that I have to use purple shampoo on to keep it cool. When it becomes yellow the colour looks odd framing my face but lends well to why warmer toned shirts.

Matching Tones

A good rule when it comes to tones when shopping is to hold the fabric directly against your jawline. If your natural skin tone seems accentuated by the colour, it likely matches you, if you wind up looking ill or natural beside the colour, it isn’t a good match.

Something to be aware of is the trend of clothing tones changing depending on the season. In the spring and summer months you are much more likely to find a plethora of warm toned clothing whereas in the winter months you are more likely to find more cool toned items. Autumn tends to be a fairly even mix of the two. When in doubt, navy looks good on everyone.

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Cool Tone

Cool toned skin looks marvellous paired with jewel toned colours. Bright blues, emeralds, deep purples, ice blues, true pink and the good old white and black. For metallics, cool tones can wear gold as metallic surfaces reflect their tone onto what is around them. A gold metallic shirt would reflect warm tones onto your face, warming you up (in order to make this work the best, warm up your eyes with red or yellow toned colours). Gun metal and silver metallic work well with cool skin tones without adjusting warmth in the face.


Neutral Tone

Neutral toned skin can play with both warm and cool colours without it looking off. Faded blacks aren’t a good match with neutral skin, so make sure to protect your blacks when being washed. Dark denims, shades of brown and mustard yellows can really compliment this skin tone.

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Warm Tone

Warm toned skin pairs nicely with rich ruby reds, blush pinks, pastel colours and leafy greens. Floral designs often look very nice on warm toned skin as they often have a combination of the above mentioned shades. Rose gold and gold looks lovely paired with warm skin and gun metal can be used if you cool down the eyes with greys, blues and purples.

Adjusting To Other Shades

Colour against the face

Separating colours that don’t match your tone with white, black or neutral tones can help you wear the colours you love without looking off. A white collared shirt with the collar popped over the sweater that doesn’t match can change the whole look. Using a scarf can have the same effect.

Warming Up Or Cooling Down The Face

Warm toned skin compliments gold naturally, but metallic shades can be used to change the appearance of tone on the face. A cool skinned individual who wants to wear warm toned clothing could use a gold highlighter and yellow toned brown shades round the eyes.

For a warm toned individual who wants to wear cool toned, try using a more purple hued blush and blue, white and purple tones around the eyes. Also using a matte finish foundation will help keep the cool toned look.

Clashing Hair colour

In the case that you hair tone does not match the tone of the top you are wearing, separate them. An up-do will separate the two tones that are clashing. Another option if you really love warm toned clothing but you are cool toned is to balayage your hair. If the top is cooler near your face and the bottom is warmer where it would rest against clothing, it can help pull it all together.


Weddings and Confidence

While it is generally easier to wear what matches you, it isn’t always what you like or what you have the opportunity to wear. Weddings can be the most problematic as bridesmaids don’t often have a lot of control over hair style or dress colour, but you can always fake a different tone for a day with neutral foundation instead of your cool or warm tone and use a little highlighter to warm you up if you need it.

The most important thing I want to say about all this is that while there is colour theory and everyone has good and bad shades on them, the most important part of pulling off any outfit is confidence. Don’t let your clothes wear you, make sure you wear them. Pull your shoulders back, straighten your back and walk with the knowledge that you can do anything.

As always I really appreciate you coming here and spending some time with me. I love hearing back from you guys so please let me know what’s on your mind in the comments.

Belts – How To Style As A Plus Sized Lady

Hello, I am very excited to be writing about belts today. As a plus sized lady myself, I have spent well over a decade figuring out how to step up my outfits without the luxury of having most brands fit my body or having access to many plus sized stores. I learned that accessories and layering flatters every body type, but each body type is flattered by different fabrics, colours and styles. We will cover this down below, but if you prefer watch the video instead of reading, that is perfectly okay as the video covers the same things.

That being said, there are some simple things you can do with a belt to change an outfit. The first of which is simply putting on a belt. It elevates the outfit by adding a new element and layer. On skirts and dresses, adding a belt to your waist can accentuate your waist.

On the topic of waists, your distance between your bottom rib and the top of your hip will change which belts you can wear comfortably. For ladies with a very small distance like myself, thin belts are the best way to go for two reasons. The first being maintaining mobility as putting a large structured belt over the little area that can bend. This makes sitting and lifting very uncomfortable. The second is to create the illusion of a longer distance between ribs and hip. Thin belts can make the waist seem taller.

That all being said, using thick belts can work if you want to use them if the fabric is very flexible should you want to use your belt as a statement piece in your outfit.

For ladies with a much longer distance between their bottom rib and the top of their hip, structured tall belts like corset belts and large leather belts can do wonders to pull your waist in and create a lovely hourglass shape for your body. Thin belts can still be worn, but ideally they would be wider than 2 inches.

Let’s talk masculine vs feminine belts. In the case you have a very feminine belt, let’s say very light in colour, delicate looking and ornate, it could go over a nice dark dress, but in the case you want to belt over a very feminine dress, try a more masculine belt. This adds a lovely amount of contrast to the outfit and introduces new elements. This is not a hard rule as belts are often very versatile, but a black belt on a white dress makes your waist more evident as well as giving a nice contrasting line to a bright outfit.

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Shopping for belts. A general rule I hold is that any belt I purchase should fit my hips, which guarantees it will also fit my waist, making one piece more versatile. If you do not own pants that sit at the hips that need to be belted, this rule does not apply to you, but in the case you wear jeans and dresses, having a simple leather belt you can wear in your jeans and also over a dress will save you money. As a general recommendation I would say one black leather and one natural or tan leather belt that can be worn in your belt loops as well as on your waist is always a good investment. Decorative belts often can’t do both due to limited strength, width and very large and decorative fronts. That is okay. You can have as many fun belts as you like.

I really love talking about style and I am so happy to be writing this. In combination with filming videos about style, this project has been incredibly fun for me. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!