Fall Guys – Game Review

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

This game was released on August 4th, 2020 and within 24 hours of being released 1.5 million people were playing. At this point we know at least 2,000,000 copies of the game have been downloaded on Steam. So far it is averaging a critic review score of 8/10 which isn’t hard to believe as the game has a nearly addictive quality to it.

To be fair in this review I will point out that I have been playing on PS4 not on PC or other consoles.

If you have been with me for a while, you know I tend to stick to TCG and Turn Based RPG’S. I do pop over to massive games like Spyro and Jack for the nostalgic feelings and experience. So when it comes to immediate reaction games, I am by no means a pro. I don’t think this is a disadvantage with this game though, as it will show how well a relative novice does with the game and how enjoyable it can be to just about any age group and experience level.


This game is a compilation of minigames that you compete in against other players online to reach the final rounds and if you are both lucky and skillful, win the episodes to get your chance to take the crown!


The races are generally a track with moving elements designed to knock players off the course through use of spinning bars, swinging balls, falling balls, spinning paths and tilting floors. The goal is to reach the finish line before most other people as only two thirds of the competitors can qualify for the next round. I found them to be very fun but often one small mistake can lose you the episode.

Team Matches

Team matches can have two to four teams and generally centre around stealing items or passing misfortune to other teams. Some require coordination with others on your team like “Hoarders” and “Rock N’ Roll”, while others don’t require cooperation such as “Team Tail Tag”. These suffer a little as your contribution and effort helps your odds, but should your team lose, you suffer for it. In my case, I won or lost due to my team with no real difference coming from my efforts.



Don’t be eliminated! These are possibly the most fun and stressful of all the mini games because people will do anything they can to win! Pushing you in front of moving platforms or off the ledge into the instant death goo is fair play in these episodes but it just adds to the excitement.

Is The Game Fun?

Yes the game is incredibly fun and easy to get into. Within a few minutes you figure out the timing for jumps, buttons for jumping and grabbing and you are on your way to having a blast. In a way this game reminds me of Rocket League due to its online competitive nature. Both games have skin unlocks, lobby systems, invite systems and work on ranking systems. While the gameplay is entirely different, the short matches and replay-ablility strikes a familiar cord.

Will The Game Last?

I don’t think it will. The game is very fun, bright and engaging, but it has a feeling of repetition that I believe will kill the game fairly quickly. Unlike games like Rocket League, Hearthstone and COD, there isn’t a lot of variety in the games which I believe will be it’s downfall. This game requires an ever present online presence in order to function, and I don’t think it will retain the millions it got nearly overnight. I played for two days before slowing down and my fiancĂ©, who is an avid gamer, also played about two days before putting down the controller. I think it has potential as a local game, as it would be a fun party game if they added another 10 mini games, so perhaps they will lean that way to keep it alive once the online presence dies down.


Should You Buy It?

If 10 hours or so of gameplay is worth it’s cost to you, then yes! Maybe you’ll be lucky and love the game much more than us and get more out of it, maybe not. If it is still available for free download on the Playstation Store, then absolutely you should get it while it is free!

Video Games With Audio That Will Drive You Nuts

After listening to many video game audio elements as my man plays them, I can say with honesty that while the gameplay may be fun for the player and the audio enhances the experience for the player, it isn’t always fun for other people in the house to listen to it.

Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

This game has a fairly decent overall sound bank, but the sound effect for certain sword strikes, known as death blows, are disproportionally loud and jarring. Many times while he was playing and I was nearby I would flinch from this particular sound. The soundtrack of the game that swells during boss fights does so smoothly and isn’t bothersome, and most of the sounds are fine, so with a little patience it isn’t so bad.


This game requires a fair amount of farming, so the constant steel clashing sounds can be irritating, but what killed me was the soundtrack. It had a pulsing tone that was just uncomfortable to hear constantly. Also as the map is expanded new audio presents itself and it does not get better. I recommend just not being in the room when this is being played. On a positive note, the dragon is pretty cool.


This gothic game is nothing but constant steel crashing, wailing deaths, eerie tones and irritatingly off beat step noises. I may also add that a fair amount of the speaking characters are very rude. Nothing in this game has a pleasant tone, and it will drive you nuts.

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Crash Bandicoot – Twinsanity

While this game actually has a very pleasant musical track, it is very repetitive. For the first couple hours it isn’t bad, in fact you could call it fun to listen to, but after a few hours the repetition starts to break down patience and I begin to understand parents dislike of their children games and shows.

Smash Brothers Ultimate

This game itself isn’t too bad, but the button smashing is horrific. Not to mention the players tend to become very aggravated when losing and tempers rise quickly. Cursing is often heard. If the players prefer only one song, then you will hear it on repeat for hours.

Pokemon Sword & Shield

While I was the one playing this game, I realized that the dynamaxing and raid soundtracks were incredibly irritating as they were much louder than the usual game audio and had a bombastic quality to them. Though this game contained a lot of similar audio files as other Pokemon games, it was just didn’t have the same pleasant quality of the other games. That is of course excluding the Lavender Town music, which is always uncomfortable.

There are a lot of games who’s audio aren’t irritating though! Mario Odyssey has very pleasant audio. The Spyro series all has fun, happy tones that are nice to hear. Crash Team Racing is another that won’t drive you nuts.