Does Intermittent Fasting Work?
How To Be More Productive
Acrylics, Painting, Shake & Wine
Let’s Paint Together with a Sock
Daily Makeup Routine
Vlog – Spiderman Review w/ Ryan
Vlog – Muttart Conservatory
Why We Relate to BoJack Horseman
Six Reasons You Should Be The Designated Driver
Be Who Needed When You Were Younger
Three Minutes Of Relaxing Sounds
Barbie Doll Look
Three Habits of Healthy People
Let’s Talk About My Tattoos
Vlog – Follow Me School Routine
Vlog – West Edmonton Mall & Bohemian Rhapsody
How to be a Better Adult in Your Twenties
Winter Skin Routine
Quitting Smoking
Gore Clown Look
Halloween Haul
The Date Night Vlog
How to be an Apprentice Part 2
Mental Health Talk
Pure Heals Mask Review
100 Subscribers
InstaFilter, La Senza Lipstick and Favourites
Vlog – Building Shelves with Dad
Where Did I Go?
Doing Ryans Make Up
Vlog – Sleds, Sleighs and Smoothies
The Move and the Evil Shower
How Not To Pick Up Ladies
House Update & Hang Out
Let’s See If I Can Dye My Hair
My House is Flooding
Questions With Eva
Valentines Days Gifts For Men
Who Buys These Things
Is Soy Protein Bad For You?
Ryan Does My MakeUp
Tattoo, The Greatest Showman, Art
What is Keto
Good Bye 2017
Whyte Ave Vlog
It’s Lit Fam
Does EMS Build Muscle
Family, Work and Vlogs
Calgary Zoo Vlog
Working on the Hot Rod
Diets & Story Time
Testing Cheap Beauty Blenders
Get Rid of Acne By Waxing Your Face
A Day in the Life
2017 Beauty Trends
Blaq vs Boscia Mask
My First Ipsy
The Power of Make Up
Lavender Eyes and Magenta Lips
Cheap Make Up Haul
Minolta X-700 Unboxing
How I Did My Make Up As A Kid
What I Wish I Knew In College
How A Water Bottle Changed Everything
100 Questions No One Asked For
5 Sites for Cheap MakeUp
I Test If Activated Charcoal Actually Brightens Teeth
June Favourites 2017
20$ Make Up Challenge
Failed – 100 Coats of Liquid Lipstick
No Tools Make Up Challenge
Extreme Contour Challenge
Instagram Lip Fail
Construction Apprenticeships
Beautiful Blemishes
How To Be An Apprentice

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